What Does It Mean to Live Healthily

To live healthy means to have both your physical and mental health balanced and functioning properly together as one, and because of them being closely connected they affect each other tremendously whether its a good or bad modification. There are four topics I chose to write about that could lead your life into a healthy lifestyle.

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To live a healthy lifestyle you have to start off by knowing your metabolic measurements before and after you start living healthy to track your progress.

I decided to do the metabolic measurement of your resting and active heart rate to understand how your heart reacts to the changes to start living healthy. The second topic of physical activity will go hand in hand with the metabolic measurements of your heart rate. The physical activity I chose to focus on is weight training; this strenuous activity will show how your heart will react to the exertion of your body. While doing weight training exercises you have to have a strict healthy diet and fluid intake.

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The diet I chose to follow was to eliminate fried foods and to restrict high-sugar beverages from my diet to accentuate my physical activity and heart rate. Within this paper, the four topics I chose; resting and active heart rate, weight training, elimination of fried foods, and restricting high-sugar beverages, will show how incorporating all of these things will support a healthy living lifestyle.

The metabolic measurements for your resting and active heart rate show how healthy you are before and after you start lining a healthy lifestyle. Resting heart rate is the rate of your heart when you are still and nonactive and for many people, this can differ especially if you have any type of disease or if you live a healthier lifestyle than others. The average resting heart rate for an adult 18 years or older is between 60 to 100 beats per minute, but this will be different for the adults with a healthier lifestyle because their heart doesn’t need to pump as hard to keep a steady beat, and they can have a heart rate of as low as 40 beats per minute. Those with low heart rates without living a healthy lifestyle could signal that there is a problem with their heart, like heart failure. Active heart rate is the rate of your heart when your body is active, and for many people, this can also differ just like your resting heart rate. To find your target heart rate or maximum heart rate your supposed to be at you have to subtract your age from 220; 220-your age= target heart rate. When I checked my own heart rate I found out that I was in the range im supposed to be in for a 18 year old. My resting heart rate was 60 beats per minute while my active heart rate was 90 beats per minute during the time I was walking, and 150 beats per minute during the time I began to run. The target heart rate for my age will be a maximum of 202 beats per minute while I am active. Walking and running are not the only things that can make your heart pump faster, you can also weight train.

What is weight training and how do you achieve the exercises properly? The physical activity of weight training can be strenuous on your body because of how much your body may have to exert itself, but if done properly it can be a key component in living healthy. Weight training is mostly based off of strength allowing you to build, tone, and improve your bones and skeletal muscles. If you do the weight training techniques and exercises properly they “can help you lose fat, increase your strength and muscle tone, and improve your bone density”. Weight training holds a lot of responsibility on you because you have to know your body’s limit on how much it can lift, how to use proper form when proceeding into doing these workouts, understanding how to breathe properly; which most people forget about, having balance, and knowing when your body needs rest. Even though there are a lot of pros that accomodate weight training there are also some cons. When you begin to incorporate weight training in your schedule you have to understand that you have to do make sure of certain things before starting. Before beginning, you have to make sure you get a thorough warm-up to allow your muscles to loosen up and get warm enough before you begin. After you are warmed up you have to be mindful of your time and what you can achieve during the amount of time to avoid rushing. You can not rush with the progress of weight training because it will only lead to injuries from quick, sloppy, and poor form from trying to rush. There are times where you may want to continue even when your body is tired DO NOT continue and overdo this workout because it can cause an overload injury and can be painful. Overdoing this workout can cause pain and if you begin to feel pain even if you aren’t overdoing the workout, stop because your body is telling you something is wrong, and do not ignore that pain. Also, you have to choose the best appropriate shoes for this workout because it can strain your ankles using the wrong shoe type. With this training, you have to eat healthy and drink a lot of fluids.

Exercising is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle, but if you don’t eat healthy then all of that exercising is basically going to waist because you're gaining all the calories back in fatty foods instead of healthy foods. Eliminating fried foods from your diet not only will accentuate your weight training, but it will also allow you to have a healthy resting and active heart rate, while also maintaining your weight. Fried foods consists of any food cooked in oil long enough for the fats in the oil to be soaked up into the food, which “typically leads to the appreciated textural dichotomy of the food; dry and crispy crust, tender inside”(Mellema 2003). A lot of trans fats and saturated fats are found in fried foods, which increases your fat intake. Fried foods disrupts the natural order of your body, while also increasing your risk of health problems. Fried foods can cause high blood pressure, a low resting heart rate, exceeding of the maximum active rate, clogging of arteries, obesity, and unhealthy weight gain. Without fried foods, you are able to successfully complete and maintain a healthy weight, but even without fried foods you still have to drink fluids that are healthy also.

Sweating and exerting yourself can take a toll on your body. This is when you need to hydrate yourself with water and healthy beverages. Having too many high-sugar beverages can slow down your progress in trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but by restricting these types of beverages and instead of replacing them with healthier options you can achieve a healthier lifestyle. High-sugar beverages include energy drinks, fruit drinks, soft drinks or soda, sweet or iced tea, and vitamin water drinks. Drinking these high sugar beverages has lead to gaining and becoming overweight, diabetes, and metabolic diseases. The number of high sugar beverages are consumed by the public on a daily basis has increased and will continue to increase if people continue to eat and drink the way they do. High-sugar beverages only have a negative impact on your body, but it’s never good either to have too much water. Drinking too much water can be bad for you and can cause hyponatremia, which is when the sodium levels in your body is too low because you are not getting enough electrolytes. This can cause your cells to swell, which can then lead to a more life-threatening problem. Instead of drinking just water you can switch up your fluid intake by drinking water for one day then an organic fruit beverage for the next.

Living a healthy lifestyle is more important than what people may think. By understanding your body parts and the way they function before and after choosing to live a more healthier lifestyle you will understand the importance of why your body changes for the good. Paying attention to your body will help you catch things that may seem off or wrong about your body, while also knowing ways to fix it. Choosing a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be something to think about, but a mandatory action to prevent diseases and to live a healthier life.


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Updated: Dec 13, 2021
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