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Causes and Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder
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Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as multiple personality disorder is a mental disorder that develops when an individual has suffered from terrible traumatic experiences or abuse in their childhood over a long period of time. Dissociative identity disorder involves having two or more completely different personalities in one body, people who suffer from this disorder most likely created this personality as a child to have someone to protect them when something terrible was about to happen to them. There are two forms of this disorder a person…...
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Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder
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More accepted than before, this disease was known for splitting ot splintering personalities. This disease was previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD). However the name was changed in 1994 to Dissociative Identity Disorder(DID). Reasoning behind that is, so the disease can appropriately broaden the spectrum for individuals who might fall under this diagnosis. Before 1994 it was thought that MPD meant the individual diagnosed with this disorder was taking on or developing another personality. When actually the person is being…...
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The Unfolding of Dissociative Identity Disorder
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Behaviors are a character of human beings. When a person performs atypical behavior in comparison to the population they may be labelled as crazy. So where do certain behaviors come from? Throughout time, groups of people have proposed several explanations of abnormal behavior in human beings. To begin the process of understanding abnormal behavior came ideas from the supernatural tradition where it was first believed that abnormal behavior occurred from the possession of a person by evil spirits or perhaps…...
Dissociative Identity DisorderMental HealthMental Illness
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Stages of Development: a Review of the Movie, the Ward
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After some procedure of body checking, Kristin was put Into a room that belonged to Timmy-a rationality that already disappeared on the night before Kristin came; In that room, Kristin found some uncombined bracelet's pieces with alphabet on them but Kristin could not solve the combination until she met Alice Leigh Hudson- the original personality. The bracelet was belonged to Alice. After that, all personalities were disappeared or killed by Alice one by one and Kristin was trying so hard…...
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Primal Fear is a movie about a man who is being charged
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Primal Fear is a movie about a man who is being charged with murder. This man is Aaron Sampler and he is being accused of killing the priest. During this time a lawyer sees Samplers story on the news this man will be known as Martin Vail. Vail decides to represent Sampler for free and currently starts to speculate that he was innocent. As the case progressed Vail decided to do a phycological evaluation on Martin and sees very odd…...
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The Dissociative Identity Disorder Psychology
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Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder has been the issue of strong philosophical scrutiny. Part of the reason for this is because it brings up the question of personal identity and whether there can be more than one person “inside” one body. “Various skeptics have argued that there is no such thing as multiple personality, or that it is in some way artificial or inauthentic” (Perring, 2010). Disbelievers generally maintain that DID is essentially a phenomenon where…...
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Dissociative Identity Disorder
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The syndrome commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder but now called Dissociative Identity Disorder (American Psychiatric Association, 198) might be thought of as a recent phenomenon. The diagnostic literature shows the definition of multiple personality as evolving significantly over the editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. In the DSM-1, these behaviors were called dissociative reaction, (American Psychiatric Association, 1952), which came to be called hysterical neurosis, dissociative type in the DSM-II (American Psychiatric Association, 204). In…...
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Characteristics of Malcolm Rivers
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Which is more powerful, the human mind or body? And, how can a mental illness like dissociative identity disorder effect the way we connect our mind and physical body? Malcolm Rivers, a convicted murderer in the movie Identity, is on death row, awaiting his execution for several brutal murders he had orchestrated. Due to that fact that Rivers had been diagnosed with a mental illness, D. I. D, he has no control and did not receive any medical/psychological help, he…...
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The movie “Sybil”
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The psychoanalytic theory tells us about the reasons for habits. Freud's theory has 3 parts: id (mainly unconscious), ego (largely conscious) and superego (mainly unconscious). These theoretical mental concepts are "helpful aids to understanding" the mind's dynamics according to Freud. Id: has a reservoir of unconscious psychic energy continuously aiming to please standard id run on the satisfaction principle. If not constrained by reality, it looks for immediate gravitation. It is something that would enjoyable us by doing it at…...
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Review of Martin Scorsese’s Movie Shutter Island
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The film chosen for this case study is "Shutter Island". Shutter Island, released in February 2010, is a psychological thriller directed by Martin Scorsese. The film is based on the 2003 novel, also titled Shutter Island, which was written by Dennis Lehane. The theories I will be relating to this subject analysis will come from Kelly’s, Gestalt’s, and Freud’s theories. The story is set in Boston in 1954. The main character is Teddy Daniels will be the subject in this…...
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Primal Fear is a movie about a man who is being charged
...Vail then gives the prosecution the video of the sexual abuse with a plan that they would use it in court. When used in court Vail knew that when Sampler was pushed that Roy came out. During Vails questioning of Sampler he tries to rile him up in hop...

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