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Alcoholism as the Plot Builder of Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned

...Perhaps, Patch’s party and drinking habits were fueled by the fact that he was heir to a rich empire built by his rather strict disciplinarian grandfather who gave no room to unvalued morals. An event where he walks into one of Gloria and Antony’s raucous wild party at their apartment is a representation of his disgust and vilification for irresponsible behavior. His body language and events that transpire after this speaks volumes about his disciplinary antics; at the party, he stares at a ...

Underage Drinking

...Third, there are more accidents and deaths as a result of underage alcohol consumption. When people ask teenagers how easy it is to get alcohol, they mostly say it is very easy. As alcohol is easier to obtain, it produces more problems. Around 4,300 deaths are caused by teenagers who drink alcohol because they are more likely to have car accidents or fights. For example, according to the daily mail online, ”Joseph Salah, 19, lost control of his car while he was driving drunk, crashing and kill...

Alcohol With Charcoal As Substitute To Pentel Pen Inc

...The researchers put 1 ½ tablespoon of charcoal to the unused pencil case with minimum amount of alcohol just above the amount of the charcoal and mixed. Pentel pen works as soon as it was tested to write on the bond paper.The researchers added 1 tablespoon of charcoal to determine whether if there is difference when a bigger amount of charcoal be put to the alcohol, and it really worked. Charcoal with rubbing alcohol The researchers put 1 ½ tablespoon of charcoal to the unused pencil case wit...

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drugs and alcohol on college students

...Drinking alcohol as a young adult will more than double the chances of neurotoxicity and cause harmful cognitive effects as oppose to people that start drinking later in life. Almost every community in America is affected by underage drinking. Every year the statisitics of how young kids will start to drink increases. Children from the ages of twelve to seventeen that first encounter alcohol has increased by over one million in a span of five years. (The neurocognitive effects of alcohol on adol...

The Impact of Alcohol Sponsorship of Sporting Events on Consumption of Alcohol Amongst High School Students: a Research Proposal

...Patterns of sports sponsorship by gambling, alcohol and food companies, an internet survey. BMC Public Health. McDaniel, S., & Heald, G. (2000). Young consumer's responses to event sponsorship advertisements of unhealthy products: implications of schema-triggered affect theory. Sport Management Review, 163-184. McDaniel, S., & Mason, D. (1999). An exploratory study of influences on public opinion towards alcohol and tobacco sponsorship of sporting events. The Hournal of Services Marketin...

?Alcohol advertisements should be banned

...Advertisement is an important source of proceeds, particularly advertisements related to alcohol which generates huge sums of profit for the media companies. It can begin by banning alcohol advertisements and instead run advertisements that shows the public the dangerous consequences of alcohol consumption. The money spent on consuming alcohol can be diverted into better buying products such as health supplements and health food. It is clear that advertisements directly influence alcohol consump...

Should alcohol advertising be banned

...According to the official European Alcohol Policy Alliance website, in 2006, over one in five of 11-15 year olds in England reported drinking alcohol in the week prior to interview. Although this proportion slowly began declining in recent years, amongst those who drank alcohol the average weekly consumption has almost doubled from 42g of alcohol in 1990 to 83g of alcohol in 2000. An independent review of the effects of alcohol pricing and promotion for the Department of Health concluded that ...

Formal Lab Report

...In this experiment, the synthesis of an alkyl halide from an alcohol was carried out, using HCl as the hydrogen halide. Through nucleophilic substitution, the reaction between tert-butyl alcohol and HCl gave off tert-butyl chloride and water.From the synthesis process done, 0.64 g of tert-butyl chloride was obtained, suggesting an actual percent yield of 13.23%. It can therefore be concluded that the reaction between HCl and tert-butyl alcohol can give considerable results to produce tert-butyl ...

Grignard Synthesis


Current Issue Report Format and Sample

...Heavy alcohol has many side-effects which can be influential for the rest of our lives. It has physical as well as psychological effects. The physical effects include immature organs being poisoned by alcohol or the heart to stop beating, as well as hypothermia, coma from too little sugar, injuries, or even fatal accidents. Alcohol abuse amongst teens is responsible for at least five thousand deaths yearly. The use of alcohol amongst teenagers also has psychological effects such as an increase o...

Minimum Legal Drinking Age

...Chafetz, Morris E. “The 21-Year-Old Drinking Age: I Voted For It; It Doesn’t Work.” Good Reasons With Contemporary Arguments. Eds. Lester Faigley and Jack Selzer. Boston: Longman, 2012. 554-555. Print McCardell, John. “A Drinking Age of 21 Doesn’t Work.” Good Reasons With Contemporary Arguments. Eds. Lester Faigley and Jack Selzer. Boston: Longman, 2012. 550-553. Print. “Issue in Focus: Drinking on College Campuses.” Good Reasons With Contemporary Arguments. Eds. Lester Faigley a...

Synthesis of 4?methylcyclohexene

...Moreover, the results of the Br2 test supported the positive characterization of the product as 4-methylcyclohexene. 140 drops Bromine were required until the compound turned red consistent with the chemistry of Bromine and the alkene forming 1,2?dibromo?4?methylcyclohexane and explaining why the mixture remained colorless for so long. The product was synthesized with a decent to poor percent yield as evidenced by the 41%. This poor yield very likely was caused by the excess heat initially added...

''Under the Influence'' by Scott Russell Sanders

...Addictions affect everyone whether the persons think so or not. A friend of mine was addicted to meth to the point it consumed his whole being just like Scott sanders father was consumed. My friend got to the point where he was still from his own friends and family just to get money to feed his addiction. To the point he stole his mother’s debit card and slowly over time ended up using all the money she had. With that his mother lost everything her savings and her son from going to sleep high ...

Alcoholism and its effects on society

...Children who are living with alcoholics have a higher chance of becoming an alcoholic themselves and they will likely try their first drink before or during their teenage years. In conclusion I would like to say that all this problems would never happened if there was no alcohol involved. There would never been any children who are becoming alcoholics at age of 15 just because their parents were doing that as well. There would have never happened any innocent deaths due to impaired driving that...

Problem and solution essay: Drinking and Driving

...There are problems that are just incorrigible and there are problems that can be prevented or solved. We should do any means to solve any corrodible problems in any ways. It might save one or it might save thousands of lives. Drinking and driving is making a death wish. It's not only the drivers that are risking their lives, but they, as in drivers, are risking other lives as well. Not driving when influenced by alcohol might save one's life and a life of another. Maybe, it might not be a big de...

Hypochlorite Oxidation of endo-Borneol to Camphor

...Answer to the questions1)Stepwise reaction mechanism of hypochlorite oxidation of endo-borneol to camphor:2) To determine the amount of endo-borneol present in a sample of camphor, one possible way to look for the intensity of the peak at a specific absorption frequency that was characteristic of endo-borneol but absent in camphor. In this case, the choice of frequency could be 800 cm-1 or 3200 cm-1 -3600 cm-1 which was the hydroxyl stretching absorption. The greater was the intensity of the pea...

Using Alcohol or Drugs as a Rite Of Passage into Adulthood

...These programs can also introduce safer approaches as a rite of passage into adulthood that prevents an early inset of substance use among the adolescents (Stanis & Andersen, 2014). This is because the use of alcohol, conscious altering drugs, and other substances during this process increases the probability of later use of illegal drugs that may have a negative effect on the health of adolescents. These can be achieved through mass media campaigns and community training that can be tailore...

Children using social media

...Due to negative impacts on grades, effects on human behavior and lack of privacy, social media accounts are not for children 15 years of age or under. Over usage of social media websites will lead children to not do well in school. They will be influenced by anonymous strangers and also meet different types of people and a possibility of meeting sexual predators. Another aspect of social media websites is that it influences teenagers in a negative way. Social media accounts are for people that a...

Drinking a Love Story by Caroline Knapp

...Caroline brings to their awareness that drinking is not the solution as it makes the problem worse. By drinking one cannot avoid those difficulties and problems but in fact have other severe health problems incurred. This can make their lives miserable. The story is a very good advice for drinkers about this life threatening habit. She sketches a true picture of an alcoholic daughter and its miserable outcomes on women of all age who have this habit. References Knapp, Caroline. Drinking A Love S...

Alcoholism Feature Article

...Signs and prevention: From the results of underage drinking proving deadly and most harmful, people in today’s modern society need to wake up to the signs towards alcoholism, especially towards younger victims. Mood changes, irritability and defensiveness are physical signs, which can be easily recognised. Another example is further school problems such as poor attendance, low grades and rebellion against family rules. Although many of the symptoms may seem typical towards an ordinary teenager...

Aversion Therapy

...Certain medications can also be used to cause such negative effects making aversion therapy even more effective. This particular behavioral therapy works on the principle that all behavior is learned. It follows, then, that if all behavior is learned then it can be unlearned. Some clinicians have reported that patients undergoing aversive treatment utilizing electric shocks have experienced increased anxiety and anxiety-related symptoms that may interfere with the conditioning process as well as...

Multistep Synthesis of Tetraphenylcyclopentadienone

...Lastly, a double bond between two carbons and an alcohol group is formed; the alcohol groups is dehydrated causing the second aldol condensation to occur with the other oxygen present on benzil. The percent yield tetraphenylcyclopentadienone was 76.56%, the MP 222O-225O C, and the IR spectrum displayed a strong peak at 1700 cm-1. The double aldol condensation appeared to work well because of the high yield obtained and the IR spectra and MP supported the final product being tetraphenylcyclopenta...


...Alcoholism can be solved when alcoholics address their personal issues instead of avoiding them through drinking. In addition, they can also go to rehabilitation centers where they can get treatment and be counseled on ways of dealing with their issues and how to avoid drinking. Solving the issue from a personal perspective also helps in solving it from a societal level. Alcoholism from a social standpoint can be treated by creating awareness and sensitization about the issue and the negative ef...

Martyn Pig Quotes

...Ironic because William Pig had a very negative impact (relative to readers opinion) on Martyn’s life. “Alcohol. It sucks the life out of a face and replaces it with its own dumb shine of inanity. It’s up to you. If you want to lose yourself, have a drink. ” – Talking directly to the reader engaging them in the story and emphasises how badly his dad alcoholism impacted his life, and strongly warns the readers against it. Loneliness/Isolation: “A great swirling mess of sound searing it...

Oxidation of Cyclododecanol to Cyclododecanone

...The percent yield of this experiment was 23.78 %. This low yield is the result of losing product during the crystallization process. When adding the methanol to dissolve the crude product in the 50 ml Erlenmeyer flask then heated it up. After being dissolved, the mixture sat at room temperature for about 5 minutes and then was submersed in an ice-water bath for another 10 minutes for crystallization to occur. But not much of crystal was obtained through vacuum filtration then let it dry naturall...

Alcoholism: Nature vs Nurture

...If one is born with this gene and they do not have a good social and environmental upbringing they have very little chance of overcoming their situation and making a better life for themselves. If they are born or placed into good surroundings it is more likely that they can beat the disease and make more out of their lives. Jessica summed it up best at the end of her interview, “I asked my dad one day why he made the decisions that he did knowing they would affect us in so many ways. He told ...

Dehydration of Methylcyclohexanol

...The last installment of this series will explore the logistics of “dehydration of methylcycohexanols” as a collaborative experiments. The most straightforward collaboration would be to perform the “dehydration of methylcycohexanols” experiment in the same way and compare the relative yield of alkenes as measured by GC from different starting alcohols. Comparisons could be made with past data or concurrently collected data from different institutions. This may be seem fairly straightforwa...

The Health Danger of Energy Drinks

...These manufactures will grab young people attention who are in need to increase and improve their concentration, reaction speed, and emotional state; but they fail to acknowledge the side effect of their products, such as being very tired after several hours of “sugar rush”. An over dosage of Red Bull cause a twenty-eight years old man to have a heart attack (Richards), this incidents is one of many that prove to us that this dangerous products should be banned from super markets and other e...

The Black Cat

...The reader can become first enticed by the story with the narrator talking about his love for animals and then later his cruelty towards them. Next the reader begins to wonder if the narrator is imagining these things, “Upon its head…sat the hideous beast whose craft had seduced me into murder, and whose informing voice had consigned me to the hangman” (7). Finally the reader can confidently asses their overall impression of the narrator. “Mad indeed would I be to expect it, in a case wh...

Alcohol Dependence

...It is important to remember Samuel Johnson's phrase "If at first you don't succeed. Try, try, and try again. " Success rates are significantly improved if the patient has access to counseling or some support group. Family support is crucial. Sometimes a good GP can provide vital support. A study found that genetics is a factor in predicting the risk of relapse among alcohol-dependent patients. Further Reading: "What is Alcohol Poisoning? What are the Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning? " Written by Ch...

Is Alcoholism A Disease?

...Numerous number of scientists and organizations continued work on alcoholism over two hundred years to find out what it is. Some people say that alcoholism was originally named a disease to help people recognize that it is as serious problem in the world for which alcoholics should seek help; however, alcoholism is an alcohol dependence syndrome and a disease characterized by loss of control, cravings, tolerance, and physical dependence. If a person cannot control the amount of drinking alcohol,...

Foundations of Addictions Research Paper

...The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment of Student-AthletesA Review of the LiteratureMorgan PfaffSaint Joseph's UniversityAuthor NoteThis paper was prepared for Foundations of Addictions CRJ 619, Section OL2, taught by Dr. Blank.The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment of Student-AthletesA Review of the LiteratureWhen you think of high performance athletes and drug use, performing enhancing drugs or doping may come to mind. Although doping does occur in numerous sports and at most...

Another noticeable element in the film is Maniyan Nandu a very lowincome

...Another noticeable element in the film is Maniyan (Nandu) a very low-income plumber who also is a raging alcoholic, though he can afford only the cheapest stuff available through government retail outlets (Beverage). He regularly beats his wife Pankajam (Kalpana) who is also Raghu's domestic help. Maniyan is so addicted to alcohol, even worse than Raghu himself that he cannot distinguish from what is real and not. He creates a profound impact on Raghu. As the movie progresses, a couple of incide...

As the influence of modern life style highly adapted by the people

...So the effect of the modern lifestyle and inner connections change some of the traditional way, and also sometimes destroyed togetherness of the cultural ways, that they usually practicing in their community for the betterment of the people as one. And losing the value of human dignity which they have, like some families for showing respect for their own parent and the people in the community that they usually practicing. Especially per respect to each other people’s properties which is normal...

Attending a local Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

...In addition, some members and attendants of the local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting are also likely to be suffering from a wide range of nursing issues such as alcoholic fatty liver disease due to the effect of alcohol on their liver. Moreover, nursing knowledge also creates awareness of the problem of alcoholism among the attendants including the risk factors and symptoms of the problem of alcoholism. For example, it is likely that a significant majority of the members of Alcoholics Anonymous ha...

Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

...Long term use causes disruption of the dopamine pathways and leads to a decrease in the reinforcing value of normal things, and this pushes the individual to take drugs to compensate. Addiction is a neurologically based disease and is related to neurological disorders like Tourette's Syndrome. This disorder manifests in long term obsessive-compulsive behaviors outside the realm of the addicts own control. Therefore addiction is not something a person can control if they are unfortunate enough to...

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