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Capital Punishment Essay Examples

Essay on Capital Punishment

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Is life in prison without parole better than the death penalty?

...The sentence of capital punishment is a barbaric action for punishment a criminal. Murder is unacceptable by society, yet people seem to approve killing criminals. Sentencing a criminal to death does not solve the questions and problems left behind, it just creates controversy. Capital punishment is wrongly practiced and immoral and the wrong way to punish criminals. Life in prison without parole is a much better option, whereas capital punishment is just a way to seek revenge on the individual...

Is punishment always the right solutions to stop crime?

...A survey in 2005 shows that 95% of Singaporeans feel that death penalty should stay as it increases the sense of security. Hence, while it is true that sometimes criminals are wrongfully convicted, and that they may not be deterred or reformed, we do need a system of punishments in place due to our notion of justice. We cannot completely adopt an educational or rehabilitative approach. In conclusion, while punishments can be the right way to stop crimes (at least in terms of justice and how pun...

Classical School of Criminology: Definitions of some terminology

...Botswana, (n.d.), In Wikitravel, Retrieved on February 17, 2014 from http://wikitravel.org/ Carlitz, A., (2013), Theoretical foundation of Sentencing, Bloemfontein Groenewald, Y., (March 3, 2009), Opposition slams release of Schabir Shaik, Mail and Guardian. Groenewald, Y., (January 8, 2010), Schabir Shaik’s Parole Paradise, Mail & Guardian Hedonism. (n.d.). In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary (11th Ed.). Retrieved from http://www.mw.com/dictionary/hedonismp. Jackie Selebi (December 3...

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The Death Penalty Pro/con

...A. Rogers, Simon, and Mona Chalabi. "Death Penalty Statistics, Country by Country."Theguardian.com. Guardian News and Media, 13 Dec. 2013. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. B. "Top 10 Pros and Cons - Death Penalty - ProCon.org." ProConorg Headlines. N.p., n.d.Web. 27 Feb. 2014. C. "Methods of Execution." DPIC. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2011. Web. 01 Mar. 2014. D. Meehan, Mary. "Ten Reasons To Oppose the Death Penalty." America Staging. TheNational Catholic Review, n.d. Web. 1 Mar. 2014. E. "Historical Time...

Reward or punishment

...For example, as the investigation was occurring “the police said they couldn't find a "Carlos Hernandez" [with a criminal record] despite his long rap sheet.” There was also a bloody foot print outside the store which was never processed. The judge was influenced by his ethnicity and appearance. He looked like the criminal, therefore for the judge, he was the criminal. Nor the judge or the court gave DeLuna the opportunity to prove himself innocent. Many people don’t categorize the death p...

Argumentative Essay against Capital Punishment

...Finally, a society that values life does not intentionally kill people. The truth is that capital punishment is a traumatic case of homicide that has been approved by the government. This practically supports killing in order to impose a solution to the problems that are being faced by society (Mandery 58). This is something that is not very good particularly on the part of the youth who will grow up knowing that the government is approved of just killing people who violated the law. The funny t...

The Six Forms of Punishment

...There are many types of sentencing’s and the punishment is depending on what sentence they give you. That’s why They punishment have certain things in common with the sentencing. The way I believe that we can modify the sentencing process is by looking at the records of the defendant and the level of crime he committed. Like for example if a person would commit a serious crime like murder or rape they should get the most time and punishment even if it’s there first time. The reason being s...

Without capital punishment

...I even heard this story from my grandfather that one of our past presidents was seen roaming around in public places without any presidential securities. This clearly shows how safe and peaceful the Philippines at that time. Thus, I believe that the death penalty is an effective way to achieve peace and order in our country. The reason behind that argument is based on my evaluation with the current justice system of our new government. Nowadays, most of the news headlines are pertaining to crime...

Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice

...American Legislative Exchange Council . (2014). Prison Overcrowding: Oklahoma. Retrieved from http://www.alec.org/initiatives/prison-overcrowding/prison-overcrowding-oklahoma/ CNN. (2014). Oklahoma executions back on, as court rules to keep lethal-drug sources secret. Retrieved from http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/24/justice/oklahoma-court-execution-drugs/ Muraskin, R., & Roberts, A. R. (2009). Visions For Change: Crime and Justice in the 21st Century (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice H...

Prison and Asylum Reform in the 19th Century

...Dorothea Dix, in March of 1841, taught a Sunday class for woman at the East Cambridge Jail. This shows that she thinks that even if people are in jail or prison, that they are still people but just need to be world with. The question we are looking for is if prisons were meant for punishment or to help make these people better people for the future; future was a big question at that time. All in all, most of these reformers’ goals were met. They wanted change and they got it. They believed in ...

?Presumed Innocent until proven Guilty

...If you look around you, you are surrounded by life. It is the most valuable thing on our planet Earth. You are a representation of life yourself. Growing up and developing your life takes years, yet can be taken away from you in an instant because of something as stupid as false accusation? Who, then, is the real criminal? A man like Oscar Pistorius is a man fighting for his life in high court because he murdered his girlfriend Reeva. Although the reasons to why he pulled the trigger seem prepos...

Return to Paradise

...The film shows and promotes these values and ethics through the character of Sheriff. At the start of the movie, Sheriff was a selfish and individual person, but towards the end of the movie he became a loving and caring person, thinking of others and not about himself. It is a noticeable change when he just starts thinking of others. To show the Christian values, they promote them through Sheriff about helping and thinking of others, compassion and that everyone’s life is worth as much as you...

Sentencing essay

...Capital punishment or the death penalty has been widely used throughout the United States over the years. As of today there are 35 out of 50 states that permit execution along with the federal government. Crimes for capital punishment in some jurisdictions are first degree murder, treason, kidnapping, aggravated rape, the murder of a police or corrections officer and murder while under a life sentence. In today’s court the relationship between sentencing and punishment go hand in hand. I think...

Death Penalty in Philippines

...On 15 April 2006, the sentences of 1,230 death row inmates were commuted to life imprisonment, in what Amnesty International believes to be the "largest ever commutation of death sentences" Capital punishment was again abolished via Republic Act No. 9346, which was signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on 24 June 2006. The bill followed a vote held in Congress earlier that month which overwhelmingly supported the abolition of the practice . The penalties of life imprisonmentand reclusion p...

Crim Law Review

...Article 365. Imprudence and Negligence Quasi-offenses punished 1. Committing through reckless imprudence any act which, had it been intentional, would constitute a grave or less grave felony or light felony; 2. Committing through simple imprudence or negligence an act which would otherwise constitute a grave or a less serious felony; 3. Causing damage to the property of another through reckless imprudence or simple imprudence or negligence; 4. Causing through simple imprudence or negligence some...

Death penalty: Persuasive essay

...These reasons are my strongest arguments for death penalty, death penalty can't teach criminals anything and also it can't stop the increasing crime rate. In addition, for our citizens, it is a very cruel and inhuman way of punishment. For government, it is also a cumbrous outcome. Now, I think it's pretty reasonable for me to support Canada shouldn't adopt death penalty as its most severe form of criminal punishment. Death penalty can destroy everything of anyone, and I hope our human society c...

George Orwells "A Hanging"

...At the beginning of this I was all for capital punishment but as I have read it I feel as if capital punishment is wrong because no one should have the right to say because of whatever reason it may be you need to die. They should just stay locked away forever if people think that they should be killed for some kind of wrong doing. I don’t see how the how the execution party could watch either because handing somebody is inhumane no matter how you look at it. I feel that the people that are co...

Furman v. georgia

...The Court did, however, state that the madatory use of the death penalty would be prohibited under the Eighth Amendment as cruel and unusual punishment. The defendent in this case, Gregg, had been convicted on two counts of armed robbery and two counts of murder. The jury was instructed by the trial judge, who was following Georgia state law, to return with either a decision of life imprisonment or the death penalty. Justice Byron stated in his opinion that Gregg had failed in his burden of show...

Pro & Cons of Capital Punishment

...Ecenbarger, W. (1994, January 23). "perfecting death: When the state kills it must do so humanely. is that possible?". "Executions: Preparing Staff for the Hard Task Ahead" The Corrections Professional, 1(February 16, 1996), Retrieved from http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/descriptions-execution-methods Fazlollah, M. (2003, February 24). More and more convictions coming undone. a 1981 philadelphia murder is not unusual: Two pairs of men have confessed to it. . The Philadelphia Inquirer. Retrieved ...

Analysis of "1954" by Sharon Olds

...A definite shift occurs in line 22 of the poem. The author shifts from using the word “fear” to the word “pity” when referring to the crime, and begins to use “fear” to describe how the speaker feels towards consequences the murderer, Burton Abbott must face. The speaker realizes that “the good people, the parents” were going to fry Mr. Abbott on the electric chair for his crime. The author deliberately used the word fry to express that the parents of the victim did not just beli...

Capital Punishment - Fair and Balanced

...Hammurabi's Code of Law, developed long before the birth of Christ, claims retribution as, "an eye for an eye, life for a life". Retribution makes capital punishment justifiable because it is an injustice to tolerate such unimaginable horror.If one commits a crime, he or she should be ready to accept the consequences. Murder is a crime that involves the loss of innocent life, and that act needs to be rightly punished. Murderers should not receive an overextended welcome in a prison. Those who co...

Pros and cons of the Death Penalty

...Statistical evidence conducted on cases of similar crimes found that African American defendants are over four times as likely to be executed as their White counterparts. A similar study noted that White defendants face almost no chance of execution when their victim is African-American. While African Americans make up only 13% of the U.S. population, over 40% of death-row inmates are African-American. In light of these gross inequalities, the continuation of capital punishment constitutes egreg...

Principle of Capital Punishment

...When the convicted individual was in the act of their horrendous act, they certainly did not display mercy in their actions. Therefore, the just punishment ought to be life imprisonment or execution for their crimes. The duty of the criminal justice institutions is to provide equal and fair justice, the responsibility is to ensure justice prevails. The legal profession must also remain responsible to try each case individually for every crime. In the authors' opinion, there currently are predato...

Critical Analysis: Death and Justice by Edward Kotch

...This was effective in persuading us as the readers to understand and accept his point of view. Death and Justice” is an effectively-written essay which judiciously rebuts the claims of individuals opposed to the capital punishment. Each paragraph within the essay is well-thought out and organized effectively. With the use of logos, pathos and subliminal forms of ethos, Koch immaculately achieves his purpose of persuading the readers to conceptualize, understand and agree with his claims and op...

Death at midnight by Donald A. Cabana

...The theme of friendship and disillusionment is well portrayed here. Cabana tries to demonstrate this using his relationship with Connie who he feels did not deserve to be executed. The author’s style in this book is both narrative and analytical because as much as he narrates his encounters and experiences in prison, he is also quick to analyze and form an opinion regarding the justice system. References: Cabana A. D. , (1998) Death at Midnight: The Confession of an Executioner. City: UPNE...

The Case Of Speluncean Explorers

...It was known that the workers had carried very little provisions with them and that there were no animal or food matter in the cavern. On the 20th day of the rescue, it was discovered that the workers had carried with them a radio transmitter through which communication could be established. The workers asked the physicians and the experts how long it would take for them to be rescued, the physicians told them that it would take atleast 10 days and there was a little possibility for them to surv...

Mandatory Life without Parole for Juveniles

...The best solution seems to be individualized sentencing for juvenile offenders. This solution would require individual sentence hearing for minors with crimes of murder and individual evaluation. However, if this law was required to be retroactive family of the victims would directly be affected by this change. Families may have to endure the potential impact of parole board hearing for the offender. In addition, community members who have a financial investment in the business of prisons would ...

Reintroduce death penalty

...I believe the death penalty ensures societal safety, brings criminals to book, brings justice to the victims, and deter crimes and reduce the number of criminals. From these illustrations, I believe capital punishment should not be abolished. Capital punishment is necessary to maintain public safety and keep justice shining in the society. It also cuts down the number of convicts on death row. The death penalty relieves families and friends who lose their loved ones in the merciless hands of cri...

Should they death penalty be brought back into Australia?

...This article is useful as research for my essay as it gives information and statistics that help to support that the death penalty should not be brought back. The main limitation is that the article was written in 1987 which was only three years since the last state in Australia abolished the death penalty so the public's opinion on it may have changed since this time. However, statistics and facts used from the time cannot be changed and still provide relevant and necessary information for my r...

Two Examples Of Capital Crimes

...An normal American high school without no rules will be very disturbing and very bad It would have had got out of control and someone can get hurt…or it can be a big situation. Anything can happen in school, people get mean and mad and angry...Fighting...etc. school needs rules! 3. Do criminals benefit more from community service or house arrest? Explain. I believe criminals benefit more from house arrest they get more time to think about what they have done. Community service you do what they...

“Bring Back Flogging” Response Paper

...Bringing back the punishment of flogging would greatly reduce crimes committed. Also, the public display, pain, and the permanent reminder from scars, will reduce the possibility of participating in the crime again. It would also serve as a physical image to others of what will happen if they commit a crime. Puritan forefathers had an excellent idea of punishment for committing crimes. Flogging was also a very effective punishment. The knowledge of what will happen if a crime is committed, and k...

Death Penalty Research Paper

...Overpowering evidence leads to the conclusion that the death penalty system in the United States is broken and undeniably flawed. Incompetency in representation, racial prejudice, inadequate funding and human mistake all contribute to a dark reality of the death penalty that is wrongful convictions and inequity. In a system teeming with error, the risk of executing the innocent is authentic. Reform in our death penalty process and procedures is necessary and urgent. It is our provocation to work...

The Electric Chair

...If you were to be executed today, you would probably feel little pain in the electric chair. The initial voltage is 2,000 volts and is only used to stop the inmate’s heart and make them unconscious. After a certain amount of time, the voltage is lowered and the remaining shocks are left to damage the internal organs. This makes sure that the body cannot be revived. Even though electric chairs now are safer and more reliable than in the past, they are still not 100% effective. “There have bee...

Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

...Then in the New Testament he said we should not take the life of another man but if that man disobeys the laws of his country then he shall be punished equally according to what he had done. With the many advances that society has made, executing people for crimes the person may have or may not have committed is still practiced. It violates so many religious beliefs. It is a cruel and unusual practice that must be done away with. Society must advance and eliminate the death penalty. We need to u...

Edith Cavell

...And so on October 13th, 1915, Edith Cavell was sentenced to death for hiding and protecting allied soldiers. It was revealed that Edith Cavell was very willing to use anything in her power to save the soldiers. She has said she would have rather died and sacrificed herself than have the soldiers get shot. Her whole life, she had been trained to protect others and heal them and even risk her own life – and so she did. On the night before her execution, Edith Cavell had said to Reverend Horace G...

Judith Anne Neelley

...Based on current information on criminal behavior however, Judith Anne Neelley fits the profile of a female serial team killer. Because she lacked the strength to subdue victims or carry dead bodies, she raped and killed together with her husband who was also a sexual killer (Kelleher & Kelleher, 1998). Only one thing sets her apart from other females in serial team killing - she had already attempted to kill a man by shooting him before she even met her husband (Furio, 2001). She was delinq...

Derek Bentely

...Also, a petion of 200 members asking for the mercy of Bentley was passed around, to which the government showed no remorse to. Many pointed out that the mental age of Bentley is younger than Craig’s and this led to these protests against the useage of Capital punishment. To conclude, Bentley’s execution was one of the principal elements that has been the cause to abolish the Capital punishment and changed many people’s views as it was inquitable to sentence someone with mental disabilitie...

The Green Mile - Book/Movie Contrast Essay

...The movie seems to only refer to the green mile as a penitentiary.’’ (The Green Mile: Film vs. book) As a result, the book is more appealing since it translates to actual life, and the movie only concentrates on the literal story itself. The scenario, chronological order and structure was different in the movie, and for this reason, it was slow moving and less dramatic than the book. To conclude, the movie adaptation lacked the suspense and drama brought in the book, mostly because of the ch...

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