The Bill of Rights gives freedom of religion to the citizens Freedom

The Bill of Rights gives freedom of religion to the citizens. Freedom of Religion is so important because prevents the government from forcing people to practice any type of religion. In the article, How First Amendment rights have evolved, the author says that The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion in two sections. The first is the establishment clause. It prevents the government from having an official religion. The second is the free exercise clause, which says that people can worship as they please.

( adapted by Newsela staff 02/13/2017). This shows that with the Bill of Rights the people can believe in whatever they want. For instance, in the text First Amendment, the author stated American Citizens have the freedom to attend a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or other house of worship of their choice. They can also choose to not be involved in any religion as well. Because of the First Amendment, we can practice our religion however we want to.

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( 2017). This evidence demonstrate that having the right of Freedom of Religion in the First Amendment is very important because allows us to choose a religion or no religion without interference of the government. This is significant, because with the King George III, the Colonists did not had that right to believed in what they wanted. But now, after the Bill of Rights were created, the citizens have more liberties, and the right of citizen to practice any religion. Today the people can practice any religion without any interference of the government or from those people who are non-religious.

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In summary, the Bill of Rights will protect the beliefs of the people and also this bill prevents the government from having an official religion that can affect the people The Bill of Rights gives freedom of speech to the people. Freedom of Speech is the right to express ideas or opinion freely without government restriction. As evidence, the article Primary Source: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it states Everyone has the rights to freedom of opinion and expression. This right includes freedom to share information and ideas through any media- newspapers, books, etc.- and to any place.(by United Unions adapted by Newsela staff 03-08-2017). This explain that with the freedom of religion added in the Bill of Rights the people are not going to feel self-conscious about expressing themselves. According to the text, What does Freedom of Expression actually mean?, the author stated The First Amendment guarantees our right to free expression and free association, which means that the government does not have the right to forbid us to say what we like and write what we like; We can form clubs and organizations, and participate in demonstrations and rallies.(ACLU 2019). This shows that Freedom of Speech gives you the liberty to express yourself in any place or event without been fearful. Having the right of Freedom of Speech in the Bill of Right is significance because when you express your ideas or opinion you learn. Communication is an important part of the life because it gives you the ability to listen to others and speak freely. Freedom of Speech is also important to define all human rights. Free Speech is the ability to express your own thoughts or ideas. Before the freedom of speech was created the women did not have the right to express themselves in front of their husband and participate in conversations with them but today the women have that right to say whatever they want. This is also connected to the Colonists because they were not allowed to speak freely or express their ideas and opinion during the government of King George III. To conclude, with Freedom of Speech in the Bill of Rights, we can say whatever we want and nobody will object.The Bill of Rights protect people from government abuse. The Bill of Rights amendments added to the Constitution guarantees personal freedoms and rights, and protect the people from the federal government from getting too much power. For instance, the article Primary Sources: The Bill of Rights, the author stated Congress shall not set up one national or state religion. It cannot stop anyone from joining a religion. No law can stop freedom of speech. No law can stop freedom of the press. No law can stop people from meeting and talking. The people can complain to the government. (Original document from the public domain, adapted by Newsela staff 06/22/2016). This shows that the Bill of Rights did not want the government to have control over people, so we have the right to say what we think. According to the text, The Social Studies Help Center, the author said, The purpose of the bill of rights is to prevent the federal government from taking away our rights as humans and as citizens. When the government (state or national) does something that violates our rights it is up to the Supreme Court using its power of judicial review to strike down the act citing the bill of rights. Then, and only then, can the bill of rights protect our rights as citizens. (Bill Jackson 2001-2019). This demonstrated, if the government does something that violates the right of the citizens, the Supreme Court will use its power to defend the people by using the Bill of Rights. With the Bill of Rights there is no way that the government will abuse their citizens since it contains amendments that specify the limits between the federal government and the people so the people will not feel threatened that the government will do the same thing that the king George III did to the colonists by taxing them and removing everything that they owned to pay their debts. Nowadays, the U.S Constitution limit the power of the three branches of government so the executive branch can not abuse people's right. Lastly, the Bill of Rights will not allow the government to abuse people because of its amendments that protect people. The Bill of Rights safeguard people's house from soldiers entry their house and privacy. The Bill of Right protect people's house and privacy with the third and fourth amendments. The Third Amendment prevents the forced or coercive housing of soldiers in someone's own home. The Fourth Amendment prohibit illegal searches, meaning that the police has to obtain a signed search warrant in order to search a person's house. For example, according to the article Primary Sources: The Bill of Rights, stated No soldier shall, in time of peace live, eat or sleep in any house, without the approval of the owner, nor in time of war, unless this is changed by law.(Original document from the public domain, adapted by Newsela staff 06/22/2016). This illustrate, that the third amendments protect the people from being forced to use their homes to board soldiers of the U.S Military. In the same article, the author says, The right of the people to protect their persons, houses, papers and things they own, from unfair searches and unfair taking of their things, shall not be ignored. No permission shall be given to do this, unless there is a good reason. The permission will also only be given to search only a specific place, and only take specific, named people or things. This part shows, it protects people from unlawful searches and seizure. This means that the police can not search you or your house without a warrant. This is important because the third and fourth amendment protect the American people from being forced to quarter soldiers in their homes. also, it helps define the right of people, and not the government, to decide who can live in their private homes. Today the Bill of Rights is very important to the people because have the rights that people need today that limit the power of the government. Also, today we have the right to say no to the police if they do not have the warrant that says that they can enter to our house, if they do not have the warrant and enter to the house hitting or mistreating the people, they are violating our right as a citizen and they can be in jail for doing that. Finally, the Bill of Rights is very necessary for the american people because it protect us from the U.S Government entering to our house and our privacy.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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