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The Influence of Gender in “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid
Words • 913
Pages • 4
Jamaica Kincaid wrote a short story in 1978 called “Girl,” which was based on the advice of a mother to her daughter at a tender age. If the story was changed to “Boy,” the excerpt would completely take another turn. In “Girl,” the mother's advice the girl on how to acquire a man, dressing appropriately, cleaning, gardening, cooking, and other life skills that she needs to learn in the male-dominated community. The mother’s advice is both negative and positive, which…...
GenderGirl By Jamaica KincaidInfluenceWifeWomen
Family and Marriage
Words • 1272
Pages • 6
The process of family and marriage has evolved throughout history regarding how it has impacted the American government and even society. There are so many important facets in life, it involves digging deep to get an understanding of how it has impacted society. My essay will be about marriage and family. In this essay, the reader will gain an understanding of the process of philosophy on marriage and family. What marriage was then and now for marriage and families? It…...
Have You Ever Wondered Why Two People Separate?
Words • 411
Pages • 2
People all over the world have decided to live together (get married). Nevertheless, some couples are unable to keep their relationships and they choose to divorce; which is one of the solutions to solve problems between husband and wife. Additionally, Divorce has become one of the biggest disappointment in life. Divorce is increasing these days. Many conflicts cause a divorce but the main causes are Finance, Poor Communication and Weight Gain. First, Finance does not mean lack of money, but…...
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Elizabeth Proctor Character Analysis in The Crucible
Words • 782
Pages • 4
Firstly, the impression I get from Elizabeth is that she is not feeling good with her husband John Proctor, she is annoyed with him, however, she knows something is going to happen if this happens there will be friction between them and she doesn’t want friction with her husband. Helplessly she can’t do anything about it even the stage directions in the book show “she doesn’t want friction and yet she must” right before she speaks. That shows she doesn’t…...
CharacterThe CrucibleWife
The others bare wrists, like a widow’s
Words • 1011
Pages • 5
Examine with reference to language how Attia Hosain presents the feelings of the young wife in her first encounter with western culture? "The First Party" is a fusion short story bringing together the western and the Asian cultures. It is about a conventional bride who has her first encounter with her husband's 'emancipated' friends. Attia Hosain one of the earliest women writers of the Indian diaspora, through "The First Party," portrays the mannerisms and beliefs of the typical Indian bride…...
“Her Turn” and “To Please His Wife” stories
Words • 542
Pages • 3
Both stories deal with the pressure that lack of money can cause in a marriage. Compare the way in which Thomas Hardy and D. H. Lawrence portray relationships between men and women: In the two stories I am studying; 'Her Turn' by D. H. Lawrence and 'To Please His Wife' by Thomas Hardy, both writers deal with the pressure that lack of money can cause in a marriage, in tow different situations. The first story, 'To Please His Wife' by…...
Erotic excitement
Words • 724
Pages • 3
Sarkar (1995) also stated that one can pretty words in the scriptures of all religions, but it is also in these scriptures one will find the horrifying words about oppression of women, especially in Muslim scriptures. Discrimination among women is widely written and explicitly explained Muslim doctrines, the Koran. Islam is regarded to be anti-woman as they regard them as physically, morally, and spiritually inferior. Oppression against Muslim women An example of a Muslim woman, Dr.Nawal Sa’dawi, rebelled against her…...
Human Life And EnvironmentHuman rightsMarriageModestySocial Life Of Human BeingSocial Problems In Our Society
The Worlds Wife anthology
Words • 1390
Pages • 6
The dramatic monologue is a poetic technique which allows poets to create and develop a persona, who addresses the reader through the telling of a story through their perspective, portraying their inner thoughts and feelings in the process. This poetic technique is used by many well respected poets, including Carol Ann Duffy, a feminist poet whose "World's Wife" anthology consists of poems in which this technique can be found. The aim of this essay therefore, is to look at how…...
DesirePoetryPsychoanalysisSigmund FreudWifeWorld
World’s Wife
Words • 508
Pages • 3
Therefore, on a larger scale reminding the reader of two poems that serve as a repertoire to the 'World's Wife', as the somewhat condescending title is a clever over turning of 'the world and his wife' implying that women are the property of men. Yet with this exaltation of men, we see that these two poems are not only reminders of the feminist characteristic of 'The World's Wife' but these two women have been given voices by Duffy. Consequently, archetypes…...
PoetryRip Van WinkleWifeWorld
Women & slaves
Words • 750
Pages • 3
It is sometimes suggested that women occupied a position analogous to slaves, in relationship to the free male master of the household (oikos). Medea's use of the word despotes (“master”) in the passage alluded to earlier suggests that the lot of women resembled that of slaves (Medea 233). Aristotle said that a husband rules his wife as master rules slaves. Nevertheless, there were important social and legal differences in the status of free women and slaves (Kluth 2005). For example,…...
Greasy LakeProstitutionSlaveryWifeWomen
Words • 521
Pages • 3
Mrs. Khairallah is a 32-year old pregnant woman who arrives at the delivery suite with contractions. While the nurse are getting Mrs. Khairallah to her bed, her husband calls the nurse and tells her that he demands that no man be allowed to enter his wife’s room. He insists that all nurses, doctors, and other staff be female. He also does not want any male person to enter the room during the night because his wife will have her veil…...
Thorr Motors Simulation
Words • 1450
Pages • 6
Thorr Motors Simulation Heather Sanchez MKT/421 July 20, 2011 Theodore Framan Perceptual maps help to improve a company’s current product on the market by mapping consumer expectation of the product. The motorcycle company Thorr Motors perceptual maps were used to create a marketing plan to aid in maintaining a high brand image of their motorcycles. This paper is based on the three phases in the Thorr Motors simulation. The situation, recommended solutions, and result for each phase will be discussed.…...
BrandsEconomicsManagementManufacturingMarketingMarketing And Advertising
The train from rhodesia
Words • 1075
Pages • 5
  In each of these stories there is clear lack of communication between the main characters and ignorance of the local culture. In 'The Young Couple' there is confusion of feelings and misinterpretation of the future; they both have different opinions of what is going to happen and assume the other thinks the same. 'A Stench of Kerosene' features a choice that leads to a lack of communication. "Neither understood each other's thoughts" 'The Train from Rhodesia' is an example…...
A study of how far societal pressures are central to the main plots of ‘Blood Wedding’ and ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’
Words • 1508
Pages • 7
Societal conventions and how they shape people's lives are base themes in Marquez's novella 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold' and Lorca's play 'Blood Wedding'. They both show how society's prejudices compel individuals to undergo acts they may not have done otherwise. The honour code is an extremely important factor in both of these works, in general it defines how men and women should live, it means that if a women's honour, in this case her virginity, is taken, then that…...
Chronicle of a Death ForetoldDeathFamilyMarriageWife
How Has Science Helped the Housewife?
Words • 441
Pages • 2
Every woman likes to look elegant and charming and the man wishes it to be so too. Thus,science has catered for the looks of the female. Today,women want to be more and more gorgeous to prove that no one can compete with them. Science has created a variety of cosmetics product to boost the housewife to improve her usual make up. Those beauty products,cream and lotions fabricated for their use. Those products are not only cheap but will make the…...
Plastic SurgeryScienceWife
With reference to act 3 scene 3, explain why Othello becomes convinced of his wife’s unfaithfulness
Words • 953
Pages • 4
During the time Othello was written it was not uncommon for a husband to believe his wife was having an affair. The play expresses this theory very clearly in act 3 scene 3 were Iago easily persuades Othello that Desdemona is having an affair. At the beginning of the scene Desdemona is asked by Cassio to try and persuade Othello to give his job back. She says what she will do and shows her character as very trusting but also…...
The problem with the worlds wife
Words • 706
Pages • 3
"The problem with The Worlds Wife is that, having found one good joke, duffy just tells it over and over again" How far do you agree with this assessment? Refer to at least two or three poems in your answer. Within The Worlds Wife Duffy explores the idea that men are inadequate. Although the book of poems does unveil feminist issues and coveys an inequality between men and women, it does also contain other issues such as social acceptance, self-confidence…...
Of Mice and Men: Character Analysis on Curley’s Wife
Words • 377
Pages • 2
Have you ever felt so left out or unwanted that you approach anyone available whether they care about you or not? When a person needs someone to talk to but there is no one there, what does one do? In John Steinbeck’s, Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife is very lonely and feels extremely useless. She feels that the only way she can get attention is by going around and flirting with guys. Although everyone see’s Curley’s wife as a…...
CharacterOf Mice And MenWife
‘The Kamasutra – a work of erotic fantasy useless to the scholar’
Words • 1151
Pages • 5
My aim is to attempt to prove that the Kamasutra is far from being a work of erotic fantasy. It is both an ideal and a religious text but not in my opinion erotic. It is also an example of the many frameworks and cultural habits of ancient India. Probably written by a Brahmin, it was designed as an instruction of the legitimate boundaries of pleasure. Kamasutra simply means pleasure (karma) scripture (sutra). The Kamasutra, as I will attempt to…...
Jewish Teaching on Marriage and Divorce
Words • 1062
Pages • 5
Marriage is seen to be very important by many Jews in physical and spiritual ways. This is shown by the Hebrew word for marriage Kiddushin that means holiness. There are many over reasons that Jews get married. One of these reasons would be for kids as the first commandment in genesis is to go populate the world, as children are a gift from god. Also it is not good to be alone as shown by god with the companionship of…...
Indian and Chinese
Words • 1431
Pages • 6
Thailand has been known for centuries as Siam and it impressed the world in the 17th century through reports and drawings from Frenchmen who sailed there. They were amazed to see the views of mountainous and hilly regions characterized by forests, ridges, valleys, and tropical beaches. Thailand's characteristics come from Indian and Chinese influences and includes a rich ethnic diversity, natural and human resources, and more than 700 years of independence. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country to have…...
BuddhismIndiaWifeWorld Wide Web
Goodwife Proctor
Words • 1161
Pages • 5
When Danforth asks Proctor if he knows that he is accusing Abigail of the murder of the innocent people that have already been hanged Proctor says he does. Here we see Danforth's weak spot for Abigail being so young, as he says incredulously "This child would murder your wife?" To which Proctor replies "It is not a child" showing his deep contempt and loathing of Abigail at the moment. He proceeds to tell the court of how she has been…...
How far do you agree of this assessment of “The World’s Wife”?
Words • 1978
Pages • 8
Due to the fact that Carol Ann Duffy to a certain extent is a feminine writer, it is easy to make the proclamation that she fundamentally undermines male status in 'The World's Wife'. Duffy uses the collection to give women who have not been heard previously a voice, and by using this sense of 'L'ecriture feminine' Duffy does wholeheartedly have to conform against the phallocentric world many women have found themselves living in now and in the past. With the…...
EmotionEmpathyMenstrual CycleWifeWorld
Crooks and Curley’s wife
Words • 797
Pages • 4
An important theme running throughout “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck is of loneliness. Two pivotal characters are shown in particular as examples of this theme. The first character is “Curley’s Wife” and the second is the stable buck, “Crooks. ” Both for their own individual reasons are deprived the attention, love and compassion that they crave. They are the most perfect examples of loneliness in the novel and they are presented as characters in contrast to George and…...
Of Mice And MenWife
Curley’s Wife Character in Of Mice and Men
Words • 738
Pages • 3
"Her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like sausages" implies the extensive amount of time she has, being alone with nothing better to do than to curl her hair. Her inappropriate body language proves how she dreadfully tries to seek attention and flirts openly with men as she positions herself against the door frame so that "her body was thrown forward". She smiles "archly" and "twitch(es) her body". This gives the reader the general impression that Curley's wife is an…...
CharacterOf Mice And MenWife
When Brothers Share a Wife
Words • 422
Pages • 2
The book, “When Brothers Share a Wife” talks about polyandry and how it has prevailed in Tibet because of various reasons. To start with, it is seen as a measure of population control as some females are relegated to a lifetime of spinsterhood. Another reason which according to Goldstein is untrue is the fact that female infanticide has led to the reduction in the number of women as compared to men. In addition, fraternal polyandry is perceived to support the…...
Armand in Desiree’s Baby Character Analisis
Words • 799
Pages • 4
"Desiree's Baby", by Kate Chopin, is a short story that deals with love, prejudice and rejection, including some racist traits. The story develops in a period of time characterized by separation of races where whites were rich and superior and blacks were inferior and mostly slaves. Throughout this short story, social status and how human relationships were dominated by power and appearance, become the center of the story. Desiree's Baby" describes the life of a young woman called Desiree, who…...
CharacterDesiree's BabyLoveRacismWife
Analyse the dramatic effect of the devices Iago uses in Act 3 Scene 3 to convince Othello of his wife’s infidelity
Words • 1052
Pages • 5
Who is to blame for the tragedy? Could it be the "honest" Iago who mislead the hero using his wits and persistence leading to his own demise? Maybe, but Iago can't take all the credit for his master plan. It was his excellence in human psychology and reliability on his victims to doubt one another; he was especially reliant on the outsider, Othello. Othello, proud general to naive lover could have been the cause to his own downfall. It might…...
DeviceOthelloOthello And IagoWife
Amalinze the Cat
Words • 916
Pages • 4
Okonkwo and Ekwefi share a daughter called Ezinma. They don't really share a love as such for each other most of the time because Okonkwo constantly beats his wives for every time they do something wrong. However, I think, in a strange sense, that this might be a way that they show their love for each other, seeing as the wife usually doesn't retaliate. However, in Chapter 5, Okonkwo nearly shoots Ekwefi, so this could most likely disprove my theory:…...
CatInterpersonal relationshipLoveWife
Recent Gender Roles In Society and Women’s Rights
Words • 1872
Pages • 8
A Woman’s Role Have you ever thought about how a woman’s role in the household would be like 50 years ago? Consequently, the role of women in the 1950s was suppressive and constrictive in many ways. Compared to the role of a woman today, the role of women in 1950 had different expectations, roles, and opportunity. Society had placed a high significance and many expectations on the performance at home as well as in public. Women were supposed to fulfill…...
GenderGender RolesGender Roles In SocietyMarriageRole In Society As SisterWife
Nursing and Midwifery Council Overview
Words • 211
Pages • 1
Furthermore, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of conduct made it clear that it is a requirement for nurses to safeguard and provide high quality care for patients. This high-quality care can be shown by demonstrating compassions, confidentiality, to protect patient's dignity and their right NMC (2015). Compassion is how care is given through relationships based on empathy, respect and dignity — it can also be described as intelligent kindness, and is central to how people perceive their care…...
Journey to Ancient Rome and Rome Renaissance
Words • 867
Pages • 4
My first adventure time traveling I decided to go to Ancient Rome in approximately the 15th century which was considered the Rome Renaissance. During the time I was there the Renaissance was significant because of all changes overall that occurred. The most significant changes that emerged as a result of the Renaissance I saw was in Europe architecture, art, literature, mathematics, music, philosophy, politics, religion and science. I noticed these fields flourished during the time frame of the Renaissance and…...
Ancient RomeFamilyJourneyMarriageSocial ClassWife
An Analysis of the Cultural Practice of Bride Price in Contemporary Mozambique
Words • 3166
Pages • 13
To Bear a Daughter is to Ensure Future Wealth: An Analysis of the Cultural Practice of Bride Price in Contemporary Mozambique In Iron Age century, in most African societies, when a young man made up his mind to ask for his bride's hand, presented a hoe to the family of hers. Since the iron came from surface mining and wood-fired smelting and then had to be shaped by hand, such a metal was valuable and very difficult to get. Consequently,…...
DivorceDomestic ViolenceFamilyMarriageProblem Of Rising PricesSociety
Shashi Deshpande: A Critical Spectrum
Words • 1502
Pages • 7
The novelist gives a moving account of the plight of women raped outside marriage, who would rather suffer in silence than be exposed to the humiliation involved in publicizing the event and that of married woman whose bodies are violated by their legally wedded husbands but who would never dare reveal this to anyone. They would rather stifle their voice of protest for the sake of social and moral security. Deshpande, through the voice of Urmi, also offers us a…...
How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife Summary?
Words • 423
Pages • 2
Leon and his wife Maria are about to return to Leon's village after getting married. They had met in the city and Maria has never lived in a village. They are greeted by Baldo, Leon's younger sibling, as their horse carriage stops at outside the village. Baldo welcomes the new member of the family. He is impressed by her beauty and soft feature. He observes her nice fragrance and radiant smile. He ties their bull, named Labang, to the cart…...
My BrotherWife
Ananda and Patriarchal Issues
Words • 1141
Pages • 5
Being modern Ananda wish to control his wife and does not want to execute her own choice and dreams as he thinks that she is merely his shadow. He wants his wife to be a perfect homemaker. This proves an orthodox patriarchal mind setup is still rooted in his mind. Desiree Lydia Gomes observes: However, the patriarchal issues as portrayed by the male protagonist, Ananda, are not completely overt. There is a subtle underlying patriarchal tone to his character and…...
What is Dowry?
Words • 1317
Pages • 6
Dowry Dowry, what is it? A dowry is defined as "Property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage." (Google) Now this is not practiced very much in modern day times, but there was a time where this was a very common practice. So we are going to take a look at how this process happened. The way that we are going to do this is by conducting a cross cultural research project on eight cultures,…...
The Marriage Ceremony of Muslims in Pakistan
Words • 2601
Pages • 11
"And one of His signs is that He has created for you, spouses from amongst yourselves so that you might take comfort in them and He has placed between you, love and mercy. In this there is surely evidence (of the truth) for the people who carefully think." ( Al-Quran:Surah 30, Verse 21) Historically considering,the very initial relationship which was established by the Creator of this universe for humanity, was that of a sacred union between a man and a…...
MarriageMuslim MarriagePakistanReligionWife
To what extent do the women in the world’s wife exploit masculinity?
Words • 1248
Pages • 5
To what extent do the women in the world's wife exploit masculinity in order to unleash a sexual or personal liberty?Although the world's wife explores themes concerning feminism and embodies women as mythical and idyllic individuals who are systematically doomed regardless of circumstance, we could argue that women diminish the masculinity of men using their innocence and vulnerability in order to seduce men and gain sexual liberation. This consequently lessens women being figures of exploitation and greatly presents these bodies…...
Story about Mason and his Wife
Words • 1229
Pages • 5
After months of paperwork, approvals and visas Mason and his wife Lady Mason arrived in Miami after years of poverty in Cuba. Mason had always dreamed about moving to America and becoming rich, to truly give his wife the life she deserved. Mason believed that already arriving in America had made him rich because he would no longer have to beg just to get food on the table. Mason started off as a cleaner at a nearby motel but after…...
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Have You Ever Wondered Why Two People Separate?
...For example, you exhausted to engage in sex, but the other couple is ready for it because of feeling boring caused by weight gain. Finally, all these points mentioned above are part of the main problems that lead to divorce, broken marriage or the fa...
A study of how far societal pressures are central to the main plots of ‘Blood Wedding’ and ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’
...From all of these different societal aspects that have been seen to shape parts of the plots we can conclude that societal pressures are extremely central to the plots of both works. In 'Blood Wedding' we can see a great struggle between social conve...
How Has Science Helped the Housewife?
...In everyday life the housewife may have to communicate to different relative or friends at a very far off distances. However,time and distance both have been conquered by science. For communication the housewives have telephones,mobiles,wireless,E-ma...
With reference to act 3 scene 3, explain why Othello becomes convinced of his wife’s unfaithfulness
...The whole scene is built up in a way that would make Othello believe that His wife is having an affair, although I think some parts are not believable, for example with the handkerchief and why Othello didn't remember he told Desdemona to leave the h...
How far do you agree of this assessment of “The World’s Wife”?
...To conclude the point whether 'The World's Wife' shows no sympathy for men , it is undeniable that many poems in the collection portray men in negative lights; often through both their personality and looks. Duffy wrote 'the World's Wife' in order to...
When Brothers Share a Wife
...The same applies to the children; they belong to all the brothers. Despite the fact that one of the brothers may know that he is the real father, he is not allowed to treat his child with favor. Political and economic changes have however played a gr...
How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife Summary?
...His father questions about Maria's conduct and her behavior throughout their journey to the house. It was test designed to see if she can adjust and accept the life of village and make it her home. Baldo reassures him about her live for Leon and comm...
What is Dowry?
...For my eighth culture I chose Ila. Each kraal group possesses a number of cattle which are said to be owned by the residential collectivity. These cattle, known as ing'ombe chibuwe also known as cattle of the hearth, are the collective resource pool ...
To what extent do the women in the world’s wife exploit masculinity?
...An alternative interpretation of this poem could be that the reversal of the traditional gender hierarchy created by Duffy could be seen as Mrs Beast losing her feminist traits and manifesting into the feminist viewpoint of a typical dominating male....

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