Emirates Airlines History and Analysis

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2. Introduction :2.1. organizational structureEmirates operates more than 120 destinations around the world. Emirates is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group, Dubai has a fleet of 256 models . Emirates has received numerous awards for excellence in dining, In 2008, Emirates transported 21.2 million passengers and 1.3 million tonnes of cargo on Emirates Air Cargo. Emirates is focusing on Asian markets. Ticket prices from Asian countries are lower than prices to Arab countries, and as a result, most of Emirates' passengers are from the Indian subcontinent.Emirates has been awarded the "Best Global Carrier" for 2013 and 2016.

2.2. History Emirates Airlines was established in 1985 by Dubai Government with just two aircrafts. Ever since the airlines began expanding, serving millions of customers and visiting various international countries from all around the globe. Today Emirates has 83 aircrafts files to 78 destinations in 55 countries worldwide. It is considered one of the fastest growing airlines and the fifth most profitable in the world and it has the fastest growing commercial fleets which are Boeing 777 , Airbus A330 and Airbus A340 models, serving from Dubai.

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(BBC News) (Emirates, 2019)Emirates Airlines main priority is providing high quality services and keep on trying to be the best airline on all of its routes which made they gain more than 280 international awards, such as the prestigious CAPA airline of the year award 2005 by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation.2.3 Current Status:Emirates airline has been able to build an eminent reputation for serving a large-scale of customers while maintaining the airline's excellence and robust relationship between their customers, increasing loyalty. Based on the airline's annual report, it has been noted that the Emirates Airlines has been able to gain a profit of AED 2.

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8 billion and a revenue and operating income of AED 92.3 billion while withholding service and accommodation of 58.5 million passengers within 157 countries in the 6 continents. While the airlines did gain a profitable amount of money, it has faced numerous of political and economic instabilities, enforced by external factors such as the oil price increase in emirates within half of the year and the political instability and currency fluctuation in Africa, this resulted into lower profit expectations and earnings. Currently, the airline has been able to make and conduct successful partnerships with numerous of airlines and corporations recently, such as FlyDubai, Qantas, Alaska Airlines and Jetblue. These successful partnerships allowed greater flexibility to the consumer, better provided services by the airline and improved decision making in the management.The most prominent act and services the airline is most proud of is The Emirate Airline Foundation, which began to make a vast difference by supporting poor children in South Asia, South East Asia and Africa. This foundation made efforts into donating school buses, providing decent and hygienic housings and medical care to poor children and supporting ADFA and their mission in Africa.In January of last year recently, the airline announced the purchase of new 36 more A380 aircrafts to replace the old ones in order to enhance customer experience. Also, it has started to provide daily services to Zaghrib and Croatia and started to expand operations in Luxenberg City, Maastricht in Netherlands and Aguadilla in Puerto Rico.With all successful recent accomplishments, the airline indeed did face difficulties enforced by the microenvironment surrounded by the competitors, who started to gain popularity by providing lower-fare flights to the same targeted customers and the competitive advantage some renowned airlines in Europe possessed when the other airlines started to invest more into improving and providing new products and their persistence in maximizing joint ventures. (Airline, 2019)3. Technology Involved: When any company establish they have to provide technology. And this technology will be depend on their need and available technology. However, all companies use same basic technology which are computer hardware, computer software, data management, and networking and telecommunication technology. Now we will write about technology involved in Emirate airline.3.1. Computer hardware: Due to the Emirate airline need to develop their services, they try to provide best hardware computer. They provide Emirate station controlled by Wavetec with a smart L.C.D. touch-screen kiosk. Mechanism of action is the employee has all the information about the customer and him/ her order. And this make their work more professional and accurate. Also, this employee will serve customers depend on their needs. For example, the customer speaks Spanish and he/she want any service he/she will serve from employee speaks Spanish, because he/she choose Spanish language.(Wavetec, 2019) In addition, they have best Airline inflight entertainment. They provide Wi-Fi, and Live TV on aircraft. Also, all PC power outlets support HDMI & USB ports for charging of portable devices. Moreover, enhanced handset controllers, and personal video playback.( Emirates.com ,2019)3.2. Computer software3.3. Data management technologyOne of the most vital components to an organization's success relies on data management, which is the base for every organization. Without an organized data management, the organization can lose many important information, leading to poor future performances and loss of track. Thus, ensuring a sustainable data management technology is critical to every organization. Recently, the airline has signed an agreement with UTC Aerospace systems to embed a new data management technology, that goes by the name of virtual QAR. The aircrafts are going to be updated with AID(aircraft interface device) for accessing data during the flight easily and promptly. This helps recovering in-flight data and then sending the transmissions immediately to the organization, reducing the likelihood of data loss. Before this technology, data was collected from flight in a USB driver or PCMCIA cards. ( III, 2018) Few years ago, the airline has partnered with Oxford University and established the Oxford-Emirates Data Science Lab in the faculty of mathematics, engineering and social science. Many renowned scientist, engineers and domain experts are gathered together in order to examine and and quench the airline's global network. The main focus of this institution is to develop new data sciences, machine learning skills, interpret customers' interactions, help placing the data in the organization and streamline business processes.(Bouchard, 2015)3.4. Networking and telecommunication technology4. Commercially available solutions:5. Business objectives: 5.1. Operational excellence 5.2. New products and services 5.3. Customer and supplier intimacy Customer intimacy is a strategy for building deep and lasting relationships with your customers, by tailoring your offerings to meet their specific needs. They provide many offers to their loyal customers Emirates skywards which are tier miles and regular skywards miles. Firest, tier skywards miles which is miles will earn when fly on an Emirate or flydubi flight. And it is depend in many factors. Firest, the track used. Second, the price of booked. Also, the class you selected. finally, the tier reached . and it is four tier blue, silver, gold or platinum.second, regular skywards miles which will earn when fly with other partner of Emirate airline.(Skyscanner,2018) Supplier intimacy is strong strategy for linking between supplier and company. They always try to be fair when they deal with supplier. Also, make strong cooperation with supplier. moreover, provide channels to discuss any problem or difficulties. (procurement.ekgroup,2019)5.4Survival Emirates Airline is known to be one of the leading airlines in the world. However, this does not mean that they are subjected to an everlasting and infinite position of success, but rather, the airline has to do its best in order to ensure survival within the competitive industry. Now the main question is, how does the Emirates Airline ensure survival in order to keep on thriving? The answer to this question lies behind the key factors of success the company already possesses, and key factors the company should possess in order to keep its place in the market. There are a few keys factors the airline already possess, and they are separated into three factors. The first key factor is differentiation. The airline should be able to differentiate itself from other airline companies and provide the aircraft with the right tools and technology that will quench the need of techno-savvy individuals mostly and the needs of other individuals as well. (more details will be mentioned in this research to emphasize this point)The second factor the Emirates Airline already possess and should focus on more is maintaining and building its name and its reputation globally. The airline succeeded in building a renowned name for itself in the industry and this resulted into building stronger customer loyalty, which ultimately makes sure that their customers will last with them through the tough times and avoid offers from other airlines. In order to improve this robust relationship, the airline has already offered mileages and points to be redeemed once the customer has reached a certain point through multiple flights.The third factor the airline successfully accomplished is maintaining alliances with other corporations in order to decrease competition, share resources and insightful knowledge with other companies in order to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. The airline, as mentioned in this research, has already built a partnership and made alliances with multiple global and national airlines. All of these points mentioned should be improved greatly by the airlines to ensure survival.After mentioning all of these key survival elements the airline possesses, it must be mentioned that there are some other factors the airline does not maintain and should maintain them as soon as possible to make sure they keep their place as being one of the leading airlines in the industry. The first factor that must be mentioned is the technological advancement the world is facing, enforcing many corporations to act upon that and keep updated with the latest technology found.Unfortunately, Emirates airline does not possess the latest E-CRM technology, which helps improving customer services exponentially. It is highly recommended for Emirates Airlines to implement this technology, along with some other ones. The second factor that needs to be addressed is the reduction of costs, and this can be accomplished by making operational improvements, namely improving maintenance processes, maintain high aircraft utilization and making effective flight scheduling.The third factor is to avoid reduction of fares. As more low-fare airlines begin emerging in the industry, this has imposed grave threats to the Emirates Airlines, due to the fact that those airlines are targeting the same audience as Emirates airlines as mentioned previously in the research. In order to combat those competitors, numerous people believe that decreasing the fare costs would increase the number of passengers, thus, increasing profits. However, this is highly a very big mistake, if implemented by the airlines, because of its eminent reputation and years of offering the best services that are not found in low-fare airlines. Instead, Emirates Airlines can form a subsidiary under The Emirates Group that functions as a low-fare airline.The fourth factor to ensure survival is the latitude to extend routes to more places in order to meet some of the customers' needs and wants. There are generally some places that the airline does not travel to, and does not provide any services to and this is needed the most in attractive areas that most customers would visit during vacations. Joining a global alliance is the first step towards achieving this objective. (UKEssays, 2018)6. Systems for management making and business intelligent:6.1. TPS6.2. MISManagement information system (MIS) is important to support the movement level. It's biggest concern is the internal sources of information and it normally gathers data from the Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) and sum it up into a sequel of management reports. (Laudon, 2001)Budgeting System is an example of the usage of this system, the middle managers use it to provide the Emirate's annual budgeting reports. Emirate's Pricing Analysis System is another example for this system which helps in deciding the tickets prices and promotions6.3. DSSAn acronym for decision support system, this system is mainly used by middle managers in order to support and make nonroutine decisions about some uncertainties by using external information and information taken from both MIS and TPS. (Laudon and Laudon,1991.) Mainly, the airline uses two kinds of decision support systems, one is known as Compensation Analysis System, which provides an overview of the organization expenditure, monitor wages, salaries, and benefits for the manager and they are able to plan (UKEssays, 2018).Another type of decision support system is the CheckTime decision system, that is used to measure numerous of environmental factors such as wind, temperature and more to make decisions using estimations and then informs the pilots and other crews about the final decision. It is most useful during winter. (Airlines, 2017) 6.4. ESSThe Executive Support System (ESS) for management decision - making and business intelligence is the type of information system used at strategic level to help senior managers make strategic decisions. One of the objectives of the Emirates Airlines is to make profit. The Profit Planning System could enable the organization to accomplish this target. Profit planning framework sets a benefit focus for the coming time period. like a summary of the estimated income statement. It begins with a forecast of expected sales, taking into account market conditions, and the desired percentage of gross profit.Facilities Location system is another Emirates - based information system that helps mangers to access external information to decide where to locate new facilities. This type of system will assist in gathering, analysing and summarizing key information about internal and external business.(UKEssays, 2018)

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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