What Family Means to Me

What Family Means to Me

Seven years ago, I learned how difficult it was to be separated from the people you care about. Witnessing my mother endure a difficult pregnancy and having to live without her and my father for a week was one of the hardest experiences of my life. I realized everything my parents go through every single day, obtained a new level of appreciation for the things they do for me, and my definition of family changed forever.

At first, I didn’t predict how difficult this situation would be and what I would learn from it. When my mother first told me I would have a new younger sister, I was overjoyed. Since I had been an only child for seven years, I felt lonely and envied my other classmates with siblings who had a brother or sister at home that they could interact with on a daily basis. While I was optimistic and saw the future as bright and free of consequences, my mother’s pregnancy eventually became problematic.

While the baby was doing fine, my mother was experiencing a variety of symptoms that ranged from headaches and fever to severe body swelling. Being a second grader at the time, I wasn’t able to comprehend what my mother was going through and couldn’t understand the full scope of her problems, but I knew that they were serious and supported her the entire time by showing how much I cared about her.

My experiences soon shined a new light on the difficulties my parents endure.

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After a period of time, my mother started spending more and more time at the hospital. I became concerned, but I knew that the doctors would give her the help that she needed. Seeing my mother leave the house so frequently was still disheartening and extremely upsetting, but I knew I had to be strong for my mother. Seeing my mother in pain, I felt like I was helpless and had no control, but through the support of my father I managed to realize that everything would work out fine.

Even though the journey was long and difficult, I knew the end goal would make it worth it. A few weeks before the scheduled date of birth, my father told me he would stay with my mother at the hospital. A family very close to us was kind enough to allow me to stay at their house because my parents weren’t at home. Though I was upset that my father couldn’t stay with me, I understood that my mother needed his help far more than I did. After almost a week without living with my parents, I learned my little sister was born. Though she was born many weeks prematurely and was significantly smaller and lighter at birth than most other babies, miraculously she and my mother both ended up healthy and well. Thanks to the help of dedicated doctors and nurses my mother was able to recover quickly, and just a few days after I was able to see my sister, and seeing her was one of the best experiences of my life and made the difficult journey worth the struggle.

The last few months had been difficult for me and my family, but I was able to gain new knowledge from my experiences. Seeing what hardships my mother and father had to go through helped me gain a new perspective and realize how hard my parents work every single day, and being separated from my family showed me how much that they do for me and allowed me to appreciate them on a far larger scale. I now know to show my appreciation when my parents do something for me and support them during difficult times. It’s important to acknowledge everything the people who care about do for you and realize the struggles and hardships they go through every single day.

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