The Main Tourist Attractions in Dubai

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Dubai is a clear testimony of “rising from ashes to glory”. Once a dull fishing village, the city has developed to become one of the best world attractions and a must-visit destination for tourists and business people. The city prides itself with the world’s tallest building, seven-star properties, underwater hotels, manmade islands and incredible beaches that will always leave visitors yearning for more.

The population is made of local Emiratis who have everything in life but a large population is comprised of struggling working class especially from India and Africa who we instrumental for its rise.

There are many places to enjoy the best delicacies from different cultures including Hilton Dubai Creek and Grosvenor House Hotel famous for the best courting cuisine. There are many restaurants lining the streets from where you can enjoy sumptuous meals as you watch the buzzing activities in the streets. Meals range from as low as $25 to $140 or more.

Luxurious shopping in the malls

Enjoy an intriguing shopping experience in Dubai malls where shopping is average.

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The experience does not disappoint and shops here are familiar. You can get great bargains on electronics while at the same time enjoying store trawling which is the apex of Dubai shopping experience. Be ready for unrestrained fantasies that will surely be captivating inviting you to spend.

Champagne feast

If you love alcohol, there is an abundance flow which you can enjoy in over 450 hotels offering multiple restaurants, bars and clubs. You can always quench your thirst especially on Fridays when most of these establishments throw open their doors for heaping buffets and free-flowing alcohol.

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Burj Al Arab

Visit the tallest hotel in the world with subtle gold-leaf that is liberally applied as an undercoat. The building perfectly dominates the city’s skyline and will leave your imagination dominated as well. The foyer boasts of multiple dancing fountains while the forecourt is decorated with while Rolls Royces. You can either pay to access the building or book a table in one of the eateries to give you an access card.

Visit ancient Dubai

Not everything has been overturned by the massive developments and skyscrapers. There are cafes and art galleries especially in Bastakia Quarters where you can enjoy a ride back to the centuries. Visit Majlis gallery, XVA gallery and Basta Art Cafes.

Enjoy abra rides

As the sun sets on Dubai city, hit the waters and enjoy magnificent views of the skyscrapers from water taxis commonly known as abra. At £10 per hour, you can charter a private abra and enjoy a great ride back to the 1960s.

Desert safaris

Enjoy a flavour of the ancient Bedouin existence with spectacular desert safaris offered by multiple companies in Dubai. Take a magical drive on four-wheel drives or ride on camel cack across the expansive desert. The experience is really perfect especially as you seat at night gazing to the skies above and enjoy barbecue food.

Dubai fountains

Pay a visit to the base of Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa for an exciting display of Dubai fountains. The fountains offer a jaw-dropping view and are bigger than Belaggion fountains in Las Vegas. The water throw is louder, taller and bigger, offering spectacular views especially at night when accompanied by light shows.

Man-made islands

The reclaimed islands in the offshore are some of the most audacious megaprojects of Dubai. Pay a visit to the palm Jumeirah, the palm-tree shaped island that is considered to be the 8th wonder of the world. Other must visit islands include Deira and Jebel. You should also visit the world-map-shaped archipelago known as The World for a memorable experience.

Ski Dubai

Transit from the hot desert heat in seconds and enter less than zero degrees winter snow ski slope located at the Mall of the Emirates in the Marina. Enjoy a skiing experience in true mountain style and watch the fun in this spectacular attraction.

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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