Terrorism Essay Topics

The motivations behind terrorism

As Kofi Annam the Secretary General of the United Nations in his speech on March 10 2005 at the Closing Plenary of the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security said “There are five elements, and I shall call them the “five D’s”. They are: first, to dissuade disaffected groups from choosing terrorism as a… View Article

What the future may hold

Law enforcement is heading for uncharted waters. Beyond deals with criminal activity and enforcing state statutes, law enforcement personnel are at the time of this writing in the throes of war with а frontline that has no defined latitude or longitude. The enemy is often faceless and leaderless. What will the future hold? Although no… View Article

Why Terrorism Does Not Work

The main issue that Abrams particularly points out in his research is the fact that terrorism is a major issue that plagues the entire humanity today. Behind all the debates about the effectiveness of the approach of the terrorist in the world today, Abrams argues that their approach in making their goals certain to their… View Article

Border Security and Terrorism

The only way that any country can effectively prevent terrorist attacks is by improving the local security on a domestic scale. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, “the protection of borders and ports of entry are vital to the success of this campaign (Campbell & Flourney 372)”. The issue here, however, is… View Article

Suicide Terrorism

The event of September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the United States left American in shudders. Never before had the US been a victim of such a vicious attack in its own land. The attack triggered a series of responses on terrorism globally but it brought to the surface the gravity of the nature of… View Article

Root Causes of Terrorism

Fieldman and Shapir (2004) noted that “some of the latest figures involving international suicide terrorists, their actions and the outcome of these actions, mentioning that there were eleven suicide attacks in Chechnya since 2003 involving fifteen terrorists, eleven of which are women. Their actions killing 200 and sixty one suicide attacks until June 2004 in… View Article

Wanted: The Real Terrorists

Abstract No one can ever forget the tragedy of September 11, 2001. For months, the world grieved the massive loss it caused. It was a wake-up call for the world to snap out of its complacency and address the global problems that has long been ignored. This paper discusses September 11 in the light of… View Article

Counterterrorism and the US Foreign Policy

The world has changed bizarrely and peculiarly after the 2001 World Trace Center bombing. About five years after the United States invaded Iraq and overthrew the fascistic regime of Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration became more determined in pursuing its enemies beyond its borders— the international terrorist groups who are hiding, breeding, gaining more strength,… View Article

Exclusive form of terrorism

If the cross-border terrorism were treated as just a variety of warfare, it would blur the distinction Western politicians prefer to uphold between acceptable violence like nuking or firebombing civilians by people in proper uniforms, and evil violence like dynamiting civilians by people in mufti. Moreover, without that distinction people normally considered good patriots, such… View Article

Impact of terrorism on international relations

On average, from 1993 to 1998, nearly ten Americans died as victims of international terrorists every year, but the actual result of terrorism goes far beyond these numbers. It may even paralyze some of the most powerful governments. Now, the technological advancements in transportation around the world has advanced to the point where it has… View Article

Issues of Terrorism

The September 11 terrorist attack made a big impact around the world. It opened not only the eyes of the United States but also awakened fear from every peace loving country worldwide. The people behind this were the most feared terrorist group, the Al Qaeda. Masterminded by Osama Bin Laden, this network of extremists aims… View Article

Islam and Terrorism

Muslims, especially Arab Muslims, are said to have been consistently stereotyped in films, television programs, cartoons and even the news as terrorist animals, who have no regard for human life (Fisk 125). And as Robert Fisk would say, the more films he watched, the more cartoons he saw, the more editorials he read, the more… View Article

National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

In the recent years, global terrorism has come into picture as a serious problem that threatens the world peace. The world community has expressed deep concern over the menace of terrorism in different parts of the world. Terrorism has struck countries like the United States, India and countries in Middle East and other parts of… View Article

The Oklahoma City Bombing

It was 9:00 in the morning on a bright Wednesday morning.  People were beginning the day just like they did every day.  Parents had dropped their children off at the daycare located on the second floor of the Federal Building and the workers in the building were settling in for a day of work.  At… View Article

The Solution to Terrorism

Incidents of terrorism are among the biggest problem being faced in the international community. Terrorism is the use of coercive force to spread terror, fear and chaos amongst innocent victims. Terrorism is usually perpetrated to impose an ideological goal in which terrorists believe that targets must be deliberately aimed at, disregarding the outcome of their… View Article

Modern Politics on “The Strategy of Terrorism”

David Fromkin, author of “The Strategy of Terrorism” makes several arguments through his article; some of which I feel are relevant to today’s political atmosphere and some which seem unrealistic. The following essay discusses four key arguments and their relevancy in today’s standards.             The most unrealistic statement made by Fromkin was in his description… View Article

The U.S.A. Patriot Act

Abstract             The protection of civil rights in the society requires thorough understanding of political, social, and economic conditions. Under certain political pressures some societal groups require special protection. However, with the desire to minimize the risks of foreign terrorism, privacy rights seem to lose their relevance in the legal system of the U.S. The… View Article

World Politics “The War Against Terrorism“

Introduction The contemporary world of politics is heading with a fear of terrorism that stood as a hindrance for undertaking any developmental or prosperous strategies that helps to stabilize a nation’s economy or social status.  In fact, the world economy is shrinking with these negative forces causing catastrophes and striking innocent people. There is a… View Article

Families Of The Victims Should Be Highly Compensated

Because the impact of the September 11th terrorist attacks upon the families of the immediate casualties is historically profound, though largely immeasurable, the families of the victims should be financially compensated by the Federal Government, as this is the best tangible way for the society to show its compassion for the lives of the sacrificed…. View Article

Journal on Chapter One of Al Gore’s “The Assault on Reason”

In the first chapter titled Politics of Fear of Al Gore’s Book, “The Assault on Reason,” the author basically dealt with one of the most prominent human emotions— fear. According to Gore, fear is the prime enemy of reason. When a person experiences fear of something or someone, his or her reasoning ability is shut… View Article

Responding To A Terrorist Incident

The September 11 attack was one of the gruesome incidents that occurred in American history. The scale and magnitude of this manmade disaster can only be compared with a natural catastrophe such as the Armenian earthquake of December 1988 (Cook 1). Emergency response should be highly managed by police, fire, EMS (Emergency medical services) and… View Article

Intelligence Agencies and Just War on Terrorism

America and its allies face а world that has become more and more dangerous with its weapons of mass destruction and а shadowy world of terrorists more than willing to use them. The wisdom of the past does not have the prescience or universal insight to deal with this new threat. America and its allies… View Article

Traditional Modern Terrorism

According to Webster’s dictionary by definition, terrorism is defined as the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion or the unlawful use of violence or threats to intimidate for political purpose or ideological reasons. When the word terrorism is mentioned most Americans will reflect to the attacks that occurred on September 11,… View Article

Intelligence Agencies and Just War on Terrorism

America and its allies face а world that has become more and more dangerous with its weapons of mass destruction and а shadowy world of terrorists more than willing to use them. The wisdom of the past does not have the prescience or universal insight to deal with this new threat. America and its allies… View Article

War on Terrorism

On the issue of the war on terrorism, it can be said that this project spearheaded by the United States is making progress no matter how significant they are or not. The moment that the aim has been launched after the tragedy of the 9/11, perhaps one of the main significance it incurred is to… View Article

War on Terrorism

During the year 1998, a group of American ‘neoconservatives’ openly wrote to President Clinton to attack Iraq. This group was known as the Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf. They were in real sense calling for the Americans to form part of a proxy army of attack for Israel. The signatories included Paul… View Article

Tourture Or Not To Tourture

The case presented points out a terrorist that has entrenched bombs in several places of the city. He is not ready to reveal the positions of the bombs that he has planted. These bombs well explode shortly being a cause of the death of many innocent lives. The terrorists is not willing to disclose the… View Article

The Torture Of Terrorists

After the attacks that took place on September 11, the war on terror reached unparalleled heights. To say the least, the nature of the attack stirred an anger so great in Americans that many of them –feeling violated during the attack– did not hesitate to express support for the use of torture on those who… View Article