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Arellano University

The Jose Abad Santos Campus was formerly called Jose Abad Santos High School. The first Arellano University branch established in Pasay City, it was founded in 1945. Dr. Fidel Colmenar was its first director. Next came Mr. Leonardo Tensuan, who served for 23 years, and under whose leadership as director, JASHS reached the height of progress. Mrs. Felicidad Crisologo, the first woman director of the school, replaced him and continued the work guiding the faculty in preparing students for a brighter future.

After six years, Mr.

Manuel Lansang took over the school management. He was succeeded in 1998 by Miss Zenaida Lobregat who introduced innovations and technological updates to equip both students and teachers for the challenges of the third millennium. Computer-aided instruction was introduced in 1998-1999 and since then, the one-computer-one student system has been implemented.

In 1986, the college department of AU in Pasay, which was originally established in the Apolinario Mabini High School compound at the corner of Donada and Menlo Streets, transferred to the JASHS campus with the AU President Francisco Cayco himself as officer-in-charge.

In 1996, Atty. Samson Turingan served as college OIC until 1999. Miss Lobregat then became managing director of both the high school and college departments of the AU Pasay campus. At present, Ms. Rosalinda Santiago serves as the high school principal and Dr. Leonila A. Santos as college administrator. The AU JAS campus has always been proud of its graduates?

who are now statesmen, educators, doctors, nurses, accountants, engineers, computer experts, businessmen, journalists, lawyers, overseas contract workers, restaurateurs, priests, technicians, sportsmen, actors, responsible parents, productive citizens.

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The school administration, in cooperation with its stakeholders (competent faculty and employees, conscientious parents, students and the community) has been at its best in exerting efforts to implement the present thrust of the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education to ably guide values-oriented learners and

graduates. With its vision of becoming the model University for innovative, progressive, and entrepreneurial education, and its mission of providing affordable quality education, Arellano University-Jose Abad Santos Campus contributes its share in nation-building through the improvement of the Filipino intellect. College The School of Computer Science of Arellano University aims to produce competent programmers in the field of Information Technology who can play a productive role both in the practical and research areas of computing.

Emphasis is put on the practical application of computer systems to meet the needs of the global industry. The SCS specializes in the following areas: Database and Multimedia Systems Programming Language and Compiler Construction Software Engineer and Software Quality Control Distributed System and Communication System Web Publishing, Web Casting and Web Hosting Computer education plays a crucial role in the techno-industrial and socio-economic growth of every country. It has, in fact, revolutionized the world around us.

Today, we need computer experts in almost all walks of life, be it in the industry, R&D organization or in the academic institution. The graduate of AU SCS meets the highest standard of training for diverse areas of computer science. Faculty expertise is relevant to both the Software and Hardware industry. The ICS-AU has a number of laboratories equipped with the state-of-the-art computer systems running along a wide range of applications with specialized software supporting the courses. The BS degree in Computer Science offers the prospects of some of the most lucrative jobs available both here and abroad.

Some of our graduates have joined multinational companies while others are pursuing higher studies at foreign universities of international repute. By joining the AU SCS, you enter a futuristic career of great promise. MISSION & VISION MISSION To provide equitable access to learning through relevant, innovative, industry-sensitive and environment-conscious academic programs and services. VISION To be a model institution of learning where relevant knowledge is acquired and skills are developed in response to the needs of the global community.

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