Advantages of Living in a Joint Family

A family is a basic unit of living. Every individual is taught the value of a family since childhood. Family is indeed a crucial part of every person’s life. Everyone has their perspective on the type of family they prefer to live in. Two types of common families that exist are the nuclear family and the joint family. A nuclear family by definition consists of two parents and their children. On the other hand, a joint family by definition consists of two parents, their children extending with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives.

The joint family is also known as an extended family. Even though everything has its advantages and disadvantages, the nuclear family itself has more disadvantages not only limited to the number of members, no one is there to take care of the kids and need to search for people to be friends with.

First of all, there are lots of benefits to living in a joint family mostly kids get more advantages because they can easily learn all the good things from their relatives which they saw.

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They can spend their time with their cousins and everyone knows that kids like to play with more friends and they got their cousins and other relatives for that. Kids can learn things easily because of living in a joint family they can learn lots of traditional things from their grandparents and can grab from them and can make a habit of it in further life. In today’s era, no one focuses on their tradition.

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People are busy in their lives and learn new traditions but they forgot their old culture. In the Joint family, all members can celebrate traditional festivals together and there is a saying that ” living in a joint family gives more happiness.” In my traditional culture, everyone mostly prefers to share their whole life with their brothers, sisters, and grandparents. They go every single place together and because of this culture they don’t like to live alone they are used to this giant family. Like, one of my friends has 60 people in his family and other friend living in a nuclear family and we always share our experiences but he feels that a joint family is good then nuclear because he always saw that his friend get the love of all relatives and best unity on them. He always tells us that you are so lucky because of the large family. In any type of situation and anywhere and anytime family is the one key of our life who helps in any type of situation and it doesn’t matter what type of situation is it.

On the other side, nuclear family parents focus on their work and for the kids, they choose some clients who take care of the children. In the parents, both go for work because of saving more money for a great life and they can make their children’s future bright. In the modern era, parents become busy at work when they are coming home at night for relaxation with children but the load of work makes them busy at home and they forget about children and don’t share leisure time with children. This thing affects children further future and there is no bright future anymore in their life. By being in a nuclear family as children do not get the love of family so they get in the wrong direction and can get involved in bad habits or evil such as smoking, drinking, crime, theft, smuggling, and many more.

Also, the “nuclear family is also known as the immediate family”. There is also a reason that joint family breaks into a nuclear family because the state of mind and point of view of the family members does not match, so they fight and accept the nuclear family and after they feel regret about it and understand the meaning of the joint family. Additionally, also as the generation gap matters a lot in this because this is a modern era and our grandparents are of an old mindset so it is collapsed and there stop a line of the family.

Concluding it, there should be no biased reason as because who are firstly habituated for living in a joint family should not leave it and if there is any type of lines or mismatch in a family they should sort it out and by understanding the misunderstanding which had taken place. Similarly, the ones who are living in a nuclear family are habituated from first so they do not know the meaning or feeling of the joint family so it is not worth it.

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Advantages of Living in a Joint Family

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