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Intimate Partner Violence on College Campuses
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Pages • 6
I know several people who have been victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) and I know people who have been the abusers. Most of those people have been close to my age, or they started being abused when they were close to my age. I, myself have been an unintended victim of intimate partner violence. Intimate partner violence, also known as dating violence or domestic violence, is a major problem among young people that is often overlooked in favor of…...
Sexual Misconduct on College Campus
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Pages • 7
Sexual assault is a very serious issue that has no boundaries and occurs in all different parts of the world, parts where you should feel safe and with people whom you should feel safe with. College is no exception to sexual assault and is, unfortunately, very prevalent on campuses all over the U.S. The victims of any sort of sexual misconduct suffer for the rest of their life and are left with damaging mental health effects, diseases, and even decline…...
Sexual Assault Continues on College Campus 
Words • 2015
Pages • 9
The best four years of your life are known to be the ones spent in college, which is supposed to be an incomparable and unequivocally life altering experience. Students leave high school with the hope of making memories that’ll last a lifetime as well as finding a route towards a successful future. Knowing what students are in search for, what many college tours neglect to say is that 23.1% of females and 5.4% of males are rendered victims of sexual…...
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The Social Issue: Sexual Assault on Campuses
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Though the college experience is oftentimes one of personal growth, increasing social life, and educational opportunity, campuses are faced with the rising issue of sexual assault and how to handle allegations every single day. It is reported that up to 11.2% of all students experience rape or sexual assault, and only handful of those victims are reporting it (Rainn). Reasons as to why the report levels aren’t higher has to do with campus policies and their reputation on how they…...
Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus
Words • 485
Pages • 2
A student’s life takes a major turn after they are done with school and enter college. A lot of decisions need to be taken while going to a university, what major should be pursued, what courses should be taken related to the major in which they can do well in order to go on and do well in life. The students who go to university away from their home town, have to make another decision about where they will stay…...
The Dilemma with Gun Control in College Campuses
Words • 501
Pages • 3
In fact, some people can dispute that they are for it as well as being against it. Despite the positive criticism the public has to say about allowing weapons on campus. As for me, I believe that guns should not be allowed on college campuses because students are not mature by the time they begin college, and if they allowed guns on college campuses, they will be under the influence and can affect their learning environment. This can become a…...
Living off Campus vs Living on Campus
Words • 407
Pages • 2
Once students graduate high school, some choose and make their decision to either stay home and continue onto higher education, or they leave for a college and live on campus and start taking care of their own responsibilities. In my opinion, staying at home while attending college is better, but that choice has its pros and cons such as responsibilities, cost, transportation or commuting. When living off campus vs. living on campus, the first major difference is the amount of…...
Words • 1161
Pages • 5
KCA UNIVERSITYNAIROBI TOWN CAMPUSBACHELOR OF COMMERCE FINANCE OPTIONMOHAMUD ABDULLAHI AHMED REG:11/01643ASSIGNMENTPROJECT PROPOSALFACTORS AFFECTING SMEs ACTIVITIES AND PERFORMANCE IN EASTLEIGH BUSINESS AREA OF KAMUKUNJI SUBCOUNTY OF NAIROBI.Statement of the problemEastleigh Business District of Nairobi and in particular the market for many Somali ethnic community traders and their merchandise in Kenya is one of the most important and promising commercial hubs in east African. According to a report carried in the Life & Peace articles in their webpage, the area is nicknamed…...
I think that Islamic feminism might agree that the campus should be
Words • 1023
Pages • 5
I think that Islamic feminism might agree that the campus should be closed on Eid holidays because for many Muslim families and students, it's not just about equity and sparing students the hassle of makeup work but connecting with their religious identity. Many Muslim parents worry that children are more likely to lose their sense of identity when they aren't able to celebrate their holidays. I agree with this because We're a minority. It's important that Muslim students grow up…...
Concerning the Tuition Fee Increase in the Campus
Words • 923
Pages • 4
This academic year in our school had been very exciting and full of learning for the students. The school had been efficient enough in providing us the quality education that students’ need in preparation of their future careers. However it had been a serious issue in the campus among us, students, the continued increase in our tuition and other fees.  Students see, that in order to escalate further the quality of education in our school, the school has to face…...
Free-Speech on College Campuses
Words • 717
Pages • 3
Paper Type:College essays
            Thesis Statement:              The prohibition of hate-speech or any speech which constitutes a “clear and present danger” to students on college campuses is a good and necessary policy.             Summary of Opinions:             The issue of free-speech on college campuses poses a complex debate. Key factors of the controversy include: the rights to personal safety and free expression, as well as factors of racial and gender tolerance. The volatile nature of the issue ensures adjudication at the highest levels…...
CampusCollegeFirst AmendmentHate speech
Campus life
Words • 313
Pages • 2
Why do you want to transfer to Carolina, and what do you believe you will contribute to campus life and what can I contribute for campus life? I want to transfer to the University of North Carolina because I believe it is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Basically, I believe that the school’s excellent academic programs and comfortable environment would greatly help me in developing my career. Moreover, I believe that I would be receiving…...
My School Campus vs University Campus
Words • 301
Pages • 2
Each time I walked past the University campus as a high school student, I used to think to myself; “Oh! What a lovely view! ” I had always wondered how life was on campus, questions going through my curious mind. It was therefore a dream come true when I was admitted to the school. To begin with, I must admit that I was intrigued by what I saw when I first stepped into the university campus. It was so different…...
CampusMy School CampusSchoolUniversity
Campus Recreation
Words • 1176
Pages • 5
Sheer volume of participants and diversity of facilities make this an exciting area Def – a program that provides facilities and activities to those that go to school or work at a high school, college or university Intended to promote wellness and develop life long skills Can serve the local community through special memberships or facility rentals Campus recreation gains thousands of new participants every year & loses thousands as well Participation can have a significant impact on the campus…...
CampusHealthSpecial Olympics
Violence and Guns on Campus
Words • 930
Pages • 4
The rise of Gun violence in America is at an all-time high and as a result gun ownership has catapulted alongside this rise. Today our institutions of higher learning are faced with a new threat to the welfare and safety of student and that is the paranoia of some students and teachers who feel the need to “protect themselves” by carrying a firearm. This is the beginning of the end; the traditional college experience as we know it is on…...
CampusGun ViolenceRite Of PassagesSocial IssuesViolence
Orientation Week
Words • 894
Pages • 4
Orientation usually includes tours of the campus and residence halls; panel discussions on academic and student life; small group sessions on topics such asfinancial aid and study abroad programs; an information fair with representatives from various campus organizations; FOR MANY STUDENTS, IT’S A CHANCE TO MEET NEW CLASSMATES-TO-BE AND EVEN FIND A ROOMMATE. FOR PARENTS, IT'S ALSO A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO SCOUT OUT TEXTBOOK OPTIONS, RESIDENCE LIFE EXTRAS AND NEARBY COFFEEHOUSES, BAKERIES AND RESTAURANTS - INFORMATION THEY'LL NEED DOWN THE…...
CampusCollegeEducationHigher EducationResearchUniversity
Exemplification Model Essay: Violence on Campus
Words • 829
Pages • 4
Violence on college campuses is gradually acquiring broad social significance. For many years, college campuses were believed to possess sufficient level of student safety and security. Violence and campus life seemed the two incompatible categories. However, as news are overfilled with the examples of violence in colleges that range from mass shootings to incidents of rape and assault, parents and education professionals are becoming more concerned about the atmosphere, in which students are bound to spend several years of their…...
AssaultCampusCrimeSocial IssuesViolence
Living on Campus vs Living Off Campus
Words • 1039
Pages • 5
A college experience can be the greatest time in a student’s life for the reason being, it is a new path the individual is taking to pursue his or her future career. While pursuing a career, every student has his or her own personal preference of whether or not to live on campus. Deciding where to reside seems to be the topic that runs through every college student’s mind. Whether it is to live the college lifestyle filled with events…...
Ban Smoking On College Campuses
Words • 1005
Pages • 5
Paper Type:College essays
For every eight smoker's tobacco kills, one non-smoker is also killed by second hand smoke.´(American Lung Association) With a fact like that, it makes one really think about where they have been and how much smoke they have been subjected to. For me, attending college every day and walking through clouds of smoke to get from class to class really begins to put my health into perspective. Should a public place such as a college campus receive more rights than…...
CampusCollegeSmokingTobacco Kills
Campus Security – Research paper
Words • 1690
Pages • 7
Campus security is an ever-growing concern throughout the United States. Parents want their children to be safe while continuing their education away from home and students want to feel and be safe while living on campus. The University of Maryland at College Park has had a constant battle with campus security as incidences have increased on and around campus. The University of Maryland is located between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, a "hotspot", concentrated with high levels of criminal activity. In…...
CampusCrimeCriminal JusticePoliceResearchSecurity
Living at home vs. Living on campus
Words • 300
Pages • 2
Many students are faced with a tough choice at a very young age. While still in high school, a teen has to make a decision whether he or she will live on campus of their future university or live at home with the comfort of their parents. Several pros and cons exist in making a choice of whether to commute or dorm. If one chooses to live at home, they won’t have to pay rent, they will have free meals,…...
Campus Course Portal
Words • 4050
Pages • 17
Introduction What is Portal? A portal is known as links page which presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. It may contain services that provide standard search engine feature, e-mail, news, information, database and entertainment. Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether. Campus portal is defined as a entry point for a college or…...
CampusEducationInternetResearchTeacherWorld Wide Web
My First Day at Campus Essay
Words • 423
Pages • 2
My First Day… As of today, August 30th, I, Blah blah blah, took the initiative to explore the entire campus. Today, the temperature could have possibly been right at about 93 degrees, and I decided to walk around this gigantic campus to waste time before my next class. During orientation week, I missed the campus tours because I was too busy sleeping my day away. So, what other way to compensate for lost time than to take my very own…...
Guide to A Happy Campus Life
Words • 313
Pages • 2
General Statement: A happy campus is an interesting place for studying Features: + Good facilities + People + Recreation Body Paragraph 1 Topic sentence: There are a lot of good facilities in a happy campus + Excellent library with many kinds of books and modern technology + ATM machine is on every corner of a happy campus + Public transportation is convenient Body Paragraph 2 Topic sentence: The students in a happy campus study together friendly and studiously + Share…...
Atm MachineCampusWeekend
Anti Guns on Campuses
Words • 490
Pages • 2
Guns are a double-edged sword when it comes down to it. Guns provide many people the ability to feel safe and protected, while other guns are constant reminder that some freedoms are taken too far. Guns privileges are abused, misused, and mistreated. Young people glorify toting weapons like it’s a new fashion statement. Missing the fact, that what in reality is causing uproar and panic amongst everyone else. That is why I feel like guns should not be allowed on…...
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