Reproductive Health Bill/RH Bill

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I am in favor of the Reproductive Health Bill/RH Bill, not because I don’t believe in God or I disobey His rules but let’s open our eyes on our countries status. As of now our country is growing and continues to grow. We are in number 65 out of 144 economies in the world. But, as you can see, we are still behind when regards to economic growth. I don’t believe those who say that over population is not a problem.

Because, I do believe that overpopulation is a big, big problem. The Philippines is having a large population. And this large population is admittedly one of the main causes of our poverty since the government had difficulty in addressing the needs of its people. The population of the Philippines makes it “the 12th most populous nation in the world today”. RH Bill assures the availability and access to a full range of methods, techniques, supplies and services that contribute to reproductive and sexual health and well-being.

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With these, our number will become manageable and eventually, our country will be in progress. RH bill doesn’t promote abortion but it rather prevents abortion. The RH bill protects the life of the both the mother and the baby in her womb. Supporting the bill is more PRO-LIFE. Life begins at fertilization. Therefore, if there’s no fertilization, there’s no life. The use of artificial contraception is not taking away life because life has not yet started. I am PRO RH Bill simply because it disturbs me to see people in my age carrying babies.

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And what’s more disturbing is their situation. They don’t have the capacity to support these babies. I am also PRO RH Bill because it could prevent maternal deaths. RH Bill also provides quality life for a family. And there would also be a population management. The RH Bill promotes awareness and education, which are the initial steps in creating a well-founded society. One of the key components of this bill is the advocacy of family-planning for couples. This way, they can decide on the proper timing, spacing and number of their children, according to what their family can support. Managing population growth is not the sole solution to poverty but is a part of solution.

I’m PRO RH BILL because it is PRO-LIFE, it is PRO-DEVELOPMENT, and it is PRO-POOR. Here you can find PRO argumentative essays.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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