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Punctuality in the Military
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Pages • 5
Punctuality in a military environment is crucial as it enables tasks to be completed, and allows leaders to conduct accountability, PCCs and PCIs for particular operations. Also, depending on the severity or how often a soldier conducts the offense, being late can lead to UCMJ action. This essay will provide in some detail the benefits of being punctual as well as note possible consequences. On a small scale, being punctual for formations and general points of duty allows leaders to…...
MilitaryProfessional SoldierPunctuality
Mentor and Mentee Relationships in the Army
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Pages • 5
From enlisted mentoring enlisted, enlisted mentoring officers, officers mentoring enlisted, and officers mentoring officers. The relationships should all be the same between all. When mentoring someone, there is a whole lot of room to cross that line to go from being a mentor to having a relationship with that certain individual. It can lead anywhere from just the cohesiveness that you have with one another, to helping that individual succeed with whatever you are helping them with, will allow that…...
ArmyArmy LeadershipArmy ValuesMentorMentoringMentorship
German soldier is presented with stark realism
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Say how far you agree with the views that Drummer Hodge is presented in a romantic, idealised way, and that Graves' German soldier is presented with stark realism. Opinions expressed through poetry differ hugely and have always done so throughout history. The opinions and experiences of the writers are the main factors, which affect the content and messages that the poems portray. War poetry such as that of Thomas Hardy and Robert Graves hold opinions, which coincide with their own feelings…...
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Rupert Brooke’s ‘The Soldier’
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Pages • 2
I am analyzing the poem "The Soldier" by Rupert Brooke. This poem is about a man who loves his country dearly. The country is England. He believes that if he should die in a far away battle field that people should remember of him only that he was English. Brookes says in his forth line, "In that rich earth a richer dust concealed." This means that if he is to die in a land other than England that the soil…...
How do poets present the experience of soldiers in war in Bayonet Charge and one other poem?
Words • 716
Pages • 3
An experience of war is the experience a soldier has during his time in battle. Poets present soldiers’ experiences to show their ideas/thoughts and feelings about war and emotions from the soldiers’ point of view. Both poets question the reasons of war and justify it. In “Bayonet Charge”, Hughes creates a speaker who is a soldier, “suddenly he awoke and was running”, this gives the impression that the soldier was unprepared. This idea could suggest how men joined the army…...
Poems The Soldier and Dulce et Decorum Est
Words • 723
Pages • 3
‘Dulce et Decorum est’ by Wilfred Owen and ‘The Soldier’ by Rupert Brooke are poems about war but treat the subject completely differently. Dulce et speaks about the bitter reality of war while The Soldier glorifies dying for your country. ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ on its own means it is honourable to die for ones country. The title is misleading as Owen goes on to reveal the cold truth about war and tells us, ‘My friend, you would not tell…...
Dulce Et Decorum EstPoemsSoldiers
Short Story Research Paper Soldier’s Home
Words • 1064
Pages • 5
Short Story Research Paper: Soldier's Home Story Everyone prays that there is no fallen soldier and that every volunteered soldier returns home as good as new. "Soldier's Home", a short story, about a soldier named Kreb returning home in good conditions. Although, Kreb returned home the way he left he came home to a few controversies. Nothing had changed about his hometown except him. Kreb was not viewed as a hero and no one wanted to hear his war stories.…...
ResearchShort StorySoldiersWar
At roughly around noon soldiers came to pick up Lincoln and give
Words • 490
Pages • 2
At roughly around noon, soldiers came to pick up Lincoln and give him a proper burial. They wrap him up in an american flag and set him into a plain white box, Lincoln was a man of simple tastes, this is how he would have liked it. They set him into the carriage and it heads back to the white house. The nest day, Johnson was sworn in as president in his hotel room. In New York, John Surratt heard…...
Abraham LincolnSoldiers
Short Story About Officer and Soldiers
Words • 1759
Pages • 8
"Who are you?" The officer on horseback, dressed in light armour and a fur streaked to repair the cold pointed his sword. He watched his nine soldiers around the traveller. "Could a name save me?" The sword slid down, touched the horse. The officer inhaled the pungent air, waited. "Sh?rki?ay Hir'tjena" the traveller said no more. Canvas clothes, amaranth eyes, the name. Everything was proof of the strangeness of that world. "I don't think I will remember ..." the officer's…...
Short StorySoldiers
1 A soldier in every nation is considered as a priceless asset who
Words • 2122
Pages • 9
1. A soldier in every nation is considered as a priceless asset who is never off duty and can always be relied upon. A soldier is trained to be resilient and adaptable to any situation, but the other side of this coin is what is easily ignored. The fact that even this priceless asset needs to be nurtured and supported for him to be able to support us back is conveniently forgotten. The Indian Armed Forces need to focus and…...
CompetitionHuman Resource ManagementLeadershipMilitaryPolicySoldiers
Breakthroughs For Helping Injured Soldiers
Words • 898
Pages • 4
Why would these breakthroughs on their own not be necessarily enough to help injured soldiers in the trenches? (Consider each one in turn) Aseptic surgery: Although it helped prevent infections setting in during operations, they didn't help with open wounds that were already infected before reaching the operating table. Many soldiers were infected from the souls and dirty uniforms before the operation took place. This wouldn't necessarily be enough on its own because although it cleared the wounds of bacteria…...
Albert Jacka Soldier Man
Words • 982
Pages • 4
Albert Jacka was born on the 10th of January 1893 in a small dairy farm in Winchelsea, Victoria. On the 17th of the first 1932, seven days after his 39th birthday, he died of chronic nephritis. He was the fourth child of 7 of Nathaniel Jacka and Mary Elizabeth Kettle. He spent most of his life in Wedderburn after his parents decided to move the family there in 1898 when Bertie was the age of 5. After completing elementary school,…...
Soldier Boy
Words • 572
Pages • 3
Soldier Boy is a book about a young kid called Jim Martin, and how it was his dream to join the army and battle with the Australian performers. However, Jim Martin was no common soldier to join the military; he was the youngest at 14 years of age. The topic, which I am doing my essay on, is Solider Kid is a disaster. This book shows why war is a catastrophe, and what war does to families, and how adults…...
Compare and contrasts of ‘The Soldier’ by Rupert Brooke and ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ Wilfred Owen
Words • 643
Pages • 3
Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brooke both share the similar themes within their poems, which are war and death. Although there is unconformity within their views due to their backgrounds and experiences. Brooke was very idealistic, which makes sense when he never actually got to fight in the war as he died shortly before where as Owen went through the genuine experience. Two poems that highlight these two contrasts are ‘The Solider’ and ‘Dulce et Decorum est’. In ‘The Solider’, Rupert…...
Compare And ContrastLiteratureSoldiers
Soldiers Creed in Army – A Way Of Life
Words • 810
Pages • 4
There are many sections to the soldier's creed which all influence my life, both the way I live and the way I think. All soldiers whether old or new, should try their hardest to abide and live by the soldier’s creed. The soldier’s creed has taught me many things that make me who I am today. "I am an American soldier," To me, that means I have the right to say this anywhere and everywhere I go. As an American…...
ArmyArmy ValuesProfessional SoldierSoldiers
Effects of War on Soldiers
Words • 1104
Pages • 5
The very act of getting as a soldier topics an individual to a plethora of stress related complications that stems from physical, emotional, to psychological elements of a human being. Soldiers go through intensive forms of training in order to acquire the much required battlefront resilience, nevertheless, far lots of military training facilities focuses on the physical part of the hardening at the cost of mental and psychological aspects. According to the U. S Army Chief of Infantry, Major General…...
PsychologySoldiersWarWar And Its Effects
Command Philosophy
Words • 537
Pages • 3
1. Mission: I am honored to serve as the Commander of this vital and highly essential unit. The task of rapidly responding to and supporting missions worldwide requires highly specialized and trained Soldiers. Units who provide this asset successfully manage an array of challenges. These challenges range from maintaining an ability to rapidly deploy, staying current with the latest systems and technologies, sustaining Unit capability to timely, effectively, and competently meet geographically scattered logistical requirements, to recruiting and retaining the…...
LeadershipMentorshipPhilosophyProfessional Soldier
Why did soldiers fight in WW1?
Words • 422
Pages • 2
There are many reasons why soldiers fought in ww1 firstly; most men were pushed into by peer pressure. But there lack of knowledge of war just seemed like an adventure to them when actually it was one of the worst things that could ever happen to them.Furhermore some soldiers fought their country e.g. patriotism and glory also in those days people thought that men who didn’t fight were cowards, when infact they just didn’t believe in war like some men…...
Buffalo Soldiers Museum
Words • 502
Pages • 3
Visiting the historical Buffalo Soldier National Museum was quite interesting to me. I learned more about not only African American history but American history as well. The goal or mission of the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum is “to educate, preserve, promote and perpetuate the history, tradition and outstanding contributions of America’s Buffalo Soldiers from the Revolutionary War to present. The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum seeks out to achieve its mission through its interpretation, collections, displays and historical artifacts, documents, videos,…...
MuseumProfessional SoldierSoldiers
Soldier Of The Month Board
Words • 271
Pages • 2
SPC Ariel Esquivel was born April 29, 1991 in Houston Texas. He went to Jr. Frank Dobie High School while in school worked part time at McDonalds. After graduating he decided he wanted to do more than just flip burgers he wanted to help people, so he decided to enlist in the Army in March 2011. SPC Esquivel went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for Basic Combat Training on March 7, 2011 . He then attended Advanced Individual Training at…...
Professional SoldierSoldiers
The Child Soldier Reflection
Words • 499
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Reflective essays
Ishmael Beah was a child soldier who got out of the military base with the help on unicef. Afterwards he stayed in America and wrote a book about his life as a child soldier when he was younger. He tells about how the child soldiers were treated and how he became a child soldier in the first place. Ishmael Beah grew up in a remarkable childhood until a war came to his part of his country and because of war…...
Army Profession of Arms
Words • 830
Pages • 4
The Profession of Arms Campaign is mandated by John M. McHugh, secretary of the Army, and Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Army chief of staff, to assess the state of the Army and take a critical look at how the past decade of war has impacted the military and civilian workforce. “The overall objective of the campaign is for Soldiers and leaders to refine their understanding of what it means to be professionals -- expert members of the Profession of Arms…...
ArmyProfessional Soldier
7 Army Values: the Standard Behavior of a Soldier
Words • 518
Pages • 3
Army basic training has two main stages in the process of building a Soldier. The first five weeks are to break you down, and the last five weeks are to break you down, building you into a Soldier. While a Soldier is being is being built they instill something called the Seven Army Values into you. The values are something that I lived by in the Army, and to this day I still live by them. I can take these…...
ArmyArmy ValuesBehaviorCourageHuman NatureLoyalty
Why I Want to Be an Army Officer?
Words • 421
Pages • 2
When I first enlisted, I did not know where my military career would take me. Back at that time, I thought that I may only complete my initial enlistment and move on to other professional pursuits. However, over the past nine years I have come to embrace all that the United States military stands for. I believe that service as an Army officer is a distinguished honor that is surrounded with a rich history of all who have served and…...
ArmyLeadershipProfessional SoldierServant Leadership
Song Analysis American Soldier by Toby Keith
Words • 311
Pages • 2
I am proud to be an American. This song has constantly been close to my heart. I have household that has served in the military past and present. I pray every day that our service guys and women are home safe in their beds at night. For those that have actually needed to go overseas and serve, it is difficult on them and their families. The time they spend away from their households in order to safeguard us is often…...
AmericaSoldiersSongSong analysis
‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ and ‘The Soldier’ Comparison
Words • 591
Pages • 3
Introduction I believe that the First World War is an important time and topic for poetry. It includes some of the most famous poems in history. I will focus on the poem ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ by Wilfred Owen and explain this poets unique perception of war. However, I will also annotate a poem by Rupert Brooke called ‘The Soldier’ and review the similarities and differences between the two pieces of poetry. I will mainly explain what the poems are…...
ComparisonDulce Et Decorum EstPoetrySoldiersWilfred Owen
Military Bearing Short
Words • 254
Pages • 2
Army military bearing is how a soldier conducts himself on duty. It encompasses his level of professionalism when dealing with others and his approach to military situations. Soldiers who do not exhibit military bearing are subject to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Maintaining self-control and being accountable for actions is the mark of a soldier with good military bearing. Arguing with superiors, ignoring Army standards and permitting rule-breaking are not consistent with military bearing. Discipline of…...
MilitaryProfessional Soldier
Army Values Ldrship
Words • 1482
Pages • 6
Being in the United States Army, we are taught not only how to balance work and play, family mode, and career mode, soldier and civilian mode, but also many other things about life, and the way you should act. Like the way we are taught to always hold our head high, no matter what is dragging us down. And the way we are taught to respect people, no matter how wrong the wrong doing was that they had done to…...
ArmyArmy ValuesIntegrityProfessional SoldierValues
Meaning of Being a Soldier
Words • 578
Pages • 3
When I enlisted in December of 2012, I had no idea that I would feel the way I do today about myself. I was at another dead end task and might hardly support my new family. I never felt like much of a father or a partner. I left on a plane from Atlanta totally unconcerned as to what I would encounter when I came to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Little did I understand that within a matter of hours,…...
MeaningProfessional SoldierSoldiers
Impact of Wars on Military Society: The Soldiers and their Families
Words • 2328
Pages • 10
Wars have been part of human history. What shaped the society that is perceived in this time is a result of conflicts and rivalries that occurred in the past. In almost all places on earth, the scars of war and of battle continue to be seen and commemorated. People are divided in this concept of war. For some, it is a way of life and a means of achieving peace and promoting security in the homeland. For some, it is…...
DivorceFamilyMarriageMilitaryPost Traumatic Stress DisorderSociety
Why I Should Not Disrespect An NCO And The Consequences?
Words • 2159
Pages • 9
I am writing this essay because I disrespected a non commissioned officer. I do apologize for what I did and have said. I have learned from my mistake and I see why I am to do this essay and that is to show that disrespecting a non commissioned officer will not be tolerated and two give clear understanding of the impact that disrespecting a Non Commissioned officer has on others. For many reasons the Non Commissioned Officers keep the moral…...
DisrespectMilitaryProfessional Soldier
The Life of a Soldier
Words • 311
Pages • 2
Life consisted of their complete determination to keep fighting and to maintain themselves strong. But only certain armies could accomplish and be more efficient in that aspect. Many fought long distances away from home in areas where conditions were scarce. Such conditions and hardships is what influenced and encouraged war exhaustion and desertion. But despite the difficulties, at least one had the chance to get clean. The chance to be hygienic was an indispensable prop to self-esteem. Another important issue…...
Soldier’s Home Theme
Words • 1460
Pages • 6
Theme is defined as the central idea or meaning of a story. It is what the plot of the whole story revolves around, and it is what ties everything within the story together. Finding the theme of the story may be challenging at times and can often be confused with the subject; however, with the proper critical reading techniques, the theme is much easier to determine. The search for the theme can be aided by identifying the setting, character traits,…...
The Importance of Shaving
Words • 540
Pages • 3
It is very important to be shaved every day when reporting to work for many reasons. One of the reasons why it is important to shave every day is so you will keep that professional look that you need while serving in the army. If we do not shave, we look improper and look as if we do not care about hygiene. It is something we have to do every day to look like professional soldiers. Coming in to work…...
NavyProfessional Soldier
Causality and Timeliness
Words • 908
Pages • 4
Timeliness is important in all aspects of life. In the army they say “10 minutes prior is on time, and being on time is late”, that is the standard set forth and expected to be accomplished by the armed forces. By oversleeping I not only failed to meet the standard, I also failed my squad and my platoon because they did not have accountability of everyone, another main standard of the army. I also took the time of my team…...
MilitaryProfessional SoldierTime
Literary Analysis of A Poem Soldier
Words • 498
Pages • 2
We are kept on this earth to make a difference, but we do not know what for. The poem “A Soldier” by Robert Frost tells the story of a fallen soldier. A soldier has fallen on the battle field. We do not know why the soldier fell; only that fallen soldier knew why. In this poem Frost uses metaphor and personification to compare a soldier to a lance. First, Frost uses personification to compare a soldier to a lance. By…...
A Soldier’s Home
Words • 1736
Pages • 7
One of the most famous short stories that deals with the complexities of war is the historical narrative of Ernest Hemingway entitled “A Soldier’s Home. ” The story tells about the story of Krebs, who came back into his home in the state of Oklahoma two years after the war ended. In this case, the story tried top show how complex the world was for Krebs, especially because of his experiences while he was still in the battlefield. As he…...
Personal Responsibility of Soldier for Missing Appointments
Words • 1276
Pages • 6
Paper Type:Personal essays
According to Sondra Brown, Tripler Army Medical Center Public Affairs, rate of No Shows for military treatment facility appointments are at an average of 5.78% and have reached as high as 9.01%. Those kinds of numbers are a very shocking wake up from an otherwise peaceful appointment making process. If you take into account the amount of appointments being made every day, the nearly 6% missed ones really start to add up. Soldiers have access to a variety of professional…...
Army ValuesPersonal ResponsibilityProfessional SoldierSoldiers
Role of an Army leader
Words • 1049
Pages • 5
The role of an army leader is to provide purpose, direction, and motivation to soldiers while continuing to carry out the mission or task that is at hand. As a leader in the army, one must maintain their knowledge of the standards of conduct, policy, law, rules of engagement, and the Geneva Conventions. Leaders of the army must be able to understand that their actions, behaviors, and decisions are a direct reflects of their leadership and the army as a…...
ArmyHuman NatureLeadershipOrganizationProfessional Soldier
Were the British soldiers lions led by donkeys?
Words • 2382
Pages • 10
The question "were the British soldiers 'Lions led by Donkeys?'" has been an ongoing debate since the end of the war. A war which is dominated by images of bloody battles such as the Somme and Passchendaele - futile frontal attacks against the machine guns. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the troops were 'lions led by donkeys'. The definition that the soldiers were 'lions' in the war has never been questioned - due to the horrific…...
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How do poets present the experience of soldiers in war in Bayonet Charge and one other poem?
...In conclusion, both poems present soldier’s experiences of wars in similar ways, but the poets have different ideas about this theme. In my opinion Bayonet Charge is the more effective poem as it tells the reader how soldiers truly experience wars....
1 A soldier in every nation is considered as a priceless asset who
...14. The challenges and the shortfalls discussed in the chapter are some of the indications that the defence forces have a credible HR structure but will always have scope for improvement. One of the methods in which the system can be made more robust...
Why did soldiers fight in WW1?
...People who didn’t fight in ww1 were shot or tortured until they would say they would join if they didn’t they were just shot e.g. Quakers. Most men didn’t know about trench warfare because the government thought it would not persuade them to jo...
Why I Want to Be an Army Officer?
...High quality leadership is critical in order to accomplish the mission and succeed in motivating soldiers to perform at the peak of their personal ability level. It is important to avoid complacency and continually strive for excellence. If I am sele...
Why I Should Not Disrespect An NCO And The Consequences?
...Respect. The online dictionary defines it ‘to show regard or admiration of something or someone”. I see respect as a universal characteristic. Respect to me is a way of showing someone that you think highly of them and very well respect them. It...

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