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Wild Animals Essay Examples

Essay on Wild Animals

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Wild animals in captivity

Sometimes experiments may be necessary for the research on cancer and others diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. However I’m greatly against the use of animals to test the efficacy or toxicity of cosmetics or perfumes. The results of the experiments aren’t always reliable. They aren’t able to guarantee that a product will have the same effect on a human being as it does on an ani...

Are our zoos cruel to wild animals

Perhaps the wild animal is already tired, but the zookeeper still force them to entertain the visitors. The examples are elephant and dolphin which work hard for entertainment events in the zoo. All in all, it requires the zoos management to improve their ability in managing the zoos. They can decorate the zoos as similar as possible to their natural habitat. They also should make training for the...

Informative Report: Cougar

Like almost all cats, the cougar is a solitary animal. Only mothers and kittens live in groups, with adults meeting only to mate. It is secretive and crepuscular, being most active around dawn and dusk. Estimates of territory sizes vary greatly. Canadian Geographic reports large male territories of 150 to 1000 km2 (58 to 386 sq mi) with female ranges half the size. Other research suggests a much s...

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Cormac McCarthy's The Crossing Novel Reading

The impact of the wolf's death on the subject was blatantly significant, as denoted during the reading. Yet the author chose to convey that point in several ways other than content, which wholly improved the piece as well as made it more dramatic and profound. The author's thoughtful usage of diction, syntax, and imagery promoted the story to a plane higher than that of other works of its kind....

Should Wild Animals Be Pets At Home?

The disease itself could spread out and cause serious injuries to the human population. Vaccines for these animals could be very costly and if anyone could not pay for the care for their exotic pet, they should not have one in the first place. What the article "Do You Really Want a Baby Tiger?" informs us about owners not being able to sustain these exotic pets is that owners who find their fully-...

Explorer's Daughter About Hunting Animals

And both the roles have fulfilled one purpose that is the necessity of hunting in the arctic region. She has made this clear by also stating the risks and dangers in hunting these whales, risking their lives, their wealth and the safety of their family just to hunt a whale, not because they like it, because they need it, because it is their staple diet and their want to keep breathing and not dyin...

Polar Bears

Hunting of polar bears as a food source by certain native people and trade in native handicrafts made from polar bears will also continue. However, importing polar bear products from Canada (where trophy hunting is legal) will be banned. Pollution from man-made kills polar bears also Use for humans past and present- pas was they were hunted for food and fur. Present still hunted but also hunted fo...

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