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Overcoming The Challenges of Dyslexia
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One of the most challenging things for me is overcoming that I have dyslexia. I remember the day that I found out that I was diagnosed with dyslexia I was just in second grade. But at that time, I didn't quite understand what dyslexia meant or how I would be labeled as with a learning disability. When my mom told me that the way I learned was different from other second graders, she said I would have to work harder…...
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Eduardo’s Dyslexia Case Study
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In the scenario, Eduardo is a third-grade student who is having trouble staying on task, articulation, and is considered to have a reading disability. Although he did not qualify for dyslexia in the first-grade, he was recommended for tier III to help him decode longer words and build vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Since Eduardo had difficulty following directions, the dyslexia evaluation stated that he needed differentiated instruction to keep him on task. He also could use differentiated instruction since…...
Dyslexia as a Disability
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Define the Disability Dyslexia is a neurological learning disability which causes difficulty reading. There are many types of dyslexia. Phonological dyslexia is the most common. This is major difficulty reading that can also cause difficulty with speech and manipulating words the way you want to. Another common type of dyslexia is surface dyslexia. Surface dyslexia is trouble recognizing full words. What Comes to Mind when you Hear the Word Disability? When I think of disability, three things come to mind.…...
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Understanding Dyslexia: Its Myths and Facts
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Having a learning disability such as dyslexia sometimes can be a symbol of good luck in individuals’ lives. According to International Dyslexia Association, Dyslexia is defined as a learning difficulty specifically on reading, and also other related language-based skills, such as writing, spelling and pronouncing (“Dyslexia Basics”). Dyslexia can be seen as serious problem in individuals’ lives especially in their academic career. However, it may also turn to be an advantage if early intervention meets with diagnosed people. There are…...
Dyslexia Outline
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A couple months ago, I was helping my 7 year old brother with his homework and I realized that he was writing some letter and numbers backwards. For example the number 3 and number 2. I started getting mad at him and said “Don’t you know your numbers? The three is backwards!”. He fixed it but a couple days later I was checking his homework and I noticed that he kept writing the 3 and 2 backwards. It wasn’t only…...
Understanding and Managing Behaviour in the Learning Environment
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As teachers, we have a duty of care to understand and be aware of the current legislation that can have an influence on the management of behaviour in the learning environment. Managing behaviour is an area that can determine that all learners have the right to achieve; therefore, it is important that we understand the legal implications fully in an educational institute. Below is an example of these policies that are relevant to my own teaching. The Equality Act 2010…...
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