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Accommodation in Barcelona While Traveling

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Essay, Pages 2 (500 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (500 words)

It is said that Europe is something that everyone must see before he/she dies. Europe as a whole has many beautiful countries and cities one such beautiful city is Barcelona which is the capital city of Catalonia and happens to be the second largest city of Spain after Madrid. There are some interesting facts about Barcelona which include

  1. The magazine Monocole quotes Barcelona to be the 16th one amongst the most livable cities of the world
  2. Also, on richness tally Barcelona ranks the 4th by GDP
  3. The city also is called as the global city

Looking at the importance of Barcelona it has become a hot spot for people to settle down permanently and even has become a hub for working executives but what’s more commendable about this beautiful city is that it offers a wide range of accommodation we will refer to it as Barcelona Accommodation for rent as well as sale.

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The entire city is divided into three major areas namely downtown, midtown and uptown with different rates of property depending upon the location of the property one is interested in.

The city offers very good deals for rentals properties in localities like Raval Port vell and even some good ones near the city beach.

Barcelona accommodation is also offered in a village named Gracia which offers beautiful villas and an exotic and fun filled night life. Barcelona has a rich culture and heritage in the form of street arts, museums, literature societies etc. Barcelona Accommodation is also available for short term vacations rentals in all the areas and the rates vary as sixty to one hundred fifty Euros per meter square where the range increase with the increase in amenities one is looking for.

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Some of the posh localities in Barcelona are:

  1. Las Ramblas which is famous for its flashy restaurants, street painters, street dancers road side cafes etc
  2. Gotico is the oldest quarter of Barcelona famous for its ancient architectural buildings. Its ancient winding streets and the visitors love this place.

Others to name are Barceloneta el borne, Raval etc the reason for naming them is simple these are the posh localities of Barcelona and have a plenty of available Barcelona Accommodation for any purpose but surely at a very high price as they say – ‘everything has its price’. Definitely there is accommodation for all who want it. The entire European continent is a traveller’s paradise, every year there are thousands of tourists who visit the continent and so do Barcelona. Statistics say that the no of people who visit Barcelona are close to a whopping 30 million every year.

The city offers a wide range of accommodation in the form of variety of hotels from cheaper to best in class of five star or even seven star hotels leaving it entirely up to the tourist to decide what does he/she want as per the pocket and budget. So if you haven’t yet found an accommodation in Barcelona go grab one because there is plenty.

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