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The Bill of Rights: Amendments to Constitution
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Pages • 3
The Bill of Rights put a lot of limitation to the government, making us the people have fair rights. In every colony in the United States had its own Bill of Rights. As a country, it was time for the United States to come up with their own Bill of Rights. In December 15, 1791 the Bill of Rights was ratified by the congress and added to our Constitution. The Bill of Rights is the first 10 Amendments to our…...
AmericaBill Of RightsConstitution
How Did Magna Carta Influence the American Bill of Rights?
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Pages • 2
What is the Magna Carta and how is it important today? The Magna Carta was a document that the king was forced to sign. It took power away from the monarchy and gave more power to the people. The Magna Carta is important today, because it influenced the American Bill of Rights. In 1215 King John was forced to sign the newly written Magna Carta. The Magna Carta limited the powers of the monarch, and by limiting the powers of…...
Bill Of RightsLawMagna CartaThe Us Constitution
The Influential Magna Carta
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Pages • 5
Our Constitution, the law of the land, the thing we live by everyday, taking 116 days to write, was influenced by a meeting in a meadow. Not even a fancy royal building. Just a plain meadow. So even though the Magna Carta was created in a meadow and made up of sixty three clauses and only three of those are still used in England today, the Magna Carta is very important. The most significant influence on the creation of the…...
Bill Of RightsMagna Carta
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Bill of Rights Guarantees Rights for All People
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In the United States, the Bill of Rights guarantees rights for all people. For examples, the people have the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, to protest, and express opinions without worrying about the government imprisoning them for criticism. Below are the three selective Bill of Rights freedoms with the benefits and drawbacks. Freedom of Religion Benefits: Freedom of Religion allows everyone to practice whatever religion they may wish to practice. Religious freedom ensures that people,…...
AmericaBill Of RightsConstitution
Bill of Rights: Right Against Government
Words • 1389
Pages • 6
“A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference” (Thomas Jefferson Google). In 1787 the anti-federalists and federalists started the debate on the Bill of Rights. Affecting all citizens, the Bill of Rights has protected and ensured the freedoms and rights of the United States. The Bill of Rights is the most important part of the constitution, which is why the anti-federalists argued against…...
AmericaBill Of RightsConstitution
Bill of Rights: Personal Freedom Guarantee
Words • 471
Pages • 2
After the Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787, a majority of the population were of the belief that it did not protect individual rights. The American people feared that having a weak government was just as detrimental as having a strong government that abused the people. Many states were reluctant about the Constitution as it lacked individual rights and lacked the guarantee of personal liberty. Fear continued to escalate among the people as many feared the government would abuse…...
AmericaBill Of RightsConstitution
The Bill of Right: Protection Citizens from the Excessive Power of Government
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Pages • 6
The Bill of Rights was created by James Madison and was ratified in 1791. The Constitution has a Bill of Rights for the sole purpose of protecting all citizens from the excessive power of government. The first ten amendments in the Constitution are considered to be the Bill of Rights. People were granted their freedoms from the first amendment, which were the freedoms of religion, speech, petition, assembly and press. This amendment is known to be the most important in…...
AmericaBill Of RightsConstitution
Bill of Rights: American Rights in Relation With the Government
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Pages • 3
A Government of Laws the United States Constitution is the premier law of the whole nation. It is composed of seven different articles and twenty-seven amendments. Among the 27 amendments, the first 10 amendments are known as Bill of Rights and the remaining 17 are known as the reconstruction amendments. Thereafter, the federal government comprise of three different branches; were the first one is legislative, second one is executive, and the third one is the judiciary system. The legislative makes…...
AmericaBill Of RightsConstitution
Bill of Rights: History of Document
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Pages • 4
The Bill of Rights as a document experienced the ratification process, which brought about several state legislatures, who showed their concern for the lack of individual liberties protection. Concerning this, twelve amendments to the Constitution were passed by the first Congress, where ten of them were ratified by the states and ended up becoming collectively known as the Bill of Rights. Seemingly, Constitutional Amendment can be referred to as the constitutional modification of the organization and policy of the constitutional…...
AmericaBill Of Rights
The Magna Carta’s Influence on the U.S. Bill of Rights
Words • 1843
Pages • 8
The Magna Carta is broadly viewed as a standout amongst the most vital reports ever, and is viewed as being crucial to how law and equity is seen in nations everywhere throughout the world. Preceding the Magna Carta being made there was no standing point of confinement on imperial experts in England. This implied the King could abuse his capacity in the manner in which he considered fit, to be he was not exposed to any laws[1]. This paper will…...
Bill Of RightsLawMagna Carta
The Strengths and Weaknesses of the U.S. Constitution
Words • 1650
Pages • 7
The founders and framers of the United States Constitution have apparently felt and thought that there is a significant need for the country or their government to have a ratified fundamental law Hence, in order for the American people to never go back or once again be subjected to tyrannical control which they have previously rejected and eluded, the U. S. Constitution was established, which identifies, sets, and explains the nature, extent, and implementation of the laws. Generally, the U.…...
Bill Of RightsConstitutionPolicyStrengths And Weaknesses
Similarities and Differences Between English Bill of Rights and the Declaration Rights of Man and Citizen
Words • 1646
Pages • 7
Similarities and differences between English bill of rights and the declaration rights of man and citizen Bryan. W Mr. Roberts The English bill of rights and the declaration rights of man and citizen are two of the most influential documents ever written between 1600-1800; those documents greatly affect the rights and freedom that everyone was born with today, it also greatly affects the US constitution about how they govern their country how they think about government. The two documents have…...
Bill Of RightsEnglishFranceFrench RevolutionRights Of Citizens
Individual Rights vs Public Order
Words • 1288
Pages • 6
Advantages and Disadvantages of Individual Rights vs. Public Order. There are advantages and disadvantages to just about everything you can think of in this world. Two topics that can be very controversial to have an advantages and disadvantages discussion on are our individual rights and public order. We hold our individual rights very close to us and pride ourselves on the freedoms that these rights provide. We also see the devastation that can occur when the rights and freedoms we…...
Bill Of RightsFirst AmendmentJusticeRights
What is the difference between a liberty and a right? Both words
Words • 992
Pages • 4
What is the difference between a liberty and a right? Both words appear in the Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights. The distinction between the two has always been blurred, and today the concepts are often used interchangeably. However, they do refer to different kinds of guaranteed protections. Civil liberties are protections against government actions. For example, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees citizens the right to practice whatever religion they please. Government, then,…...
Bill Of RightsFirst AmendmentLawLibertyRights
The Bill of Rights gives freedom of religion to the citizens Freedom
Words • 1401
Pages • 6
The Bill of Rights gives freedom of religion to the citizens. Freedom of Religion is so important because prevents the government from forcing people to practice any type of religion. In the article, How First Amendment rights have evolved, the author says that The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion in two sections. The first is the establishment clause. It prevents the government from having an official religion. The second is the free exercise clause, which says that people can…...
Bill Of RightsFreedom Of ReligionReligionRight To Freedom Of ReligionRights Of Citizens
Federalist papers and Bill of rights
Words • 975
Pages • 4
Among the complaints made by the Anti-federalists in their movement to overpower the ratification of the Constitution, the failure to affix bill of rights to the Constitution materialized as the foremost and most alarming complaint. This blunder signified an Achilles' heel that might have ruined the process of ratification. A proposal was submitted by Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts for the addition of a bill of rights to the Constitution which Mason supported. But the Convention collectively turned down the proposal…...
Bill Of RightsJames MadisonJusticeThe Federalist Papers
1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines Bill of Rights
Words • 2272
Pages • 10
Article III enumerates the fundamental rights of the Filipino people. The Bill of Rights sets the limits to the government's power which proves to be not absolute. Among the rights of the people are freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, and the press. An important feature here is the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus which have three available grounds such as invasion, insurrection and rebellion. PRINCIPLES Section 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty,…...
Bill Of RightsConstitutionLawPolicyPolitics
Constitution Paper
Words • 830
Pages • 4
The Constitution is important to America because it was the document that had founded our government. It was the basis of what would form the United States. It outlines all of our rights as citizens and gives a complete list of all the things we can do, and the rights that we have. The Constitution is the most important document ever crafted in American History, it had developed the representation of the Great Compromise, it had addressed the weaknesses in…...
Bill Of RightsConstitutionThe Articles Of Confederation
A Bill of Rights for Animals?
Words • 1117
Pages • 5
An organization called the Animal Legal Defense Fund has sponsored a petition that raises the awareness and calls for increased protection for the rights of animals. An excerpt from the petition briefly touches on how “animals are defenseless against exploitation and abuse by humans.” Alongside, it also informs us the objective of the petition that “through the Animal Bill of Rights, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is working to show Congress a groundswell of support for legislation that protects animals…...
AbuseAnimal AbuseAnimal Bill Of RightsBill Of RightsHumanHuman Nature
Individual Rights and Public Order
Words • 1639
Pages • 7
Individual rights are those rights we have that allow us to exercise our freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights, originally drafted in 1789 by James Madison, came into effect in 1791 (Wikipedia 2007). The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not construe to deny or disparage others retained by the people. These rights became the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution. These rights have been the cornerstone of American Law then and…...
Bill Of RightsJames MadisonRights
The English Bill of Rights and Common Sense
Words • 1496
Pages • 6
The English Bill of Rights, the Cahier of the Third Estate of the City of Paris and Common Sense were all written during a time of revolution in their respective countries. Although all three political writings originated in a different country, they each share several important similarities. Each document also addressed specific issues, which the others did not. The English Bill of Rights, the Cahier of the Third Estate of the City of Paris and Common Sense all served as…...
Bill Of RightsCommon SenseEnglishLawRightsThomas Paine
Is the constitution effective?
Words • 543
Pages • 3
The United States Constitution is questioned all of the time. Disagreements about the powers of national government and the rights of states have been frequent. Combined with the separation of powers, the protection of civil liberties, and the ability to create a national identity, the Constitution cannot be considered anything else but effective. The Constitution has lasted the nation this long, and many things concerning the Constitution have been debated. But, the Constitutions effectiveness cannot be questioned. At the Philadelphia…...
Bill Of RightsConstitutionFounding Fathers
Summary of the Article Iii of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines Bill of Rights
Words • 5654
Pages • 23
A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed.[1] These rules together make up, i.e. constitute, what the entity is. When these principles are written down into a single document or set of legal documents, those documents may be said to embody a written constitution; if they are written down in a single comprehensive document, it is said to embody a codified constitution. Constitutions concern different levels of organizations, from sovereign states to companies and unincorporated associations. A treaty which…...
Bill Of RightsConstitution
Criminal Law Foundations
Words • 1557
Pages • 7
The United States Constitution has been amended since its origination. These amendments are meant to help our Nation adjust to the ever changing times. Our Bill of Rights is contended in the first ten amendments. The Bill of Rights is instilled into our constitution to protect the citizens of the United States from unfair and unjust treatment by their own government. Our government is protected and enforced through local police departments and our Bill of Rights gives certain freedoms to…...
AmendmentBill Of RightsLawPolicyPolitics
Define the 4th 5th 6th and 14th Amendments
Words • 575
Pages • 3
The Constitution is the highest law in the United States. All other laws come from the Constitution and Amendments. It rules how the government should work. It creates the Presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Each state also has a constitution. The constitutions of the states are their highest law for that state — but the United States Constitution is higher. The Constitution can be changed, and it's changed by an "amendment." Among the amendments is a list of the…...
AmendmentBill Of RightsJusticeLaw
Do Animals Need A Bill of Rights?
Words • 785
Pages • 4
Animals on a daily basis all over the world are being mistreated and abused by many people that do not care for them. There are very few people attempting to protect these animals, whether they are domestic animals, farm animals, or wildlife animals. More attention should be drawn to the treatment of animals because even if we do have laws for animals and for their well being, many people still do not follow these laws. The laws already established for…...
Animal Bill Of RightsBill Of RightsDomestic Animals
Philippine Constitution – Article Iii
Words • 2462
Pages • 10
Article III Bill of rights - declaration and enumeration of a person’s right and privileges which the Constitution is designed to protect against violations Basis: social importance accorded to the individual in a democratic or republican state Classes of rights 1) Natural rights – right possessed by every citizen without being granted by the State for they are given to man by God Ex. Right to life, right to liability, right to property, right to love 2) Constitutional right –…...
Bill Of RightsConstitutionFreedom Of SpeechLawPhilippinesPolitics
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How Did Magna Carta Influence the American Bill of Rights?
...The American Bill of Rights are the first 10 Amendments in the US Constitution. The Bill of Rights was written by James Madison which list specific prohibitions on governmental power, in response to calls from several states for greater constitution ...
What is the difference between a liberty and a right? Both words
...What is the difference between a liberty and a right? Both words appear in the Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights. The distinction between the two has always been blurred, and today the concepts are often used interchangeably. Howe...

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