My Trip to The United Arab Emirates

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In the Emirates, the world's largest desert area and can not pass by it. So the very first day I booked a jeep trip through the desert - a safari tour. It costs 40 US dollars. And lasts about 6 hours.

By 3 o'clock in the afternoon the smart jeep drives up to the hotel and takes tourists on a trip to the east of the UAE, to the border with Oman.

On the way, we made a short stop, where you could ride buggies and camels, take pictures with the falcon, have a snack, buy souvenirs.

And the prices for souvenirs are much higher than in shopping malls. In general, naked and uncovered rip off.

Having reached the desert, we moved to another jeep (white-white). And our American race began in the desert. The entertainment lasted about 30 minutes. This entertainment is not recommended for the weak-hearted. But I note that even I, whose heart in his heels leaves at one kind of roller coaster ride and similar rides, took a chance and got into this jeep, while turning around looking at the beauty of the desert.

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After such an active shaking on the sandy hills, we were dropped off for a photo shoot. The sunset was in full swing. The photoshoot was done by ourselves. The driver of the jeep disappeared in the desert, but promised to return.

After the photo session, there was camel riding. Those wishing to stand for about 10 minutes in the queue to another 1 minute to sit on a camel and make a small honorary circle.

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Even around the Christmas tree round dances are usually more.

The jeep tour ended with dinner in the village, which is located directly in the desert, in a 1-minute walk from the attraction with a camel.

In the village there are several shops, in one of them was a buffet. In another, they gave out drinks. And next door you could make a drawing of henna. In the center was a scene. There was a performance during dinner. First there was a magician with lights, then there was a belly dance, and in the end a traditional dance tanura. All this entertainment lasted about an hour.

After supper we were taken to the hotel. The driver was very kind and decided to introduce us a little bit to the night city. In doing so, he actively tried to shove us a day tour by car around the city, but I prefer walking tours ... Although walking along the streets of Dubai, I felt like a white crow, because except for me, no one so walked. All by car or public transport. Apparently, walking is not in vogue here) Maybe because of local customs and traditions, maybe just +33 degrees is not available for walks.

The Arabian Subway

Until I forgot, I'll tell you about the Arab subway. The metro is very comfortable and ... interesting. There are mixed cars here, and there are wagons only for women, and only for men. There are still cars of the first class - Gold and wagons for ordinary mortals. If you do not go into your car, you can fly a penalty of 100 to 200 dirhams, i.e. from 30 to 70 dollars.

Artificial island

The first half of the next day I was busy with work and therefore the adventure around the city was not so much time. I decided to visit an artificial island, which is one of the most famous hotels in Dubai - an island in the form of palm Palm Jumeirah. It is easy to get to it, the main thing is to get to the Nakheel Sales Center, which is on the shore, and next to which there is a monorail station leading directly to the Atlantis hotel and water park. In one direction the monorail costs 20 dirhams (about 7 dollars), and in both 30 (about 9 dollars). By the way, if two of us go, it's more profitable to take a taxi.

Palm Jumeirah is not just an island, it's a small town. There is a private beach, a huge water park and an oceanarium, a shopping center, many cafes and restaurants. At the aquarium advise to spend a minimum of 3 hours, which I did not have, so I made a note in my notebook of cases that I will have to do during my next visit to the UAE. I'm coming back here! Never mind how long it will take.

On the island of Palm Jumeirah, I took a taxi and went to get acquainted with the famous Mall of Emirates. I have already looked at so many malls, and I am not particularly sick with shopping spree, so at the sight of this, the shopping mall was not particularly delighted with me. Many shops, below there is a Carrefoure supermarket (let the French forgive me if I made a mistake in writing this word). By the way, it is in this mall there is an artificial ski complex. So here all year round you can ski and sculpt snowmen. Very cool. Some go to neighboring countries to get down from the mountain on a snowboard, and local residents can simply visit the Emirate Mall.

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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