Positive Impact You Get from Traveling

Growing up in Ethiopia, some of the things you do is you spend most of your time outside, playing football, playing cards, playing hiding sick, running, bike tire rolling with your friends and most of your inside city traveling is done by walking. Ethiopia is not big country but it is filled with above 80 nation and nationalities and different languages. I have seen most of the nation and nationalities through the TV but only able to see few of the places with my naked eyes.

But those few places I saw with my naked eye has played bigger roll in my traveling interest and positive impact. Three years ago I was able to move from Ethiopia to America, it was one of the most exciting thing that had to go through in my daily life. Just living three years in America I start to notice the positive impact in my life and this are some of the positive impact, they are:- traveling makes you better learner, traveling makes you creative,traveling makes you appreciate home and traveling makes you happier.

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Traveling makes you better learner. I have learned that traveling empowers the learner inside of me, it increases my curiosity and humility, and it has helped me to learn so much about the world and most importantly about myself.

Traveling makes you creative. Doing as the locals do something things for extended length of time it can open my mind, making me to look a different route and helping me to bounce around in a different ideas.

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Traveling makes you appreciate home. Some of the things that I start to notice about home is that when I travel to America it makes me to appreciate and make me realize how much I know about my own country, how much of the things that I missed right where I lived at and how sweet is to be once culture.

Traveling makes you happier. The experience I get to see and be able to participate with the way the local everyday life things like:- eating, cloth style, song, movie, work and what little things means so much to them, brings such a happiness in my life.

Traveling has allowed me to experience new culture, the nature, the everyday life of once culture, and it is also continuously forces me to step out of my comfort zone and has become one of the many confidence-builder in my life.Traveling has positive impact in my life. Weather in learning, creativity, making new friends, facing problem, building confidence, exploring new places or helping to widen my perspective, it plays bigger role in my everyday life.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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