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Essay on Duty

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Symbolism of The Boat by Alistar MacLeod

Symbolism is a very evident throughout “The Boat” in many different forms. It has been used to provide evidence of a fathers struggle to empower his children to a life beyond the sea. His inevitability causes him to push his children to see the world the way he never did, but at the same time his obligation to his wife and her narrow way of life causes a set back to his goal ...

Implementing the Duty of Care in Health and Social Care

People who receive care and support are considered to be at risk, and as such the law requires that an assessment be carried out to look at any possible risks there might be to the individual or to others. The aim of this assessment is not to remove the individual’s right to take risks, but to recognise and reduce them where possible to an acceptable and manageable level. Explain where to get ad...

Cicero On Duty

Honor is another reason why individuals choose certain choices that lead you to be seen as a noble person in your society. The wide picture is seen towards how the community sees the individuals actions according to the standards in which have been placed. It doesn't seem like an individual would ever perform a duty if honor wasn't the reward. An individual who doesn’t care for much pleasure wou...

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A Duty of Care

To manage risks associated with conflicts and dilemmas and child protection issues can cause conflict with parents if staff report them and dilemmas that staff might come across. Conflicts such as; Manager to staff, staff to manager one staff thinking there is a problem another thinking there is no problem. There could be conflicts between abuser and carers regarding an allegation that w...

Principals for implementing duty of care

Record a detailed description of what the complaint is about, this includes any correspondence letters, emails etc. and any action taken to deal with the complaint at hand Respond to complaints within a shot period of time, if a reply cannot be had at the time specified then the complainant should be notified and told when they should receive a reply Uphold confidentiality and be aware of who need...

Our Responsibility in Our Life

Responsibility of the student as a learner is learning well, do home work that has been given to them, discipline in running the school rules. This means that each student is required to carried out absolutely the responsibilities without exception. But, the fact many students who feel overwhelmed by their obligations as students. Students go to school not for learning purposes, but used as a venu...

Family Business Case 5 Vega food Company

After reading what the family did to over come this problem I thought it seem to be the best for both the company and Mari. Now their sales have been going up and the company is growing and doing good with new employees. If they didn’t resolve this problem I think the company would have been destroyed and more feelings would have been hurt in the long run. Also being a good CEO, Francisco saw a...

Principles for implementing duty of care

You would deal with a complaint by listening whilst giving the person time and respect and having a regard for confidentiality. Recording factual information and then reporting it to a senior member of staff whilst following the complaints policy. Then telling the complainant how they can access the complaints policy and what will happen next and that they fully understand. 1.2 Explain the main po...

SHC34 2.1 Describe potential conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individual's right

Nurseries already cook halal food so that every child can eat the same or similar food and that their cultural needs are met. However, some parents might not want to accept, or believe this, so they might ask the practitioners to ensure that their child gets a specific type of food. This request is usually discussed and is rejected, because they might already have the right type of food, therefore...

Duty of Care

Responding to complaints, whether made by a parent or a staff colleague, you should always keep professional and listen to what the person has to say. You should keep calm and by being respectful and apologising when necessary which helps to diffuse potential conflict. Complaints need to be resolved as quickly as possible and constructively to avoid creating a bad atmosphere for all those involved...

Principles for implementing duty of care

Informal discussions, during a coffee break or as part of a training session, provide useful opportunities to reflect on the dire effects of discrimination. Most people using health and care services are liable to have experienced discrimination at some time or another. Indeed, their experience of discrimination may be the reason they are in need of care now. Talking through these issues, especial...

Right Place Time & Uniform

One person late put more than just that one person behind. Showing up on time is very important not for just the soldier but for the unit. A soldier that is always on time with the proper uniform accomplishing his duties at the standard and or above will show good likes for his unit and him or herself. A soldier that is always late, never informing his leadership causing them to be less effective ...

Staff Duty Analysis - Achievement 9 Flight Commander


Ethical Dilemma

American Nurses Association. (2005). Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements. Retrieved fromhttp://nursingworld.org/ MainMenuCategories / EthicsStandards/ CodeofEthicsforNurses.asp American Nurses Association. (2012). Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements. Retrieved from http://nursingworld.org/ MainMenuCategories/ EthicsStandards/ CodeofEthicsforNurses.asp Erickson...

Moraliy in Shirley Jackson's Novel

In conclusion, every person on this earth has done misdeeds; nevertheless, that does not make them evil. We are not obligated to stop evil, because we do not fully understand what evil is. What one sees as evil, others may see as good; what one may determine bad, others may see as righteous. The approach to stop evil is not right, because we do not have the ability to judge for everyone. Certain c...

Love Obedience Duty

Love, obedience and duty are the fundamental themes of the play Romeo and Juliet. The plot and story is based around these three themes and without them there would be no story. These three are also crucial in shaping the characters personalities as their feelings towards these three issues show the audience what they're like. Love, obedience and duty are also important in the overall meaning of t...

Macbeth, Shakespeare: Internal Conflict with Macbeth

Another crux of Macbeth's torn directions is his wants for loyalty competing with his ambitious wants. Again, as a soldier, he has an embossed sense of loyalty toward Duncan. But that crown would look awfully great with Macbeth's new kilt. After much influence from the witches and his wife, Macbeth buckles under the pressure and his ambition conquers his loyalty. With a few fell strikes of a dagge...

The Duty of Clara Barton

She was only doing what needed to be done. To Clara, that was the responsibility of every human being. Sources Barton, Clara. (2008). “The Women Who Went to the Field. ” Accessed 10/5/2008 from: http://www. geocities. com/athens/aegean/6732/files/valor_barton. html. Nofi, Albert A. (1992). A Civil War Treasury. Conshohocken, PA: Combined Books. Porter, Roy. (1997). The Greatest Benefit to Mank...

Duty of Care

There a complaints process in place, complaints will be recorded for statistical purposes and communicated to the staff members concerned. The organisation welcomes complaints as the information from investigations will provided additional learning and help improve services. A complaint can be made to any staff member who will fill in a complaint form in order to record what has been said and imme...

Duty of care

While working in care, the aim is to give the best possible standard of care to service users, but sometimes there can be a conflict beetween the individual’s or their family’s wishes and rights and the duty of care. In this case the most important thing is to decide whether the person is aware of the risks and consequences of the decision and has the capacity to make the decision. Before taki...

People Should Look After Their Health as a Duty to Society They Live in Rather Than Personal Benefits

In the same way, good health benefits society as well as the individual. By keeping fit, a person is not only investing in his/her future, but also contributing to the overall productivity of society. That is the reason why many governments encourage their people to participate in sports as a way of boosting their health. Some people might argue that their freedom will be limited if their health i...

Writer's Duty

They use compassion, so the reader will concern of what is happening in the story, showing the conflicts in the different events on the story. Certainly is what the readers want to see in a story. They also show pride; by the way they explain their feelings and affections in every story, also covering the moments that are important. They show honor, on every single work they have done in literatur...

Principles for implementing duty of care

Colleagues – before speaking to your manager for help you can also get advice from your former colleagues and see if they are able to help you with the situation Union – The Union is dedicated to serving the best interests of its members and will seek to improve their standard of living and the quality of their lives through effective relationships with employers and government. Their structur...

Place of Duty in the Army

By not putting a lock on my wall locker, I was not talking responsibility for my own items, and not doing what I was told to do by my superiors. I was not being responsible. Keeping my items locked and secured is very important now and in the future. As with keeping all sensitive items secured and accounted for later on. Keeping my wall locker locked, keeps accountability of all my items and teac...


The discussion above shows the focal points in Ross’ moral theory. He was able to shed light to the ordinary thinking of an individual and how this is related with their perception of what is right from what is wrong. Ross was able to explain a different side of deontology that is unique from other philosophers. His arguments have its strengths and weaknesses that must be given due consideration...

Duty of Care in Health, Social Care

It is very important to respond to the individuals feelings in a way that is fair and non-judgmental, listen to what is being said so I can clearly understand the problem, share advice on the procedures for making a complaint, make sure that the problem is my focus and not the personality, I would then pass this information on to my line manager, reflect on my response, and if...

Discuss About the Duty of Paying Taxes

Nonetheless, the more life is modern, the more a citizen contribute to the society. Not only does paying taxes show the responsibilities with society but also it is required that people should contribute to charity funds, NGOs and protect environment. The society has plenty of problem thus the foundation of charity funds is virtual.it is directly solved this problem which can't be settled only by ...

Duty of Care Definitions

They would be duty bound to take the issue on, however if you’re on good terms with the employee you could speak on friendly terms asking if they knew they were discriminating. Give them a chance to see the problem. 3.1 Identify source of information, advice and support about diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination? A. There are a variety of different methods of getting information on ...

A Rose for Emily: Emily as a Tradition, a Duty and a Care

It seems as if maybe she had some sort of mental breakdown after she is left alone. If only her father hadn’t sheltered her so much and refused to allow her to find love and seek friendship, she would not have acted in such desperate ways. If she could have gotten help to get over her fears or was able to talk to someone about it, maybe Homer would not have been poisoned. Although her actions an...

The importance of being at your Appointed Place of Duty

Because apparently just because someone says that you weren’t there even though they were not there is good enough for someone to believe them. So if in any case take pictures and get a note. Also failure to report to your place of duty can result in a negative counseling statement and further (UCMJ) Uniform Code of Military Justice, which can result in loss of pay, rank, and time. And nobody wa...

“Is There a Duty to Die” by John Hardwig

Everyone has different dynamics within their family and it is intrusive to say that someone’s’ family member is obligated to die simply to save the rest of their family money. By saying so, Hardwig borders on saying that life can be given a value with a dollar amount. Although he scarcely saves himself by stating that no general rule may be determined because every situation is different, I do...

Duty of care in own work role

Explain where to get additional support and advice about conflicts and dilemmas. You can get additional support and advice about conflicts and dilemmas through researching the internet on websites such as communitycare.co.uk, childline.co.uk, samaratains.com and unicef. You could also get support from colleagues the centre manager or child protection officers. Also through books or the relevant po...

Beach Clean-Up for Ecology

After the 30 minutes of cleaning, I had to head back to turn in my trash and get some refreshments. Then some man started thanking everyone for coming because it was the 150th anniversary of this 30 minute beach clean-up. This had started 12 years ago in 1999. I was glad to be a part of this because I learned a lot that day and it was just great to help make the beach a little cleaner. I will defi...

Insurer’s duty of utmost good faith: damages for non-disclosure

Irrespective of the fact as to whether the other party is culpable or not, the remedy is avoidance by the innocent party and differentiation between them is impossible as provided by the statute at present. The statute has to be re written and this is a consummation devoutly to be wished for, however, the majority of the authorities are not in favour of this being done in isolation and would not r...

The duty to disclosure in insurance law

In contrast, the Barclay case facilitates the application of the test of materiality. Roselodge v. Castle involved an all-risks diamond policy. McNair J. held that the undisclosed fact of the principal director of the insured company being an ex convict was irrelevant to the issue as it had "no direct relation to trading as a diamond merchant . " In Reynolds v. Phoenix , at the time of taking out ...

The assured’s duty of utmost good faith

No. 8064; the report of the National Consumer Council, "Insurance Law Reform", 1997. 41. Reynolds v. Phoenix [1978] 2 Lloyd's Rep. 22 and 440 42. Section 17 of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 43. Section 18(1) of the Marine Insurance Act 1906. 44. Steyn J. , relying on Lord Wilberforce in Anns v. Merton London Borough Council [1978] A. C. 728 at pp. 751-2. 45. Twenty-First Maylux Pty Ltd v Mercantil...

I hold my duty as i hold my soul both to my God

Keats wrote in the context of Shakespeare: ''Twixt damnation and impassion'd clay'. ('On Sitting Down To Read King Lear') This in a sense is what underpins Shakespeare's Hamlet- the idea that whatever certainties are held in any given era will always be questionable, and open to discussion. Our certainties will always be challenged because nothing is definite, or absolute. This romantic concept is...

Honor and Duty- Rudyard Kipling Essay

It explains how the young british soldier is expected to fight with duty and honor and contrarily describes the horrific experiences that soldiers would go through on the battlefield. Kipling’s poems impacted the British public greatly; it helped pull in money for the vast expenses of war while at the same time drawing in needed recruits for their military. For the soldiers who faced brutal deat...

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