Why Refugees Should Be Allowed in the United States

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We Should Let In Refugees The foundation of the United States is built on the backs of immigrants who have entered the country in order to live a better life. Unless one is directly descended from Native American tribes, everyone who is living in the United States is descended from immigrants. Because of that, it is incredibly hypocritical to be against Syrian refugees coming into the country, because the same arguments used against modern day refugees have also been used on immigrants coming here decades ago, and even to turn away those fleeing the Holocaust in WWII.

Syrian refugees just want to live a safer life for themselves and their families, and should be allowed to come and stay in the US. One good reason why refugees should be allowed to stay is that they already have to go through extensive background checks.

According to an article by The Washington Post, refugees who want to enter the country go through a two to three year vetting process that includes getting a referral from the United Nations.

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Many people who are against refugees argue that refugees should be screened to make sure they are not terrorists, but if they did their research, they would learn that refugees have always been required to fill out lots of paperwork and wait their turn in line for an incredibly long time all along. If a terror attack were to occur on US soil, coming in as a refugee would be the most inefficient way of doing so.

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Another reason why refugees should be allowed in is that they are fleeing danger in their home countries. An example of this is the Almahoud family. According to USA Today, the Almahouds were forced to flee Syria when their hometown was bombed, killing their grandmother. A Catholic charity in Cincinnati, Ohio sponsored their resettlement into the city, despite Ohio’s governor, John Kasich, and the mayor of Cincinnati both calling to stop refugees from entering the state.

The Almahoud’s story is just one of many, but while they were lucky enough to receive widespread support from the local community, most others are not so fortunate. People don’t simply leave their hometown, let alone their home country-without a very good reason, and people coming from Syria have excellent ones. Their lives are in danger, and many are fleeing with their spouses and children. They should not be looked down upon just because they look different and have a different culture, and it is the country’s humanitarian duty to help these people who desperately need it.

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