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America's Promise Ministries


America’s Promise Ministries is an anti-Semitic religion that hides behind Christianity. This organization is in a position to create the perfect storm. They are a church that feeds their interpretation of what God’s intent for humankind is and able to distribute right-wing racist material anywhere in the world. Is it wrong to want one Nation under God and be with your kind? Oh, wait! That’s America and what the founding fathers believed built this country with just that same thought in mind.

However, being with your red-blooded Americans striving to build our country to thrive with greatness.


America’s Promise Ministries was established in 1967 and found fuel for their fire when the founder was able to spread his agenda across 300 gigahertz just when radio was the main avenue to reach people worldwide. The organization started in Minneapolis to Phoenix, Arizona. Once the founder died in 1985, the organization was moved to Sandpoint, Idaho, by his Son-in-law. The organization is known for popular literature such as; Heirs of the Promise, Who killed Jesus, the anti-federalist papers, and Holocaust denial work; did six million really die? (Center, n.

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d.) This organization believes whites are the true children of Israel and America being the sole Kingdom talked about in the Old Testament of the bible.


America’s Promise Ministries is an Anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-government organization that hides behind a church theme. The church relies strongly on the literal interpretation of the bible. America’s Promise Ministries also fall under the Christian Identity and in an alliance with multiple hate groups.

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Their main mission is to send Israel back to the middle east and to separate white people from non-white people and live isolated amongst themselves. Christian Identity believes Israel serves the devil, and white people of European descent are the one true Israeli tribe’s God speaks about in the bible. America’s Promise Ministries like to stay low key and do most of their influence through the church, radio, pamphlets, assemblies, and through social media. America’s Promise Ministries also believe Caucasians built America and immigrants, Blacks and Jews are just reaping the benefits of white people’s success and hard work.

Key Players and Their Role

Dave Barley took over America’s Promise Ministries from his father-in-law Sheldon Emry in 1987 as the Senior Pastor. Barley moved the extremist group to Idaho. Barley was able to distribute propaganda and speak to numerous citizens in the area. Barley truly believes God’s elected people are the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, German descent, and Kindred people. (Barley & Barley, 2019) David Barley believes in his ideology and that he is spreading the truths about the bible and its full interpretation of the righteous people. Barley met with Vincent Bertollini & Carl Story, two entrepreneurs from California. ‘They moved Idaho to help the Christian Identity build an all-white homeland.’ (Center, n.d.)

Richard Butler, an aerospace engineer and founder of the Neo-Nazi Aryan Nation opened his doors felons and ex-convicts after an unsolved bombing incident destroyed his property, Richard Butler invited skinheads and eventually held numerous conferences for white supremacists in the Northwest region of the United States. Louis Beam, the Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan in Texas and then later an active member in Neo-Nazi Aryan Nation, and that’s when Louis Beam met Richard Butler, and at one point Louis Beam was going to take Butler’s place leading the Aryan Nation. Both Richard Butler and Louis Beam spoke numerous times at the Christian Identity assemblies. (League, 2002)

Jay Merrell, a Neo-Nazi and part of the Phineas Priesthood, holy warriors for the Christian Identity. After visiting numerous America’s Promise Ministries gatherings. He, along with two other members, robbed banks, blew up an abortion clinic, and a newspaper building in Seattle. David Barley was grooming Jay Merrell to be a prominent figure for America’s Promise Ministries by allowing Jay Merrell ample speaking time at America’s Promise Ministries camps and gatherings. (Center, n.d.) Jay Merrell considered himself a minister and a writer.

Act or Deeds the Group Committed

America’s Promise Ministries are not violent; however, they don’t mind other people carrying out violent acts for them. Jay Merrell a ProtГ©gГ© of Barley along with three other people who associate themselves with the Christian Identity but call themselves Phineas Priesthood. They damaged abortion buildings and certain newspaper companies with pipe bombs in Washington State. (Center, n.d.) Phineas Priesthood is a group of racist individuals who feel that people who support abortion clinics, marry outside of their race, or engage in homosexuality are breaking God’s laws. They feel as if they are doing God’s will by committing violent acts against them.

Current Status of the Group

America’s Promise Ministries falls under numerous Christian Identity, and There are at least twenty-two chapters ranging from the upper Northwest coast to the East coast. The church is still active and functioning as a church.


What causes a person to join an extremist group. What we have learned over the years is, some people are angry after a stressful event as in Timothy McVeigh blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building on April 19, 1995, due to the federal governments’ actions in the Waco massacre February 28, 1993. People disagree with the government, hate other groups of people, or lack personal value makes them an easy target for these far-right-wing groups to recruit. ‘Vigilantes of Christendom’ If I persecute you, it’s all in the name of God. The FBI has investigated terrorist activity. America’s Promise Ministries, Phineas Priesthood, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Aryan Brotherhood although, a group or organization, operate independently as well.

Many of these groups operate as long wolf’s. They radicalize online but quickly blast to violence. Making it difficult for law enforcement and government agencies to investigate and disrupt an individual’s actions. These individuals want to belong to something or be a part of a movement they feel are accomplishing what they believe to be accurate and true. The FBI documents the organization’s actions, but need the public to identify and report any suspicious behavior. (U.S. government, n.d.) As the 2020 Presidential Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders said, ‘we are one people, Black, White, Indian, Mexican or Asian, we are all one people!’

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