Everything You Should Know About Ilana Glazer’s Husband David Rooklin

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Ilana Glazer is not only a hilarious American comedian but also a competent actress and an accomplished writer whose fame came from the popular Comedy Central series Broad City, a show she co-created with her friend and partner, Abbi Jacobson.

Since the creation of Broad City, which has recorded tremendous success in the entertainment industry, the young comedian has thrived in the industry. Her role in the movie, How To Follow Strangers distinguished her as an actress of a rare ilk.

Other films she has appeared in include The Night Before (2015) and Rough Night (2017).

The Person Behind the Name of Ilana Glazer

Born in Long Island, New York, on the 12th of April 1987, Ilana Glazer is the daughter of two insurance workers – Larry and Sandi Glazer. Her formative years were spent in St James, New York alongside her only sibling, Elliot, in a reformed Jewish household.

She later attended Smithtown High School in Smithtown, New York. The rising star then proceeded to New York University where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2009.

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While at university, the young actress shared a room with Rachel Bloom. Ilana has admitted that she smokes Marijuana almost every day but she rarely touches alcohol.

The stand-up comedian’s total net worth has been estimated at an admirable $2 million although her salary and other earnings are yet to be made public.

In 2006, the emerging star started training classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and for several years after that, she toured New York performing improv and stand-up comedy.

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Together with Abbi Jacobson, she started Broad City which was a popular web series where the duo starred as fictional versions of themselves. Broad City, which got an ECNY nomination for Best Web Series, was well received by the audience and attracted the attention of prestigious media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly and US Today.

The web series was so popular that it was eventually adapted into a sitcom which is currently airing on Comedy Central.

The versatile entertainer has made appearances in several short movies like; High and Dry which aired in 2014, Nature Boys which was released in 2012 and Little Horribles which premiered in 2013. In 2015, she made an appearance in The Night Before, but her breakthrough role in movies came with her appearance in How to Follow Strangers which was released in 2013. The comedian’s works on television include Time Travelling Bong, Bojack Horseman, Inside Amy Schumer, Lip Sync Battle, RuPaul's Drag Race and Lucas Bros Moving Co.

In 2017, Ilana got married to her longtime boyfriend, David Rooklin. Everything You Should Know About David Rooklin On the 26th of February 2017, Ilana Glazer got wedded to her longtime boyfriend David Rooklin whom she had been dating since 2014.

Their wedding ceremony was a private affair which was held at New York's City Hall. The public eventually got to know about the wedding when Ilana’s friend and fellow comedian, Phoebe Robinson, posted their wedding photo on the social media in her congratulatory message to the newlyweds. The two seem very happy together and are eager to spend the rest of their lives as friends and partners.

More Information About David

David Rooklin Works at NYU

David got his Ph.D. in computational biology at NYU in 2012 after graduating from Oberlin College with a degree in biochemistry. Presently, he works at NYU as a teaching assistant while he engages in post-doctoral science research in molecular modeling.

He’s a Scientist

David and Ilana can be likened to two vastly different sides of a coin. According to his wife Ilana, he is a scientist and does not know a thing about comedy. Though very different, it is obvious they were meant for each other.

He's a Proud Feminist

Ilana’s husband is a die-hard feminist and is proud of it. His belief in the equality of the sexes makes his wife love him more. She has even shared a photo of her husband sporting a cap with the word feminist emblazoned on it on social media.

David Rooklin Dated Ilana Glazer For Years

Their relationship started in 2014 and culminated in marriage in 2017, meaning the couple spent a few years of quiet courtship before going public with their relationship.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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