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Qualities Of An Ideal and Excellent Student
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An excellent college student would have written an excellent introduction to this paper. An excellent student would have framed this paper in a coherent discussion of the subject, stating topic sentences first and then proceeding to discuss them. So does the evaluation of the excellent student rest solely in purely academic categories? This paper proposes that it does not, and to be such a student one has to transcend academic distinction and perform just as well socially and emotionally. The…...
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How To Become A Good Student?
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Some people never learn effective study habits in high school. Thus, they may struggle through their first semester of college. A student should figure out how he studies the best. Many people cannot create a quality essay at four in the morning with the music playing and the television on. Although poor study habits may cause the student to struggle, which results in unhappiness, he can become connected by joining clubs, music groups, or sports that will help a person…...
Duties Of A Good Student
Responsibilities And A Duties
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Important to define the terms prior to listing the entities which may impact on my work: Legislative requirement: A duty to act according to the law as defined in an Act of Parliament and usually enforceable through the courts. Code of Practice: A set of rules outlining how a person in a particular profession or situation is expected to behave. Statutory Code of Practice: A Code of Practice approved by Parliament and admissible as evidence in any legal action. The…...
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How To Become A Good Student?
...He should have a positive attitude to be assertive. He must have a sense of his goal to know why he gets up each morning at 7:00 a. m. because he could easily get a dead-end job and work the evening shift. He needs to be independent by doing so, he w...

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