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Bureaucracy Essays Examples

Introduction Given the subject matter of this essay revolves around bureaucracy, and given that bureaucracy is concerned with rules and order, it seems fitting to first begin with an official definition of the term; "A system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives; a state or organization governed or managed according to such a system." This essay will break down how this definition came about and where bureaucracy…...

Jonestown and Jim Jones' Religion

Jonestown and its leader, Jim Jones Behind every religious or social movement is the leader that created it. James “Jim” Warren Jones was the father of the “People’s Temple” turned “Jonestown”. The lifetime of the movement created by Jim Jones started with bright beginnings and concluded with a dark end. It was filled with impressive expressions of faith and sinister examples of control. One cannot help to ask what it was that created the man who started it all and…...

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Introduction Speech Presentation

Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that true personal power is developed through our humane treatment of ourselves and our fellow man. Thesis Statement: To understand personal power, it’s important to look at how we treat ourselves. Are we critical of ourselves? Unforgiving? Do we have low self-esteem or confidence? Attention Getter & Overview of main points: “All suffering is caused by mankind’s great inhumanity to one another. Hello, I am Tonya, and today I am going to talk to…...

Power of Legitimacy Theory

“Legitimacy is a generalized perception or assumption that the actions of an entity are desirable, proper, or appropriate within some socially constructed system of norms, values, beliefs, and definitions” (Suchman, 1995, p. 574, emphasis in original) Legitimacy theory has become one of the most cited theories within the social and environmental accounting area. Yet there remains deep scepticism amongst many researchers that it offers any real insight into the voluntary disclosures of corporations. This brief paper outlines responses to two…...

Authority vs Power According to Golden Rule

Some cynics comment that the golden rule is “Those who have the gold make the rules”. Discuss this statement in light of your understanding of the various power bases. The relationship between money and power is so ambiguous that this still remains controversial. Some cynics believe that the golden rule is “Those who have the gold make the rules”. It can be interpreted that the main point is “Those who have money have power”. From my point of view, money…...

Review of Related Literature: Collecting and Analysing Information

A review of related literature is the process of collecting, selecting, and reading books, journals, reports, abstracts, and other reference materials. The following information may be collected:  Background information about the problem and related concepts.  Theories that explain the existence of the problem and the possible connection between certain factors and the problem  Data that confirms the existence and seriousness of the problem  General and specific findings of studies related to the problem Recommendations for further study given in related…...

The Relationship Between Authority

AUTHORITY, FREEDOM AND DISCIPLNE IN SCHOOL INTRODUCTION Authority and discpline are very crucial concepts of life. An associated principle to the two which is also crucial is liberty. These principle are part of our culture. Authority and discipline are required to control the method individuals should behave in relation to others. For instance, idividuals as versus the bigger the society, individuals in the household, the school or church and so on. Once again the 2 idea are needed to boost…...

Figures of Authority in" The Crucible" by Arthur Miller

One of the most important themes in Arthur Miller's The Crucible is the nature of authority and people who abuse it. In the story, authority is determined by the religious status one has in the community and often education plays a role. Nowadays, authority is noted by the place you have in society and is also based on education and sometimes wealth. It seems that whenever there is a figure of authority, there is always someone abusing the power designated…...

New Historicist Criticism: Macbeth and the Power

Stripped of Shakespeare's poetic style and skilful characterization, Macbeth is revealed as little more than a petty tyrant. Like Machiavelli's Prince, Macbeth seeks power as an end in itself and sees any means as justified provided it helps him achieve his goal. It is a standard image of power: an individual, or small group, occupying a position of authority from which he (seldom she) attempts to force his will upon others. Today's equivalent of a feudal monarch is the power-hungry…...

The Concepts Of Power, Authority & Legitimacy

The political arena in modern times is often times fraught with dissension, treachery and agendas which are set in place only to forward individual means. These circumstances are not coincidental or without reason; in fact they are reminiscent of many conflicts across ages. Politics as a science has thus evolved through series of theories which attempt to formalise the process and circumstances which pervade the arena. We thus find there three key elements authority, legitimacy and power exist within the…...

The key elements of political system

Authority, legitimacy and power are amongst the key elements of any political system. For that reason, they have actually been topics of much debate throughout the ages with numerous schools of idea adding to government hence shaping the discipline into the structure we know today. The very first of the 3 elements, authority, can be specified as the right to release a command (Stirk and Weigall, 1995:39). Nevertheless, the command that is released should be provided with some sense of…...

The Fall From Power Of Ferdinand Marcos

INTRODUCTION Ferdinand E. Marcos was the longest reigning Philippine president in history. His rule spanned 20 years, beginning in 1965 up to his downfall in 1983. He was the first and only president re-elected so far (first in 1969 and second in 1981). After his second term, corruption in his administration was rampant. For 20 years he ruled the Philippines with an iron fist, and amassed a personal fortune. According to all sources, he managed to prolong his term for…...

Classical Approach to Management

The classical school of thought, established in the late nineteenth century, was composed of the writers who first contributed to organisational theory. Over the last one hundred years, the perception on management has evolved significantly. However many of the original views devised by the classical theorists are still evident. The theories formulated by Henri Fayol, Max Weber and Frederick W Taylor focus predominantly on efficiency, leading to a rational perspective on management and organisations. This essay will discuss the opinions…...

Importance Of Values

Values are guides for our behaviour. It is significant to our life and the society in general. It gives direction to our lives. Its value are clear and consistent. Values tell us the importance of people. What things are desirable and satisfying. Values are principle by which individuals are guided on their proper behaviour in a society. Values have something to do with the total formation of a person. Value mean whatever is actually prized, esteemed, desired, approved, or enjoyed by anyone at a time. Values allow the members of an organization to interact harmoniously. Values affect their formation and development as individuals, and make…...

Analysis of a Short Story 3 Blind Mice

I chose the story/nursery rhyme 3 Blind Mice to provide my summary and analysis on. It goes as follows-- "3 Blind Mice, 3 Blind Mice ... See how they run, See how they run ... They all followed the farmer's partner, Who cut off their tails with a carver's knife, Have you ever seen such a thing in your life? As 3 Blind Mice". To sum up the above nursery rhyme I had the ability to conclude there are 3…...

Legal Rational Authority

Rational-legal authority (also known as rational authority, legal authority, rational domination, legal domination, or bureaucratic authority) is a form of leadership in which the authority of an organization or a ruling regime is largely tied to legal rationality, legal legitimacy and bureaucracy. The majority of the modern states of the twentieth century are rational-legal authorities, according to those who use this form of classification Authority Types Traditional authority is legitimated by the sanctity of tradition. The ability and right to…...

The Four Phases of the Work of Christ on the Authority of the Believer

When God created man, His intention for man was to exercise dominion. However, man resorted to disobedience and this brought about a separation from God - the source of his authority. He became subjected to bondage and fear. God had to send His son Jesus Christ, to rescue man from this position and restore him his lost dominion. This paper describes how Christ accomplished this through a fourfold activity - his death, going to hell, resurrection and ascension to heaven.…...

The Contingency Theory

The contingency Theory reveals the relationship between the leader's orientation or style and group efficiency under differing situational conditions. The theory is based upon figuring out the orientation of a leader (relationship or task), the aspects of the situation (leader-member relations, task structure and leader position power), and the leader orientation that was discovered to be most reliable as the circumstance changed from low to moderate to high control. Fred Edward Fiedler in his landmark 1964 post," A contingency of…...

Social Psychology Phenomena: Obedience to Authority

Obedience is a social psychology phenomenon where people willingly do something to obey a certain figure of authority that instructed them to do something that conflicted with their moral sense. People obey those authority figures because they believe that they have lesser intellectual, power, experience or position than that figure. Obedience comes in many different forms, for example obedience to law, obedience to god, obedience to social norms or obedience to spouse or parent. In some situations our obedience is…...

Rendell vs Martex Management Strategy

What is the organizational philosophy of Martex with respect to the controller function? What do you think of it? Should Rendell adopt this philosophy From the position descriptions of Martex stated in the case we can conclude that the organizational philosophy of Martex with respect to the controller function, especially in the modern business, has gone through a huge change. For organizational function, it emphasized the importance of directly reporting to the corporate controller in lieu of responsibility to the…...

Raw by Scott Monk

Raw follows the story of Brett Dalton a teenager with an attitude who has succumb to peer pressure and lives outside the law. After being picked up for various minor offences Brett finds himself having to spend time at a rehabilitation centre. the image that I have created symbolises Brett Daltons perspective of the rehabilitation centre called the farm. The farm is home to many young crime committers such as Brett. The farms main purpose is to reform kids that…...

Lord of the Flies Chaos vs Order

The conflict between two competing impulses that exist within all human beings: the instinct to live by rules, act peacefully, follow moral commands, and value the good of the group against the instinct to gratify one’s immediate desires, act violently to obtain supremacy over others, and enforce one’s will. This conflict might be expressed in a number of ways: civilization vs. savagery, order vs. chaos, reason vs. impulse, law vs. anarchy, or the broader heading of good vs. evil. Throughout…...

The Accuracy and Authority of Web Documents

Precision of Web Documents 1. Make sure the author provides an e-mail or a contact address/phone number. Who composed the page and can you contact him or her? 2. What is the function of the file and why was it produced? Some websites are produced for commercial, education, humor, marketing, business, and federal government based. 3. Is this individual qualified to write this document? Is the author a webmaster, or simply an author? Authority of Web Documents 1. Who released…...

The Captaincy System: Differences Between Portuguese Rule and Local Authority in Colonial Brazil

The discovery of Brazil came about in the first half of 1500, when a Portuguese commander named Pedro Alvares Cabral landed on a beach in what is now the state of Bahia. King Manuel of Portugal had commissioned an ocean fleet larger than any of its predecessors, able to carry over a thousand people, and had then offered Cabral the caravels so he could set off with an experienced crew and head to the East Indies. The king expected great…...

FADEC-Full Authority Digital Engine Control

FADEC is a system comprising of a digital computer (Electronic Engine Control EEC) and the other accessories that control all the aspects of aircraft engine performance. FADEC is made for piston engine and jet engines both but they differ in the way of controlling the engine. A primary reason for the rapid technological progress of the U. S. LCA industry has been its ability to draw on and benefit from innovations in other high-technology industries. For example, high speed supercomputers…...

Ebanks v. New York City Transit Authority

Facts: * Julius Ebanks’s left foot got caught in a 2-inch gap between the escalator step and the side wall of the escalator, which was owned and operated by the New York City Transit Authority. * He was thrown violently to the ground after reaching the top. His hip was fractured along with other serious injuries. * The standard gap of the city’s building code was 3/8 inches * Ebanks (plaintiff) sued the Transit Authority (defendant) to recover damages for…...

The concept of challenging authority

The concept of challenging authority is one that is popularly portrayed in contemporary literature. Challenging authority defines a person’s defiance against the set rules and dictations of a certain power. Challenging authority can affect an individual adversely by degenerating them, or positively by assisting them in finding their place in the world. Challenging authority itself is filled with decision making and significant changes. The concept of challenging authority is explored in the two texts: Dead Poets Society (1898) a film…...

Jonathan Sewall vs John Adams

Jonathan Sewall and John Adams were close friends and agreed on many issues. British policies towards the American colonies during the 1760s and 1770s, however, was not one of them. Sewall, a staunch supporter of authority, defended British policies. John Adams, on the contrary, believed the policies to be unjust and thus challenged British authority. Sewall believed that the colonial challenge to British authority threatened the very way of life in the colonies while Adams thought that British authority provided…...

Philippine Spanish Era

Chapter 8 1. Explain how the British occupation of the country opened the eyes of the people in certain regions to the idea of freedom and expulsion of the Spaniards? During this period, the Filipinos discovered how weak Spain was when it comes to armory when the British defeated them. Eventually, Archbishop Manuel Rojo surrendered Manila and Cavite thus exposing them furthermore as to how vulnerable they were. Why did the economic plans of Governor-General Basco fail? His plans failed…...

A Policy of Imperialism

During the end of the 19th century after the war and trying to recuperate, America had gone into a state of expansionism. The never ending change with the economy, agriculture and the industrial growth. Democratic National Platform, 1900 states “We assert that no nation can long endure half republic and half empire…” With this new sense of power, expanding for the Americans was inevitable. The spreading of the “good” word of God with the mindset of the “superior” race with…...

The Promise of Protection Under His Authority

In his book Under Cover: The Promise of Protection Under His Authority, John Bevere advocates the notion that under an authority which is divinely established, there exists a secret place made of protection, liberty and provision intended for the people of God. 1 Bevere shares personal examples of why rebelling against divine authority becomes the main cause of many hardships people encounter in church. 2 Bevere also imparts that all existing authority is actually ordained by God. 3 In a…...

Validity, Reliability, Verification, Authority, and Trustworthiness

Rigor in the advancement of behavioral/social inquiry is a process/aspiration that requires continuous refinement. For researchers, as for all humans, there is always the possibility that the conceptual categories, subcategories, or measurements of a behavioral/social inquiry don’t represent reality very well or that the process of applying the categories or measuring instruments to the empirical world is to some degree faulty. Hence, in the social/behavioral scientific process, the examination of these issues is concerned with the degree of clarity, focus,…...

Should Teachers Have the Authority to Remove Disruptive Student?

Teacher should have the authority to remove disruptive students from the classroom because the learning environment may have the potential to become disrupted and not effective. Having a disruptive student present in the classroom can hinder the learning environment for other students.” Disruptive student behavior is detrimental to the academic community because it interferes with the learning process for other students, inhibits the ability of instructors to teach most effectively, diverts university energy and resources away from the educational mission,…...

Lord Capulet, a Character from Shakespeare's Tragedy

Within the scene where Capulet is crossed by Tybalt at his masked ball, Capulet differs again. His mood suddenly changes from being humorous and charming to being hot headed and flying of the handle. I believe he is short tempered and is unable to control it; he becomes very angry towards Tybalt. "Why, how now, kinsman! Wherefore storm you so?" This demonstrates to the audience how infuriating he can be. I speculate the audiences learn that Capulet is a changeable…...

The Handmaid's Tale

The novel The Handmaid's Tale written by Margret Atwood is about how the government chose to control the way the community was run and control the lives of men and women. The novel tells the story from the perspective of a middle-aged woman named Offred who questions society's accepted beliefs and conventions. Offred is a handmaid in the Republic of Gilead who is constantly questioning the government beliefs and rules. Her character pushes the limits set out by the government.…...

COM 335 Key Terms

BANK WIRING ROOM Between 1927 and 1932, a series of studies was carried out in Western Electric's Hawthorne plant in Chicago. The aim of the studies was to tell management about the sources of employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Two major findings emerged from the series of studies: 1. The "Hawthorne effect" suggesting that management attention, not the physical surroundings of work, can increase output. This might be thought of as a "placebo" effect. 2. The effect of informal structure on…...

FAQ about Authority

What is Hospital Accreditation?

...Figure 3.2 clearly explains that majority of the respondents(72%) told that average patient count of visiting emergency ward in the hospital is 5. While 17% and 11% of respondents revealed the upshot of 5 to 10 and above 10 respectively. Thus from th ...

How is the idea of powerlessness shown in 'Of Mice And Men'?

...The reader feels anger towards Curley at this point as he attacks Lennie only because he is bigger in build. Curley is also shown to only use his wife as when she dies Curley does not seem to show any love or respect for his wife as in staying with h ...

How unemployment is individual and social problem

...In this context the economic system and social order changes continually and changes take place and shaped by different interest groups in varying degrees in a market economy. However Marxism as a conflict theory predicts radical change to the econom ...

How does Curleys Wife appear to be weak In Of Mice and Men and how does she manipulate her power?

...Out of all the characters introduced to the reader in Of Mice and Men Curley’s Wife appears to be one of the weak ones, because of the social hierarchy that existed in 1920’s America. However, she is able to exert her power over a select group of ...

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