Living at home vs. Living on campus

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Many students are faced with a tough choice at a very young age. While still in high school, a teen has to make a decision whether he or she will live on campus of their future university or live at home with the comfort of their parents. Several pros and cons exist in making a choice of whether to commute or dorm. If one chooses to live at home, they won’t have to pay rent, they will have free meals, and the love of someone close.

However, living on campus has its own perks such as freedom from parents and siblings and also an opportunity to become more mature.

Firstly, living at home can save a student a lot of money in the long run. When living in a campus apartment, things like rent, water, Internet, and electricity bills tend to build up pretty quickly. The students who do not have a job can become stressed and it adds a huge strain on an individual’s financial status.

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In most cases, living at home will eliminate the stress of having to pay for bills and it will also mean that there will be more money to spend on things that an individual enjoys. In contrast, if a student takes on the responsibility of living on their own by doing so, the student is creating more freedom for them to do whatever their heart desires. Being with your parents may save the student money; however, having an apartment that can be called home for the next four years has its reward.

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For example, there is no one in the house to tell the individual what to do. Also, one has an opportunity to bring someone home without their parents nagging at them. Living on campus is like being born again.

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Living at home vs. Living on campus

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