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What Family Means to Me?
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What Family Means to Me Seven years ago, I learned how difficult it was to be separated from the people you care about. Witnessing my mother endure a difficult pregnancy and having to live without her and my father for a week was one of the hardest experiences of my life. I realized everything my parents go through every single day, obtained a new level of appreciation for the things they do for me, and my definition of family changed…...
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Family Of Origin Influences
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The term family of origin influences refers to how current relational experiences and interaction patterns reflect. (Galvin). Looking at my own family of origin, I really wanted to create my adult family the same way as mine when I was growing up. My parents had a great relationship never arguing or unhappy, it seems like the perfect family. Even though I wanted to create mine the same way or at least close to it. My own personal family origin took…...
Advantages Of Joint FamilyFamily
Advantages of Living in a Joint Family
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A family is a basic unit of living. Every individual is taught the value of a family since childhood. Family is indeed a crucial part of every person's life. Everyone has their perspective on the type of family they prefer to live in. Two types of common families that exist are the nuclear family and the joint family. A nuclear family by definition consists of two parents and their children. On the other hand, a joint family by definition consists…...
Advantages Of Joint FamilyFamily
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What Family Means to Me?
...The last few months had been difficult for me and my family, but I was able to gain new knowledge from my experiences. Seeing what hardships my mother and father had to go through helped me gain a new perspective and realize how hard my parents work ...

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