What Should you Know About Traveling to Greece

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Due to its exotic history, there is a common belief that you can only dream of a vacation to Greece and experience its stunning wonders if you are reasonably wealthy and can afford to pay your weight in gold. This is false. With a reasonable budget, almost anyone can afford a cheap holiday to Greece, without the threat of financial bankruptcy. The rule is simple — live according to your pockets, and you can still have an adventure while enjoying Santorini’s fabled sunsets, the pretty white beaches of nearby islands, picturesque mountain views, and top-class cuisine.

Have you been wondering how much you should take on holiday to Greece so you can tighten up your shoelaces and jet off to the beautiful island? For a two week stay in Greece on a small budget, you will need £600, at £35-£45 cost of expenses per day. However, this budget only applies if you plan to travel outside of peak season which is usually between July and August.

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Due to the influx of tourists and the outflow of local residents who usually go on their own vacations during this period, prices are often on the high end. Try to time your holiday to more pocket-friendly periods like May, June, or September till early October and you will be pleasantly rewarded with an authentic holiday experience.

If you must travel during peak season, be sure to budget nearly twice as much. You may also avoid the more popular zones, and go for the more unique, and less expensive mainland and the surrounding crew lesser-known islands.

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Below, is a breakdown of expenses.


You can find rooms in dorms or hostels at very cheap prices starting from £15 per night in larger cities like Thessaloniki and Athens. You can also cut back on costs when travelling in groups by booking small hotels and guesthouses for as low as £18-£25 per night.

Touring the surrounding islands would mean that accommodation prices will go up, but remain well within budget. Small hotels or guesthouses start out at £42-£55 per night, and a bed in a dorm room can be found at just £18-£22 a for a comfortable night sleep.


The two ways to move between islands are by flight or by ferry. Both are relatively inexpensive depending on the urgency of your movements, but flights are the cheaper option. If you need to move quickly from island to island, be prepared to hand out just a little extra cash. Within a city, most spots are usually within walking distance.


You can enjoy delicious meals at street stalls and markets for as low as £5-£18. Or budget around £20-£30 to enjoy a hearty meal at local tavernas and restaurants. Stop and chat with the locals and ask for recommendations on affordable spots and joints to try out. At the end of the day, your stomach will be tasty, sumptuous dishes you will remember for a long time.


The staple drink of the country is beer, and a regular bottle goes for £2-£3, while a more exotic brand will cost a couple more. If you belong to the wine loving crowd, you can delight in a bottle of locally brewed wine for £5-£7 a glass, and relishing a bottle will set you back £7-£10. A daring glass of cocktail will cost about £10-£12, but it will be worth it as you sip the fruity mixture while walking along or relaxing on the beach.

Things To Do

You don't have to carry a bag full of money to still partake in the many adventures that Greece has waiting in store for you. You can partake in trips traditional dinner shows, jet-ski rides, and excursions around the city and marvel at the iconic scenes, and soak in thousand years of culture and history for a small fee of £15.

During the night, you experience the vibrant nightlife by going club hopping in party central, Mykonos. All it will cost you is an entry free of £22-£45 at the door, then you can let your spirit run wild and free. The locals will be happy to advise you on hidden spots where you can still have lots of fun at cheap rates.

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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