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Essay on Drugs

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Is drug addiction a disease or a choice

In conclusion, drug use is a willful commitment or a choice just like choosing or dedicating oneself to complete a college education or choosing to join a certain club. Even though heavy consumption of drug is self destructive and foolish, it is a matter of choice. The addiction has no specific people who are affected, no matter whether a person is nice, weak, educated, rich...

Psychological and social processes in the development of drug addiction

Bellenir, K. (1996). Substance abuse sourcebook: basic health-related information about the abuse of legal and illegal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin ; and including facts about substance abuse prevention strategies, intervention methods, treatment and recovery programs, and a section addressing the special problems related to substance abus...

Substance Abuse Clinical Assessment & Treatment Plan

1. Medication management-Reevaluate prescription medications with medical doctor 2. Individual therapy-explore, process,, & resolve depressive emotions and coping skills. 3. Family therapy-explore & help family to understand dynamics, negative patterns & problems in the family structure. Encourage family to learn & use communication and conflict resolution skills. 4. Physical thera...

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Informative Marijuana Speech

told you. a. Its history in the U.S. dates back before the Deceleration of Independence was signed. i. Artists from all over the world for many decades attribute marijuana to their creativeness and success. ii. It’s one of the few all natural medicines out there with no nasty side effects. iii. Not to mention we as a people are just years away from full legalization. b. Marijuana has been entren...

The causes and effects of drug abuse amongst the youth

A drug can be said to be any substance used in medicine. It can also be said to be any substance taken by some people to get a certain effect, such as happiness and excitement. A drug addict is said to be someone whose life has become dependent on drugs, hence drug abuse. Peer pressure; - youth associates themselves with different types of people, otherwise known as friends. Through the pressure f...

Drug Addiction

In conclusion, drug addiction has many effects on people and other people close to them. As a result, it leads to many health problems as well as psychological problems, which can destroy love families. Also drugs cost a lot of money so it will be difficult to get it and the abuser would try other ways in order to get the drug. Many people around the world are suffering from abusing drugs and they...

Drug Essay

Most young people are naturally curious and want to experiment with different experiences. For some, drugs are a good conversation point, they are interesting to talk about and fascinate everyone. Lastly, Personal Problems. Some young people will use drugs specifically to ease the trauma and pain of bad relationships and the physical and emotional abuse arising from unhappy home lives. Such young ...

Narcotics Anonymous

I have to come to the realization that many find the support they need in groups. They feel comfort in knowing that they are not alone in this struggle. Many feel guilty for what they have put their families through and therefore I also find it important that the families also attend these meetings. This not only shows support for the addict but also helps them to understand what it is like to be...

Drugs Accident

5. Irving was a lawyer who prepared income tax returns for Maroevich. Irving agreed to draft a will for Maroevich, leaving all of the property to Maroevich's sister, Biakanja. When Maroevich died, the probate court refused to accept the will because Irving had failed to have the signatures properly witnessed. As a result, Biakanja inherited only one-eighth of the estate. She sued Irving, who defen...


Fortunately, addiction can be treated by many ways( David F. Musto, M.D, 1996).Throughout centeries, reasearches show that combining medical and behavioural treatment is the best for addicts.Many suitable methods for each patient such as psychological treatment, social relationshipcan maintain recovery and the life without drug addiction.Like other chronic diseases, it is not strange for people to...

Analysis of Books Beautiful Boy and Tweak

David Sheff tells his family’s story from the very early happy days and takes his readers all the way through Nic’s descent into his darkest moments, while Tweak begins with Nic already deep into his addiction. Nic Sheff's Tweak is the dark counterpoint to Beautiful Boy. The elder writer's grief-filled memoir glows dimly like a distant planet of despair, while the son's account of the same eve...

Adolescence and Substance Abuse or Addiction

Lakin, M. (2011, November 1). Generation oxy: Pills attract, addict teens. Knoxnews,com. Retrieved from http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2011/nov/01/generation-oxy/ Salmaan Toor. (2014, February 11). Alcohol is the gateway drug, and we don’t seem to care. [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://www.tfcknoxville.com/1/post/2014/02/alcohol-isthe-gateway-drug-and-we-dont-seem-to-care.html Roehlkepartain,...

Addiction is a Disease

Calabrese, E.J. “Addiction and Dose Response: The Phsychomoor Stimulant Theory of Addiction Reveals that Hormetic Dose Responses are Dominant.” Informa Healthcare (2008) Web. 27 Sept. 2012 “Disease.” Dictionary.com, LLC (2012) Web. 27 Sept. 2012 http://www.dictionary.com. Gorelick, David A., Jon E. Grant, Marc. N. Ptenza, and Aviv Weinstein. “Introduction to Behavioral Addictions.” Ame...

drugs and alcohol on college students

Here are many consequences to extreme drinking. Every year there are on average 1,825 deaths from injuries and car accidents caused by people driving while intoxicated. (insert info). Assault and sexual assault chances also increase when alcohol is thrown into the equation. Studies show how poorly students perform on exams, papers, and also how far they fall behind because of acquired drinking ha...

Technology Addiction: The Facts

Another attraction of technology is the anonymity of online video games and other internet resources which allows people to do things without hurting their reputation. The appeal of technology could also be traced to comedy. Many comedians have online podcasts which has brought many more people to the internet. All this could be added to why technology is so attracting. In conclusion technology ad...

The Risks and Possible Benefits of Legalizing Soft Drugs

This discussion has been going on for years. View on drugs changes with passing time. Until American war in Vietnam amphetamine was used as a slimming agent and medicine for narcolepsy, inflammation of the nasal mucosa, bronchial asthma, but after war 30% of soliders came back addicted to it which leads them into long term psychological troubles as government discivered the danger and delegalized ...

Legalization of Marijuana

Repeat the idea of your thesis: By lifting the ban on marijuana use and treating it like other drugs such as tobacco and alcohol, the nation would gain immediate and long-term benefits. Summarize/Reinforce the outline of the body: Marijuana, a common and easily produced wild plant, could be beneficial to many if legalized. Return to a general level of the subject: Prohibition does not work. Educat...

Persuasive Essay: Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing marijuana raises a lot of questions for instance, who would sell the drugs? Private companies? The government? How would legalization affect health insurance and the overall cost of healthcare? And probably the most important question of all, would the use of legalized drugs by employees in certain occupations be prohibited? Since marijuana can remain in the body for weeks after use, wo...

Drugs -Tolerance, Dependence, Addiction and Treatment

Like 'recovering' or 'ex'-alcoholics, many dry alcoholics still state that they are alcoholic until the day they die. It is true that heroin addicts who have not used the drug for a number of years are still at risk of returning to drug use should certain circumstances arise. This may mean easy availability of the drug or painful life situations, or both. Throughout history there have been waves o...

Sociology Durkheim Organic Solidarity

Solidarity changes as a society becomes more complex. The existence of crime and deviance however, does not. In saying this, a change is solidarity can change the causes behind why individuals in a society commit crimes. Durkheim’s organic solidarity ideas of division of labour and specialization, anomie and functionalism provide us with some insight into why people feel the need to deal illicit...

Understanding Medical Marijuana: Laws, Uses, Safety

One survey study in the US showed that citizens of states with medical marijuana law had higher chances of marijuana usage and marijuana abuse/dependence. Prof. Miguel Enrico Ayson, a political science professor from UP Los BaГ±os, voiced out his concern over its implementation. 'The event that marijuana will be diverted and used for recreational purposes is plausible due to the persistent weakn...

Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper

Cannabis for Therapeutic Purposes: A Gender Analysis of Users'' Perspectives. Substance Use & Misuse, 46(6), 769-780. GHERGHIŞAN, M., & CISMARU, I. (2013). PRELIMINARY RESEARCH CONCERNING OPTIMAL PERCENTAGE OF HEMP HURDS FOR LINING PANELS AND FILLER MATERIALS IN BUILDINGS. Pro Ligno, 9(1), 61-70. Lamonica, A. K., & Boeri, M. (2012). AN EXPLORATION OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE USE O...

Lab Report the Effects of Drugs on Cardiac Physiology

Inadequate time does not allow the body to adjust to the given conditions thus skewing the results. There is however, a slight decrease in the blood pressure after five minutes of motionlessness. This was due to a decrease in activity that lowered the blood pressure. Pulse pressure remained constant throughout each condition. As hardening of the arteries sets in, this would be expected to increase...

Literature review- should marijuana be legalised?

Vandaelle, I. (2012, Janurary 17). Majority of Canadians support legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, new poll suggests. Retrieved 2012, from National Post: http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/01/17/majority-of-canadians-support-legalizing-or-decriminalizing-marijuana-new-poll-suggests/ 10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana. (2010, September 2). Retrieved 2012, from Coed magazine: http://coedmag...

State and Federal Marijuana Legalization

In exploring the way that moral character may inform the actions or choices of each of these central actors is with the recreational pot smoker he would fall under the moral character of “regularianism that holds that an act is just and therefore morally good, if it obeys a rule and unjust, and therefore morally bad if it violates a rule” (Dreisbach, 2013). In the scenario of the parent the mo...

War on Drugs and Prison Overcrowding Analysis

Drug Policy Alliance. (2012, July 15). A Brief History of the Drug War. Retrieved from http://www.drugpolicy.org/new-solutions-drug-policy/brief-history-drug-war Gillard, D. K. (2013, March). Drug Offenders in the Correctional System. Retrieved from http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Prisons_and_Drugs#sthash.2De1X2nr.dpbs Li, H. (2011, May 4). California Prison Overcrowding: How’s That ‘War on Dr...

Informative Speech The Medical Properties of Marijuana

After this brief overview of marijuana’s medical properties, uses, and modes of administration, along with the benefits and risks of its use, you should have a better understanding of the significance of marijuana in treating diseases and managing symptoms. So, the next time you hear discussions involving the “evils” of medical marijuana, you may want to ask yourself how evil the utilization...

Question of Indigenous People

The reason why some people are using drugs is because of Enjoyment, curiosity, and other people that are suffering from anxiety, but there are some people are just using drugs because of entertainers using drugs and being rationalize that they can do it too. While some people are using drugs to cover up painful memories in their past, some thinks that drugs may help them fit in. Drug addiction is...

Ethical Issues

2. Lastly, select one component of NAADAC's Code of Ethics. Briefly summarize the component and discuss how it will affect your interaction with clients. For example, you may choose the component of the "Counseling Relationship" or "Professional Responsibility" within NAADAC's Code of Ethics. All papers should be written using 12 point Times New Roman font with one inch margins. Be sure to properl...

Drug Trafficking in Mexico

The steps that might be taken to prevent future occurrences of this kind might be an all out war against the cartels to eradicate them completely out of this world. Some kind of genocide-like against people working for the cartels. Obviously that would be very extreme, but it wouldn’t be the first time that someone tries to get rid of a specific kind of people (for example the Germans against th...

Drug addiction

To examine the social, demographic, and psychological factors that are associated with the antecedent, progression, and consequences of chonic drug of our country. To described the past addiction histories and patterns of treatment seeking among chronic drug abusers. To gain emphatic understanding of the inner world of chronic drug abusers so as to know how they are relate among themselves and to ...

Solution to War on drugs

This solution is an intermediate between drug prohibition and legalisation and this approach mainly focuses on the law enforcers in any nation to put efforts in arresting the drug dealers and other big time drug criminals rather than arresting the minor drug uses and those who are in possession of the drugs. This solution basically involves the use of fines to the drug offenders or other forms of ...

Pros and cons of marijuana

Last, in my opinion marijuana should be removed from the criminal justice system and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco. Now a day, the number of people in the United States who support marijuana legalization increases every year. This tendency is supposed to be global, that is why many specialists suppose that decriminalization of marijuana cultivation and distribution in the mo...

Argumentative Essay on Legalization of Marijuana

The use of marijuana is not as harmful as the government wants its people to believe, but nevertheless the government sponsors scare tactics on TV, using misleading or wrong information. Renowned scientists around the world have agreed that marijuana's ability to play a significant role in medicine is more evident now than ever. Marijuana causes absolutely no long term health issues and can improv...

Risk factors for drug abuse

There are certain life circumstances, particularly among younger users, that are risk factors for, rather than the direct cause of, drug abuse. Parental abuse and neglect are commonly seen as part of the cause of drug abuse. An adolescent or pre-adolescent may be trying to gain attention from an inattentive parent or escape an abusive one by using drugs; prolonged attempts through drug use can be ...

Drugs - Introduction and Conclusion

For my conclusion, I would paraphrase what I have talked about in the body of my paper into just a couple of sentences. I will reinstate my thesis statement to keep the reader involved in the article. In conclusion, I have talked about the effects of drugs in our society, and what the outcome and problems it makes within our community and our family. I will also conclude that there is a better way...

Policy Speech on Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is still a popular fad amongst teenagers even with prevention programs like DARE. Obviously, we as a community are not effectively doing our jobs. With a revised version of DARE, students, parents and teachers will be able to work together to prevent this fad from reoccurring. Having hands on activities, guest speakers, field trips and adult seminars will create a more sufficient progra...

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