What Loyalty Means and What it Means to Me?

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Loyalty is the quality of being loyal, being loyal is showing a strong relationship with a person, meaning I would do anything for them. It can also mean being faithful to someone or something very close to loyalty. Faithfulness is having complete trust and confidence in someone or something. I could show this by always telling the truth to the person whom I am faithful to. Being loyal respect is also important, but how I show respect is different for the person or the thing Ir showing it to.

For example, showing respect to Ir parents and taekwondo teachers are different, for taekwondo teachers, I bow to them and say sir when they tell me something or when I am speaking to them but to my parents, I always say the truth and don’t argue with them. A word related to loyalty is devotional, being devotional means I love or are loyal to a person. Being honest is also really important to be loyal to someone if I only tell lies I am not a loyal person.

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Honesty is also a really good quality of itself. Another thing I show or are loyal to is my religion,(if I have one). When it comes to religion I am devotional, faithful, I believe, and I follow my religion. This shows I am loyal to my religion because these are all qualities of being loyal. Being loyal to grandmaster, master Silverman, taekwondo teachers and how I show it to them Showing loyalty differs between whom I show it to, when showing it to Grandmaster Tae E.

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Lee, Master Silverman, and Taekwondo teachers I have learned to do specific things to them to show respect. For Grandmaster Tae E. Lee I show loyalty by bowing to him whenever I see him and saw sir whenever I am talking to him. I also have to show respect to him and always be honest. I think I should also never learn Taekwondo from another Grandmaster because I would find that disrespectful if I was a Grandmaster.

For Master Silverman, I would show the same things I would show to Grand Master Tae E. Lee. For Taekwondo teachers I would have to show respect by listening to them during classes, not fool around, say sir when talking to them, and bowing to them too. Being loyal to family and siblings and how I might show it differently to them When it comes to my family, friends, and school teachers the way I show loyalty, respect, and honesty in different ways. At home I don’t bow r say sir/mam to my parents to show loyalty, I show loyalty by being honest, always telling the truth, never yelling at them, being respectful of their choices, listening to them, etc. My way of showing respect to my siblings is different from my parents, I would not pick fights with them, I wouldn’t steal or take things from them, not make them cry, and always be honest with them.

The same goes for my friends as my siblings, except for a few things like make them cry, because why would I do that to my friends. Why being loyal is important and how it is a good quality Being loyal is important and good quality is because if I am loyal people will trust and respect me. People will show loyalty back if I am loyal to them. If I am loyal and someone notices it over and over again, Ir acts probably won’t be forgotten, this is good because when I need help this person will probably help me because they know I am nice and loyal. Another good thing about loyalty is that people would admire this quality of mine. For example, if my manager notices and likes this quality, he/she would help me move up in the company. Therefore being loyal will help me in the future.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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