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Attractions And Culture Of Southall Cultural Studies Essay

I have selected ‘Southall ‘ as my instance survey. It is situated in London borough of Ealing, near Heathrow airdrome. It is good connected with major London Stationss via London over land rail service. Southall is an country where more than 50 % of population is from India and Pakistan or other Asiatic communities and it is normally called as ‘little India ‘ among the local people. This is a perfect illustration of diverse civilizations, where local community from different faiths and civilizations live together.

Some of the major attractive forces it offer to the visitants such as Southall Broadway, which is the chief shopping street, where about every scope of merchandises from Asian community can be found really easy. Assortment of eating houses with multi- culinary arts ; magnetically attracts visitants, as original Indian curries and state gustatory sensation is the forte. Visitors can experience the colorful civilization of Asia in really first visit to Southall.

Many Gurudwaras ( Religious temples of Sikh community ) are located here and they attract many visitants from different parts of London and local people as good.

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One of Gurudwara named “ Sri Guru Singh Sabha ” ( Largest Sikh temple situated outside India ) called proud of Southall. Not merely Gurudwaras but many Hindu temples, churches and mosques are besides situated here and this whole ambiance gives feeling of a multi-religion community.

During many festivals Southall has its ain appeal. As India is a state of festivals and colorss, multiple faiths have their ain thoughts of jubilations and Punjabi civilization is the most celebrated and observing among all.

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Diwali, Holi, Dussera, Vaisakhi, Guru-Purab etc. are some of the jubilation yearss. In Southall people celebrate these yearss likewise Christmas or New Year eve. There are 100s of pictures and images available online to acquire a feel of ambiance around these particular yearss. This topographic point is celebrated among all Punjabi peoples around the Earth due to its exceptionality. Many Hindi, Punjabi films and assorted common people music artists has contributed much for this ballyhoo.

While my ain personal visits, I can seldom see English faces. Usually shopkeepers trades in their native linguistic communication ‘Punjabi ‘ . Influence of Punjabi in this country can be judged from Southall over land station where English and Punjabi guideposts are installed for convenience to locals. Picture below is of one of the guideposts installed outdoors Southall over land train station:

Courtesy: www.thelangarhall.comwp-contentuploads200808SouthallLRsign.jpg

No uncertainty about the diversified civilization and landmarks located in Southall ; still there is some lacking in its touristic popularity among non-Asian visitants. While this topographic point has many attractive forces and involvements, some techniques and marketing theories can be used to do it a good established finish.

Through this instance survey and my personal observation, I would wish to show some statements sing the limited popularity and suggestions for creativity of this possible tourer finish ( which can be a major attractive force for all types of London visitants in approaching hereafter ; if worked sagely upon market schemes ) .

Besides I would wish to show market cleavage and market research tools for the future chances of this topographic point. Required parametric quantities, appropriate communicating mix and distribution channels are mentioned in the ulterior portion of this survey.

Distinctiveness, Segmentation, Target Market, Market Research

Southall is alone and several benefits it can offer to the visitants. ‘Little India ‘ would be used to supply assorted attractive forces to communities non merely Asians but from other race as good.

I want to supply you a glance of assortments and cultural experiences, which Southall is offering to current visitants and tourers:


Southall became a residential community country in early 50 ‘s when the primary group of Asians arrived here, who was recruited to work in a local mill which was owned by an ex-British Indian Army officer. These South Asiatic dwellers grew quickly, due to the convenience of employment chances.

Today Southall has a batch to offer to its people, I am supplying few typical features of this topographic point which make it exceeding in footings of visitant ‘s experience:

Religious Topographic points: There are 10 Sikh Gurdwaras in Southall, one of these Gurdwaras ‘Sri Guru Singh Sabha ‘ ( opened in 2003 ) is one of the biggest Sikh temples outdoors India as I have mentioned earlier in debut portion. There are two big Hindu temples, the Vishnu Hindu temple on Lady Margaret Road and the Ram temple in Old Southall. Number of churches like Roman Catholic, Methodist Anglican, Baptist etc. and three Muslim community mosques, one located on Southall Broadway and other located in Old Southall. These topographic points provide a multi-cultural and sacredly godly experience together at one finish.

Shopping and Food: Main route in Southall is called the Broadway. Southall has major Asiatic shopping Centre in London. Southall is besides the site of the celebrated ‘Glassy Junction ‘ public house, which serve a figure of Indian draft beers and interesting fact to advert that it gives installation to accept payment in Indian currency. Southall has many celebrated eating houses e.g. Mirch Masala, Gifto ‘s Madhus, Chaudhry ‘s TKC, TKC are well-known for the Chaudhry ‘s Tiara which has a alone Pakistani coach for their concern selling. A big gas tower is besides located in Southall, which is a good known landmark and seeable from a long distance. Southall has its ain local football nine named as Southall F.C. and has a long history, holding been formed more than hundred old ages ago.

Courtesy: hypertext transfer protocol: //

( Mentioned map give an thought of the celebrated landmark locations of Southall and seeable that a diverse scope of option is available to bask and see here )

Music and Films: Media played a well intimate function for the popularity of Southall, Many Indo-British films were setup here as shot and script locations ; some of them are Hindi movie ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom ‘ , internationally applauded films ‘Bend It Like Beckham ‘ and ‘Bride and Prejudice ‘ . Couple of twelvemonth ‘s back a celebrated Hindi film has been made on Southall football nine named as ‘Goal ‘ . Not merely films but figure of Punjabi music picture has been shot here and a batch of celebrated personalities from Indian film and Indian music industry accommodate themselves here. A local community wireless station is functioning Southall named Westside 89.6 FM and licensed by OfCom towards community-based wireless services.

Film Studio: One of the earliest British movie studios ‘Southall Studios ‘ played a historic function in British film-making from its creative activity in 1924 to its closing in 1959. In 1936 a fire destroyed the studio but it was rebuilt and enlarged. Several films having well-known histrions, plus an early Television series ( “ Colonel March of Scotland Yard ” ) were made at the studios together with Television and film adverts. ( Web resources )

Industrial Constitutions: During the research, it has been found that there were many individuals who made their impact as population of Southall. Otto Monsted, a Danish oleo manufacturer, built a big mill at Southall in 1894. The mill besides had its ain railroad turnouts and branch canal. The Maypole Dairy Company was subsequently acquired by Lever Brothers who, as portion of the international Unilever Company, changed the site to a Wall ‘s Sausages mill which produced sausages and other meat merchandises until the late seventiess.

Business Factor: Friend Oats ( later portion of Pepsi carbon monoxide ) built a mill in Southall in 1936. Which subsequently on taken by Spiller ‘s and Big Gear group. Engineering goods, pigment, sugar whiffs and nutrient procedure mills are the chief concern developed here. ( Web resources )

These were some of the illustrations from its brief history which made an impact for their big concerns, boulder clay this day of the month Southall provide a positive ambiance for the concerns to turn, one of them is due to handiness of the work force signifier eastern states.

Mentioned are some of the major beginnings of attractive force and brief historical events related to this topographic point. Southall can merely supply an amazing experience to the visitants. Diverse scope of activities and people ; makes it apart from London ‘s chief watercourse touristry. Southall provides a strong illustration for ‘Creative Tourism ‘ as it offers many valuable and alone experiences to the visitants.

Market Segmentation & A ; Target Market

As we have discussed that Southall provides a sacredly enrich experience particularly to Hindu and Sikh community and figure of visitants are from this market cleavage ( Based on particular community services ) .

Some visitants are from London part who wants to hold a glance of ‘Little India ‘ due to their particular involvements or avidity. Shopping for some Indian points e.g. apparels, nutrient points, amusement beginnings, nutrient and food market merchandises etc. besides attract people from around as they are non easy available in other parts of metropolis.

Market cleavage is a indispensable portion of any touristry finish survey as:

“ Cleavage groups tourists into sections based on similar features. Targeting chooses from among these sections the one or more that are most likely to react positively to a promotional messageaˆ¦ ” ( Kolb, 2006: 103 )

Target Market and Market Research:

Above definition from Kolb depict the demand of categorization of the different mark markets harmonizing to their features and I observed from twosome of visits about the market sections who comes to this topographic point, chiefly they are ;

Families- Parents with their kids for shopping and leisure and to bask an ambiance which relates them to their native goon.

Individual Youngsters- who are involve in some portion of industries and Southall Broadway ( as portion of work or to run into friends ) .

Old age people from Asiatic ( Indian & A ; Pakistani ) ethnicity- for the intent of their regular or timely visit to spiritual topographic points.

Societies of specialist interests- chiefly these societies are from cultural positions who visit for their particular involvements.

Shoppers- Mainly females who are interested in Asiatic cultural vesture or manner.

Domestic tourists- from Asiatic ethnicity, who are going to UK or London have their involvement to see this celebrated ( among them ) topographic point or to run into household or friends or due to promotion created by media ( Films and music )

These are some of the major classs of visitants who choose Southall as their finish for assorted grounds as applicable. Making a market research is necessary due to the exposure of touristry and ;

‘The more an administration knows about its clients and prospective clients – their demands and desires, their attitudes and behaviour- the better it will be able to plan and is required to excite their buying determinations. ‘ ( Middleton with Clarke, 2001 )

Same classs are the perspective Target Markets and it can be enhanced more by execution of accurate market research and touristry selling.

Further in following portion of this instance survey I would wish to show the appropriate communications mix and distribution channels. Which are presently, used for publicities of Southall and to pull visitants.

Communicationss Mix and Distribution Channels

I have accessed a few web sites available online for information on Southall and for current activities traveling on here but sad portion is ; this topographic point is no where appropriately accessed in item on the web, whereas on the other manus I ca n’t happen appropriate printed stuffs ( circulars or booklets ) every bit good. This is the cardinal point which strikes my head that why this topographic point is non so celebrated in other communities or London visitants and narrowed merely to the local communities populating here.

Present Promotional Materials:

I observed that word to oral cavity is the merely active portion of publicities go oning for this topographic point by local communities and this is the major ground why remainder of the people are remaining apart to entree this alone finish. Why web sites are non playing a valuable function. When searched in item, I found that few web sites which are available are non really pulling any new strain of visitants and non many publicities are available on the air.


Few web sites I have mentioned below are the lone available beginnings to acquire information ( which are besides non fulfilling the demand of a visitant ) and I tried to give a brief outline about what information they contain and what is missing as an appropriate first beginning of cognition:

hypertext transfer protocol: // – This web site is more like a web log site, where no information about the topographic point is provided, although this site boasts of a community aid supplier but it focuses merely on the events and intelligence traveling on in the certain portion. I observed approximately presently ongoing issues in Southall by this site and some of them were interesting e.g. Drug mongering in Southall, Protest from the local occupants against council ‘s support sing inordinate figure of gaming and imbibing topographic points. I believe these types of web sites are more enlightening to the local people or individuals with specific involvements, but to a tourer.

This web site can be used as a successful channel as it contains local community position and helps to inform occupants sing the hot-issues around. If publicised and regenerated with huge sum of information on positive qualities as good, it can play a major function in development of Southall as a tourer topographic point to visitants from all communities.

hypertext transfer protocol: // – Wikipedia is a good known web site to entree basic information about anything or topographic point, but in my sentiment this is besides non of much involvement towards visitant ‘s regeneration in Southall. Wikipedia is incorporating immense sum of information on history, basic civilization or features, but if a higher degree of information is required, it might be an hardship as it is non a dependable or trusted beginning of information ; the ground is anyone can update or redact the information ; hence genuineness of the information is a inquiry.

My personal sentiment towards this web site is non really supportive but still when no other beginnings are available, at least this websites provides preliminary information.

hypertext transfer protocol: // – Visit Southall is another web site with less information. This web site is more of an advertizement web site than a visitant ‘s enlightening resource. On the gap place page there are figure of little adverts from local concerns and a really short note describes Southall. Other comparative links takes through the different options e.g. concerns, hotels, shopping, eating houses etc. some of them are utile and some non. This web site is more like a local directory with reference and phone Numberss mentioned on it by assorted concern links. This web site, as the nexus says ‘Visit Southall ‘ can be a medium for supplying all kind of information and ocular stuff to pull more visitants. But as this web site is ill made ; it is of non much usage. It requires a complete makeover and can be really successful if different contents like images, ocular artworks, music or other attractive mediums added to it. Further it requires publicity upon assorted societal networking web sites or advertizement through assorted other media channels.

Thereafter I tried to concentrate on the future prospective in footings of selling elements to be used in advancing Southall as a typical topographic point for visitants from all over.

I believe that by now this study has justified the singularity of Southall and besides provided a sense of experience one can acquire by sing. Bing diverse and such culturally enriched, still there are many factors and drawbacks which stopped it to turn and make to the visitant ‘s checklist. In farther part of this study I would wish to propose few elements of communications mix to back up from marketing point of position.

Communication Mix:

There are certain demands for selling. If Southall demands to better and lift up as a touristry finish, it is necessary to implement mentioned elements:


It ‘s the procedure of pass oning the visitant the image of the finish, along with characteristics, benefits it has to offer ( Kolb, 2006, 219 )

In my sentiment every successful finish has its stigmatization and it really affect the figure of visitants. Branding helps to clear up the finish ‘s personality and more efficaciously branding plants as a powerful tool on peoples head and gives to its visitant a sense of forte.

But inquiry arise what are the tools to be used as branding? In brief they consist of mottos, Sons, icons and imagination. It is indispensable that these tools must stand for a subject and relates to the finish. In instance of Southall, it has figure of events and festivals which can be easy used as a tool of branding events and can be helpful for its popularity.

“ the key to making a brandaˆ¦ is to be able to take a name, logo, symbol, bundle design, or other property that identifies a merchandise and distinguishes it from others ” ( Hem and Iversen, 2004 )

Along with branding Southall requires first-class degree of advertisement, as after making a trade name it has to distribute out to point of contact with future visitants or possible consumers.

Ad: is without a uncertainty a biggest tool for publicity, whether merchandise is touchable or intangible. In footings of popularity, Southall decidedly require an advertisement policy in which diversified civilization, colourful atmosphere, delightful nutrient and many other fortes can be promoted as alone experiences.

Ad is a tool which contains perfect communications mix for publicity, and it can make out to mass instead than personal merchandising or one to one dealingss. Although each tool have its ain restrictions and limitations, but in my sentiment Southall can go superior finish by the aid of appropriate stigmatization and advertisement. Ad has assorted features and it can act upon mentioned classs:

Carry new clients ( Visitors ) for merchandise ( Destination )

Keep bonding with bing clients

Spread consciousness among aggregate population

Keeps increasing the repute for the merchandise

Can be used through assorted mediums at one time ( Television, Media, Posters, Web Adverts etc. )

Influential and less clip devouring in comparing to personal dealingss

Further Ad can be studied and distributed, as it should stand for consciousness, involvement, end or desire ( result of advertisement ) must be decided and action to be made harmonizing to status ‘s demand. This theory is defined as AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

Using Ad with Southall: Mentioned are the few good key points by advertisement. I am non denying the usage of other communications mix but harmonizing to the state of affairs and placement of Southall, I strongly believe that Advertising and Branding will assist at major degrees. Although some more techniques like ; personal merchandising, public dealingss or gross revenues support etc. can besides be added and implement all together but practicably these other techniques or tools can be employed by the success or failure of a individual tool.


London is a huge metropolis which accommodates legion civilization and people ; by personal experience, I can state that this is one of the most diversified metropoliss in the universe. If we look at London ‘s ain personal merchandising and finish selling, London has made a grade and is a perfect illustration for the remainder of the universe. London has proven a enormous success when it comes for ‘branding a metropolis ‘ . This must be a ground why London has got such diversified countries and finishs inside its ain district. London seems to be a little continent with such huge contrast and assortment in between its ain people and topographic points.

Southall, which grew up and categorised itself as a specific community location, needs particular attending. Even if we apart Asian community ‘s colors, still it has got many other involvements and attractive forces. When we add both ; diverse cultural experience with its elegance ; it creates a different degree experience for its visitants.

It consists of many features and attractive forces, which is a perfect blend of enrich peculiarity. Future mark markets and research we have discussed to acquire an overview before execution of any selling planning.

How web sites or other media are helpful and in which countries they are missing behind, we have observe from few illustrations.

What attract people and how to make out to distinctive and new consumers we argued in the ulterior portion.

I believe that Southall is stand foring an of import portion of diverse London. Although it has been misinterpret by people and other communities but it has got a possible to be an iconic and one of the must see topographic points.

By my observations and research I found that there is some lacking of appropriate selling attack towards its popularity. If council, private administrations and communities of this topographic point support each other, Southall can be added in undivided parts of London ‘s celebrated topographic points.

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