Meaning of Being a Soldier

When I enlisted in December of 2012, I had no idea that I would feel the way I do today about myself. I was at another dead end task and might hardly support my new family. I never felt like much of a father or a partner. I left on a plane from Atlanta totally unconcerned as to what I would encounter when I came to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Little did I understand that within a matter of hours, my world would be suddenly, not discreetly, turned upside down.

I likewise had no concept that it would be practically difficult for me to live my life the method I had been.

To my surprise nevertheless, Basic Fight Training altered my life in more than just a physical aspect. In fact, I got much more of a mental gain than I did physically. I was mentally stronger, more capable of making confident choices for myself, and others, on a moment’s notification, but above all else, an excellent sense of pride for My Nation and My Army.

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But among the brand-new discovered love for Duty and Country, I also felt a sense of respect for myself that I had actually never felt prior to. I seemed like I had finally end up being the father I had always wanted to end up being for my children, and the husband I needed to be for my other half. I understood I was now capable of being the dad who’s child was so ecstatic to bring him in on household profession day at school.

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I had the ability to provide the security and protection for my child that every father wants to make sure. I knew that I now had the strength to make decisions for my household and to value the opinions of my better half and to be able to work with her as a group.

I am honored to be a part of the biggest fighting force on Earth. The history of the United States Army promotes itself; there is not a more powerful military power than our own. The training I have actually been put into approximately this point is so little in comparison to the amount of training I need to eagerly anticipate in my career. Nevertheless, if the future classes and training can instill in me half as much as BCT did, there is no question that I will be the finest of my capabilities and serve the country without any restraint. Simply like our Second (2nd) General Order tells us, “… I will perform all of my tasks in a military way.” To me, that suggests giving 110% when others are content with just applying 50% at the majority of.

If it weren’t for the Army, I never would have known what it’s like to be able to call myself a “Professional”. The work and difference I’m able to make here is better than I could have ever imagined. I would have never been able to feel this self confidence within myself and the decisions that I make, and my family would not have had the father and husband they so desperately deserve. To me, being a professional soldier is being able to face the day and successfully carry out your mission, no matter what you’re faced with on the way, and coming home to those at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment, knowing you’ve served your country to the highest standard another day.

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Meaning of Being a Soldier

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