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Sports Drink and Gatorade
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In the summer seasons '65, Florida University's physics Laboratory was swarmed with hushes and gushes over a concern on players, heat and efficiency on field. Coach and doctors were equally puzzled as much concerned over the matter over growing heat stroke disease and degrading efficiencies of peak players in acute heat. While the talks went on for weeks, Dr. Robert Cade, Dr. Dana Shrines, Dr. James Free and Dr. Alejandro de Quesada grilled down the talk with 2 factors that…...
Heat StrokeSports
How to Prevent Heat Stroke?
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Heat stroke can be a risk, especially in the summer months. If you want to enjoy the outdoors in hot weather, you should keep hydrated and avoid overly exerting yourself in heat and humidity. If you have to be outside, drink plenty of fluids and take breaks in a cool place. You should avoid liquids that dehydrate you, such as caffeine drinks and alcoholic beverages. Instructions 1. Prevent Heat Stroke o1 Limit the time you spend outdoors to the early…...
Heat StrokeStroke
How to Protect Yourself from the Summer Heat?
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The summer is finally here! Although many of us like to leisurely spend time in the sun whether it means going for a walk, doing some much needed yard work or gardening, or just enjoying the beautiful outdoors, it is important to be aware about how much sun we get to avoid heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Prevention is the first step in keeping us all healthy through these hot temperatures! To protect your health when temperatures…...
HeatHeat StrokeSummer
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Lost in the Desert
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Question 1. Given the conditions, what should Henry do to try to save Mark? He must decide very quickly. Mark has very little time left and may not survive the trip by helicopter to the hospital. What has caused Mark’s weakness, nausea, disorientation, headache, and low blood pressure? Why isn’t he sweating? Henry can do two things to immediately help Mark and his current physical condition. First, Henry should put clothing on Mark. Although Mark may feel very hot, his…...
Blood PressureDesertHealthHeat StrokeHelicopterWater
Workplace Hazards and Risk Control
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Pages • 9
· Unexpected collapse of the trench wall/ cave in: Abrupt collapse of the excavation walls normally takes place due to the condition of soil, existence of water, vibrations due to activities in the vicinity, lack of support etc. Serious crush injuries can arise from even reasonably little collapse as soil is very heavy · Falling of individuals/ employees into the trench: Falling of individuals typically takes place as an outcome of unfenced edges or while climbing in to or out…...
HeatHeat StrokeUndergroundWaterWorkplace
The importance of homeostasis in maintaining healthy functioning of the body
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Homeostasis is important in maintaining a healthy functioning of the body. Enzymes within the body are vitally responsible for speeding up chemical reactions and are often referred to as catalysts. In order to work at their optimum, enzymes need a specific constant temperature within the internal environment of the body to function correctly and reduce denaturing. A healthy human body should have a body temperature of 37∙C, the optimum temperature for enzymes to function. Therefore, the temperature of the body…...
Heat StrokeHomeostasisImportance Of HealthThe Importance Of Healthy Lifestyle
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How to Prevent Heat Stroke?
...If you do not have an air-conditioned home, visit the mall or another public place for a few hours. This can help your body stay cool even when you go back to the warmer environment. o5 Dress appropriately. Wear loose-fitting, well-ventilated, thin c...
How to Protect Yourself from the Summer Heat?
...• Do not leave infants, children, or pets in a parked car. It is great to enjoy the summer but in doing so, remember to stay healthy and protect yourself! Your best defense against heat-related illness is prevention. Stay cool, drink lots of water,...

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