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Risk Concerns in Adventure Tourism

Although some of the risks may not be open to adventurers, adventure tourism is characterized by many risks and dangers. As individuals find pleasure in exploring new things, they subject themselves to possibilities of risks. Although not all adventures are full of risks, it is important to note that most activities involved in adventure tourism predispose the tourists to se...

Dark tourism: mediating between the dead and the living

In addition, we have the websites that are designed for visitor’s attractions to the museums in most cases employ images and narratives of the life in prison in the ancient times and also the more punitive incarnation elements (Reed Courtney, n.d). You will see some of the writings like, “Sit in a prison cell, hear the door slam shut and imagine the harsh conditions of Victorian pri...

Online Railway Reservation Project

White-box testing (also known as clear box testing, glass box testing, transparent box testing, and structural testing) is a method of testing software that tests internal structures or workings of an application, as opposed to its functionality (i.e.blackbox testing). In white-box testing an internal perspective of the system, as well as programming skills, are used to design test cases. The test...

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Cruise Ships and Marine Tourism

A cruise ship is a ship built for passengers,but mostly used for pleasure cruises.A cruise ship generally takes passengers on extended cruises with occasional calls in various places of interest.The cruise industry is the fastest-growing category in the leisure travel market; it plays an essential major role in the tourism sector. It is important for cruise ships to come to my destination/country ...

5 A's of tourism

Having the best attractions, access, accommodation and amenities in the world is totally useless if the awareness factor is missing. Awareness in this sense has three meanings. Firstly, the local population must have a positive attitude (another A) toward tourism. If the local community sees "tourists as terrorists" then this will have a negative impact. Secondly, those in the front line of touris...


The increasing number of acts of terrorism, such and those in New York, Bali, Madrid, Egypt and London – and the constant fear in many other areas – are investigated. But it is not just what humanity will do to itself that is a threat to travel and tourism – it is also the spread of diseases, such as SARS and avian flu, and how this threat affects people’s attitudes to travel that we will...

Ecotourism as responsible travel

History of responsible tourism and promoting sustainability using tourism The term ecotourism was made popular in 1983 by a man named Hector Ceballos-Lascurain. Other synonyms to the term include jungle tourism, responsible tourism and sustainable development. Hector was a conservationist who was very influential and took part in lobbying for wetland conservation in relation to the flamingo. Curre...

Tourism in Singapore

In conclusion, tourism in Singapore has both positive and negative effects on the environment, economy and the social sector of the country. It has contributed to the environment by protecting and conserving the natural aspects of Singapore, improved the economy by increasing employment and government revenue, and creating socio-awareness and peace. Tourism has allowed Singapore to altogether achi...

Travelling Experience

Thomas Cook organized the tint package tour. By the year of 1939 near 1 million people were travelling abroad. And in the last 3 decades of the 20th century tourism has been industrialized: cultures, landscapes, religions are consumer goods displayed in travel brochures. But a lot of people don’t understand the uniqueness of some buildings and places… They just want to put their names in histo...

Tourism Development In Sikkim

b. encourage supply of goods and services to tourism enterprises by the economically disadvantaged people; c. facilitate direct sales of local goods and services to visitors by the economically disadvantaged people (informal economy); d. encourage establishment and running of tourism enterprises by the economically disadvantaged people - e.g. micro, small and medium sized enterprises, or community...

“Nowhere Man” by Pico Iyer

Personally, I would have a love/hate relationship if I were a transit lounger, not knowing where home is. I would love it because I get to travel the world, discover new cities and meet new people but I would hate it because I would most likely constantly get asked where I live and I would hate to say “I don’t actually have a home but I’m going to Madrid next!”. If I didn't have a home, I ...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jungle Trekking

Our group has been providing information about the place we want it to be commercialized. The place we choose is Kampung Suba Buan,Bau. It takes about one and half hour from town city. This place is suitable for tourist that love about the nature and likes the relaxing places for keep their mind free. At this place is not just one activity that can we do, the other activity is we can do is jungle ...

The History of Tourism

Students of tourism should be aware of the enormous importance of English in their education because it is an essential tool in any field of their future activity: management, tourist information, promotion of tourist destinations, intermediary companies, hospitality and transportation, etc .Consequently, students of tourism should be highly motivated to learn English and although more often they ...

Eco Tourism in India

The print and electronic media have been very active in India in investigating environmentally injurious activities by highlighting such issues and creating public opinion for environmentally compatible practices. The Government of India has a Ministry of Environment and Forests with a mandate to oversee use of the environment in order to conserve it. The Government has also set up institutions l...

Manipur Reasearch paper

Manipur is a state which has different culture, when compared to the other parts of India. The people here speak Manipuri and are very warm and friendly towards tourists. Manipur is a mosaic of traditions and cultural patterns .In the field of art and culture.The state is best represented by its classical and folkdance forms. A spring festival ,the “Lai Horaoba” held in April/May is symbolised...

Newly Discover Resort

The model describes the transition from natural to urban beach in eight stages of development. For each stage a range of indicators highlights key events and processes in six categories of factors: morphological, physical, environmental, social, economic and political. The value of the model lies in its comprehensive and dynamic structure. To develop this model, a tentative model as a hypothesis ...

Role of Transport on Tourism

(2005). Rethinking the role of transportation in tourism. Eden Soripia. Vol. 5. pp 1767. Culpan. R. (1987).International Tourism Model for Developing Economies, Annals of Toursm Research, vol.14, 541. Page,S. and L.Lumsdon (eds.) (2004) Tourism and Transport: Issues and Agenda for the New Millennium, Elsevier, Boston. Weaver,D. and Lawton, L. (2002) Tourism management, John Wiley and Sons Australi...

Singapore in tourism

All in all, the challenge of tourism policy and management is not merely about developing tourism resources, infrastructure and products, but, more importantly, about confronting globalisation in a way which benefits the local economy, empowers the citizenry, and helps to forge a national identity. This process involves contestations, but allowing for dissents and encouraging participation can onl...

Hard Rock Cafe Case Study

1. When the Hard Rock Cafe opened up it first location in London, England in 1971, their strategy was based on expansion, placing their restaurants in areas with heavy tourism. In recent years, this strategy has changed in a few ways. First off they began putting social factors into play by each location. For instance, they have tweaked some of the menus to satisfy local taste. For example, in Lon...

Hong Kong Airlines Marketing Plan for India

[ 8 ]. Tiger Airways, Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiger_Airways [ 9 ]. Hong Kong Airlines, Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong_Airlines [ 10 ]. Hong Kong Airlines, Asia's fastest growing carrier, looks to become reckoning force in the region, CAPA, 15 November 2012 http://centreforaviation.com/analysis/hong-kong-airlines-asias-fastest-growing-carrier-looks-to-become-reckoni...

Travel and Tourism component industries and their organisations

Local Authorities play an important part in supporting the tourism industry because tourism is a major contributor towards the economy. Most towns have have a Tourist Inormation Centre (TIC) subsidised by the local council. The TIC provies a full information service for both residents and visitors, it gives information on visitor attractions and on accommodations. It usually provides a booking ser...

Indian Tourism Development Corporation

to most of the touristers india is still a virgin country, yet to be explored, may be the main reason is that the tourism ministry had done nothing specific to promote it., Tourism is the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest. Tourism is commonly associated with trans-national travel, but may also refer to travel to another location within the same cou...

Tourism in Nepal: Industry Details

Time is also concerned as challenges factor by Kathmandu's Hotel. (c) Health Limitation : Poor health people and physical limitation people do not travel because of restriction to visit. Especially for old ages people they do not want travel because of their poor health reasons. Which is also one of the demotivated factor or can say reduces factor for demand of Kathmandu's Hotel. (d) Family stages...

Places I'll like to visit

The magnificent views of the ocean will blow my mind. I can vision visiting the Malaysian islands and indulging in the excursions the beaches has to offer. Plus, having the opportunity to take advantage of taking a tour of the rain forest in Malaysia will be more than a lifetime experience. To put the icing on the cake, camping overnight in the cave would be a tremendous adventure at the Mulu Nati...

ICT Educational Tour Narrative Report

They say there’s a lot of job but the question is the skills of applicants. I’ve realized that in order to succeed you need to strive hard ,be patient and the most important is study hard to acquired proper skills that may use in the future. Next first time is going to Tagaytay City; it’s a relaxing ambiance with cool weather. After that was the Enchanted Kingdom experience. The fun really n...

Shopping, Tourism and Pollution in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is still a shoppers’ paradise but improvements are required in order to maintain the reputation. Training to retailers should be encouraged. Retailers have direct interaction with tourists that their performances influence tourists’ impression towards Hong Kong. Another suggestion is that government should cooperate with Guangdong province. Since most of pollutants in Hong Kong are o...

Assignment. Sustainable Tourism

• International Institute for Peace Through Tourism - http://www.iipt.org/ • Alternative Tourism Group - http://www.atg.ps/index.php?page=1177263170.1198159598.1208362704 • Authors such as Freya Higgins-Desbiolles: – – – Higgins-Desbiolles, F. (2010) In the eye of the beholder? Tourism and the activist academic. In P. Burns et al. (Eds.) Tourism and visual culture: Vol 1 theories and c...

Internal and External factors of the British tourism

The weather will affect the inbound tourists as well as domestic tourists, because of the climate in the UK the weather is always changing and therefore it can never be assured that you will have the same weather all day, because of this factor many domestic tourists will choose to travel to countries abroad in hope for sun. This factor does not affect inbound tourists as much as they visit for th...

Tourism in Kerala

Backwater cruises in Kerala are carried out on large converted traditional boats. These boats called "Kettuvalloms"were traditionally used as grain barges, to transport the rice harvested in the fertile fields alongside the Kerala Backwaters. Converted to accommodate tourists, the houseboats have a sleeping area, with toilets, as a dining area and a sit out on the deck. In house boats tourist can ...

The Importance of Traveling

Experience new cultures, new languages and new types of food are just some of the benefits consequences of travel. Each country is rich culturally and geographically, but why not visit to learn instead of learning by reading a book or from someone else’s experience. If each person travels, the world will be better because everyone would understand and would respect each culture, and they will ha...

Marketing strategy in the tourism industry

So, marketing strategy provide not only effective satisfaction of requirements of the market, but also success of the enterprise in competitive fight. Having arisen in the production sphere, marketing rather long time didn't find the corresponding application in the tourism sphere. However increase of the competition, commercialization of tourist activity resulted in need of the fastest introducti...

Health tourism,a boon or a curse

It make health sector highly commercial and the common man in the country will be hard pressed for medical care; 2) All the resources of health sector will be thrown open for the international tourist so much so that even the so called middle class will be able to ill afford the medical care. 3) Patients from overseas, if they come in droves, may bring in new types of diseases and the risks of inf...

My Trip to Europe

In every country I had stayed in my friend’s house. Their families were so warmhearted. So I got the chance to learn their culture being so close. I felt different environment and culture staying with each family though they all live in Europe. But one thing is in common with everyone that they were so fascinating. While I was in Switzerland I stayed with Kaj and his family. I even attended his ...

Negative Economic Impacts of Tourism

The seasonal character of the tourism industry creates economic problems for destinations that are heavily dependent on it. Problems that seasonal workers face include job (and therefore income) insecurity, usually with no guarantee of employment from one season to the next, difficulties in getting training, employment-related medical benefits, and recognition of their experience, and unsatisfacto...

Traveling is more important than reading books

Then I make plans to go and see what I have read about. In addition, people who go out and experience things themselves are likely to be open-minded, and are really interested in making things happen. A friend of mine, Chen Ming, went to a backward rural area and experienced the sufferings of the children there firsthand. Then he organized a medical team to give them treatment. Just reading about ...

SRi Lanka Travel & Tourism

Sri Lanka has suffered from overlapping authorities from multiple government agencies, and in the past projects stalled by litigation despite having government approvals. Investment approval procedure needs to be accelerated, and speedy approval and procedures will have to be ensured to accelerate the implementation of proposals and reduce start-up times. The government has started a comprehensive...

Tourism Curriculum Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila


Sport Tourism in India

Tourism and the Commonwealth Games, International Journal Tourism Research 10, pp. 497–509 Sheranne Fairley and B. David Tyler(2009), Cultural Learning through a Sport Tourism Experience: The Role of the Group, Journal of Sport & Tourism, Vol. 14, No. 4, pp. 273–292 Nancy Hritz and Craig Ross(2010), The Perceived Impacts of Sport Tourism: An Urban Host Community Perspective, Journal of Sp...

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