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Essay on Bipolar Disorder

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Crime and Mental Illness

This essay highlighted the relationship between criminality and mental illnesses at length and it was found that there was a significant relationship but the breath of the definition of mental disorder was a key factor when evaluating this relationship. It was found that some symptoms of mental illness such as depression, confusion, irritability or even thought disorder are ...

Symptoms and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

In conclusion, receiving a bipolar diagnosis does not have to be the end of the world. Many brilliant and upstanding people have been diagnosed and effectively treated for bipolar disorder. It is important to have regular visits with a psychiatrists to discuss your medications and side effects. Blood tests are sometimes ordered to check the levels of your medications and the response of your body ...

Evidence-based practice

The results were narrowed by choosing the publication dates between January 2000 and December 2010. Results were further sorted by re arranging them in a date descending order and a suitable article titled ‘Detection, treatment and referral of perinatal depression and anxiety by obstetrical providers’(Goodman ,J,H, Tyer-Viola, L, 2010) obtained. Key words were combined by using Boolean operat...

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Teen Suicides

This current event is about how Israel might take humanity back to the dark ages. The dark ages occurred right after the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Israeli army bulldozed recently entered a village next a town called Aqraba. They did this so they can demolish a home that had belonged to a Palestinian family. They did this other numerous times. Their hallucinations over false evidence is mak...

Recognising and Responding to Concerns about Child Development

Concerns teachers may have often develop into nothing of serious concern. However, some cases can be of a serious nature, and unless all concerns are responded to effectively, ignored minor problems can develop into something much more serious if not dealt with at an early stage. For this reason, it is of high importance to recognise and respond to concerns about children and young people’s deve...

History and Medication of Bipolar Disorder

Bressert, S. (2007). An Introduction to Bipolar Disorder. Psych Central. Retrieved from http://psychcentral.com/lib/an-introduction-to-bipolar-disorder/000914 Burton, N. (2012, June), Hide and Seek: The Concept of Bipolar Disorder is surprisingly modern. Psychology Today. Retrieved from http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hide-and-seek/201206/short-history-bipolar-disorder Grohl, J. M. (2014, Feb)...

Psychological learnings of movie "Reign Over me"

When she is denied and is told that she will not be seen by him or any other dentist there you can then see the fragile self-esteem rising in her. Although I looks like Angela helped Donna out by talking to her in there sessions as well as helping Alan on the sidewalk and Charlie in their brief short sessions. In my opinion Alan did not just help Charlie with his problems and by being a friend bu...

Suicidal Speech

Teenage years or commonly adolescence is also a time of sexual identity and relationships and a need for independence that often conflicts with the rules and expectations set by others. Young people with mental health problems — such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or insomnia — are at higher risk for suicidal thoughts. In some cases, people attempt suicide do not really want to die,...

Suicide Prevention

Therapists and counselors (and sometimes friends) can help you to see solutions that otherwise are not apparent to you. Problems are rarely as great as they appear at first. Job loss, financial problems, loss of important people in our lives. All stressful events can seem devastating at the time they are happening. Then, month or even years later, they usually look smaller and manageable then they...

Suicide Subject

Many of us have found that the first step to coping with suicidal thoughts and feelings is to share them with someone we trust. It may be a friend, a therapist, a member of the clergy, a teacher, a family doctor, a coach, or an experienced counselor at the end of a helpline. Find someone you trust and let them know how bad things are. Don’t let fear, shame, or embarrassment prevent you from seek...

“Girl Interrupted” Movie Paper

The parenting style and the environment that was provided can also influence self-efficacy. Susanna for example would have had a higher self-efficacy based on nurture. However, through peers and socialization or nature; Susanna’s self-efficacy lowered and affected her moods and emotions. This ultimately caused the suicide attempt. Watching movies to relax was all that it used to be until this as...

Depression, symptoms of depression

Treatment is mandatory for serious cases of depression. The first step to becoming cured is to evaluate the type of depression that is occurring, once that is done you must determine what type of depression it is. Psychologists ask people with depression when the first time the started feeling depressed, how severe it is, and if you have had signs of depression before in your lifetime. There are t...

Ethical Analysis Of Case Study

I would ask to re-assess her mental status, ask to see a copy of her official living will, where and when it was written, in what condition she was when it was written knowing that she has a history of maniac depression. I would make sure that she wasn’t suicidal or depressed when she wrote that living will. Based on the information that she changed that living will twice in the past, I would en...

Catcher in the Rye Psychological Analysis

Holden Caulfield is not a bad person, as so many critics make him out to be. In fact, Lomazoff goes as far to say that Holden is “a good guy stuck in a bad world”. The main reason why The Catcher in the Rye is so revered is because Salinger is able to embody the perspective of a troubled teenager so seamlessly. Holden's depression is perhaps the most critical component of Salinger’s story. I...

Description Of The Client and Problem

The client is a 34-year-old Hispanic woman in a marriage that has experienced depressive symptoms, anxiety, ruminating thoughts, and catastrophizing with ambivalent suicide ideations. The goal is to help identify her automatic negative thoughts and negative core beliefs with the process of cognitive restructuring. Cognitive restructuring helps replacing these unhealthy thinking patterns with posit...

Understand Mental Health Problems

Millions of individuals will be affected by poor mental health at some time during their lives, and though anyone can experience these problems, there are some people from certain backgrounds and social situations who are at a significantly greater risk. Despite welcome new attitudes in society which are far more accepting of mental health issues, many sufferers’ still find they have to face bar...

Freudian Analysis of Melancholia

Melancholia is about the world ending and in Justine’s small world she is depressed, Citing Freudians Oedipus Complex one can parallel Lars' state of depression which is shown throughout the movie. The character's actions mirror Lars von Trier's beliefs and experiences through his life and through his depression, which is a huge factor in Melancholia. As well the relationships Justine has reflec...

Teen Suicide

The events led to Phoeboes death show how hard it is for kids, parents,and schools to cope with bullying, especially when the victim is psychological vulnerable . ( Introduction to Cyber Bullying : At Issue page1 ) The study found that bullying was only one risk factors for suicidal thoughts. Young people who have been sexually assaulted in the past year were 3. 4 times more likely to have suicida...

A Study or Research on Depression and Anxiety

Suicide, as what statistics has shown in recent years, have been increasing at a fat rate and is becoming more common especially among the young; but, it could be prevented with prompt and appropriate intervention. Depression and anxiety, the most common causes of suicide, when left unchecked and untreated could lead to suicide among teenagers and adults alike. Hence, it is important for all who ...


Ethical Issues For counselors confidentiality is a fundamental ethical standard, their ethical duty is to fulfill the promise that client information receive during therapy will not be disclosed without authorization (Gladdings 2004). There is however an exception to the rule, confidentiality does not apply when there is clear and eminent danger to the client. This exception was written with the s...

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

Father Rubey also adds is idea which is that suicide is an act of desperation from pain not malice , which in Gods eyes is not a sinful act (PBS). At the end of the day suicide is just an uncontrollable decision when the victim is in a state of irrationality. Suicide is just part of life for people who want to express their feelings and let go of life. Suicide could be judged as unacceptable by ma...

Qualitative Research Critique

Sharing with the reader the researcher makes society aware of the need for the voices of the participants to be heard. The individuals want to be heard, forgiven, and accepted by society. Increasing the awareness of mental health with nurses and the awareness of a higher power was a major accomplishment of this study. Indications for further research studies could provide healthcare workers with t...

Parental Pressure

I have heard that too many young people are very pressed of being student. You can read everywhere in articles and in television that many parents are to strict and they have high expectations, because they want their children to get a great education as themselves but not all children want to become like their parents, they need to decide what they want and not what their parents want them to be....

Childhood and Adolescent Depression and the Risks of Suicide

Depressed and suicidal children and adolescents are often not identified. Identification of children and adolescents who express suicidal ideation or suicidal acts is crucial since such symptoms are recurrent and strong predictors of youth suicide. Other risk factors for youth suicide behavior have been described including family, other environmental and biological factors. ...

Describe and evaluate explanations of insomnia

Tracing monitor used to see how long to fall asleep when woke up. After 6 week exercise programme the women had better sleep habits, and showed more improvement in sleep (slept extra 46min). This shows that other factors such as physical exercise may have an impact on our sleep. Research suggests that there are also gender differences in insomnia. There are gender differences in the diagnosis in b...

Beh 225 Assignment Diagnosis and Treatment

Prozac, paxil, Zoloft, and wellbutrin are all examples of anti depressants. Mild side effects to medicines include headache, rashes, and heartburn. These side effects usually go away as one get used to taking the medicine. Serious side effects can occur, as with any medicine, such as tardive dyskinesia. This is uncontrollable muscle movement, usually around the mouth, that needs to be discussed wi...

Apply Dsm-Iv to William Styron

Since Styron was stuck in the phase of unresolved grief and using rage, guilt, and sorrow as the fuel for his work he never really learned a correct way to release his negative repeating emotions. Social factor in Styron’s case may be his social isolation during his early life from childhood to adolescent. As an only child in the family Styron’s social support can only come from his depressed ...

Abnormal Psychology

MAOIs and SSRIs), drugs (especially lithium) are typically given to bipolar clients. Lithium is used as a mood-stabilizing drug to prevent or reduce future episodes of bipolar disorder. As noted, the manic phase of bipolar disorder may be caused by too much neurotransmitter (primarily norepinephrine) at brain synapses or by neurotransmitter dysfunction. Lithium decreases the total level of neurotr...

A Beautiful Mind - Summary of the Movie

Hallucations are present for more than a month as is evident that John has a roommate and a boss. John is a paranoid schizophrenia. He is preoccupied with his delusions and hallucinations as he avoids everyone and becomes wrapped up his math work and his “work” with the government. While he does show a flat effect and disorganized behavior none are prominent. He is so wrapped up his what he th...

Focused on bipolar disorder

In conclusion, this mental illness has been commonly diagnosed in both children and young adults. Depression and mania are two mood swings that are common with bipolar disorder. Depression and mania can be divided into three different subcategories: Bipolar 1 Disorder, Bipolar 2 Disorder, and Cylothymia. These three categories all result in many for of symptoms and causes, some including depressio...

Teenage Suicide Research And Views Philosophy

In conclusion, suicide is an occurrence that is preventable. By recognizing the signs and symptoms of suicide and knowing the available resources, then a person could react immediately to prevent teenage suicide. If a person has knowledge about a teenager being suicidal, then that person can help the suicidal teenager and let them know that there are people out in the world that care about them. T...


Tiffany Conejo SchizophreniaFirst, in the article What is Schizophrenia by Herbert Y. Meltzer and Paul Liberman, Dr. Meltzer states that it can be difficult to describe schizophrenia. He compares it to rheumatoid arthritis and manic-depressive illness because schizophrenia cannot be defined like these illnesses. Dr. Meltzer believes that schizophrenia should be seen as a phenotype. A phenotype is ...

PTSD is a psychiatric condition characterized by drastic alterations in mood emotions

(PTSD) is a psychiatric condition characterized by drastic alterations in mood, emotions, social abilities and cognition. Notably, one aspect of PTSD, particularly in veterans, is its comorbidity with suicide. (Volume 92, 8 June (2019), Pages 243-259). The effect of PTSD symptoms on suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior in veterans who are not currently seeking mental health treatment was examin...

IntroductionThe aim of this study was to investigate the

When the psychological job strain variable was tested alone in the logistic regression model, it showed a stronger relationship with depression compared with decision authority in the earlier models. This supports research conducted by Karasek and his team, who highlighted that most psychological job strain is induced by the fusion of high demands and low control (decision latitude) rather than by...

Risky Behavior Amongst South African Youth

Most teenagers do not have their own transportation method and are dependent on their parents to get places. Sometimes parents refuse or are unable to "satisfy" teenagers transportation needs, or teenagers may sneak out of their home to go somewhere. This often leads to walking alone at night. Walking alone at night can be a very dangerous activity especially if you are not aware of your surroundi...

FAQ about Bipolar Disorder

Why Do Some Teens Commit Suicide

...Page 1. 1.KidsHealth. (n.d.). About Teen Suicide. Retrieved October 31, 2013, from http://kidshealth.org/parent/emotions/behavior/suicide.html 1. 2.Fact Sheets. (n.d.). Facts About Mental Illness and Suicide. Retrieved November 2, 2013, from http://d ...

What is Mood Disorders?

...Eating disorders include Bulimia (or bulimia nervosa) is a serious mental illness. It can affect anyone of any age, gender, or background. People with bulimia are caught in a cycle of eating large quantities of food (called bingeing), and then trying ...

Why Teenagers Are Depressed Psychology

...To conclude, depression is an awful disease that must come to an end. Moreover, it affects many teenagers. Depression has numerous symptoms, these symptoms should be noticed as soon as they show and teenagers should seek immediate help to prevent dep ...

We Need To Change What It Means To Be A Man

...In conclusion male suicide is growing uncontrollably through young men and older men and what is the government doing? enough to help themselves it's the public that need to do something so next time you see someone down ask them are you alright? or ...

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