Shopping Essay Topics

Internet Shopping

In the technologically advanced world that we live in today, it seems as though there are very few things that cannot now be done via the Internet. Internet shopping is one activity in particular that has grown to be especially popular, and in fact there are some people who will no longer buy anything if… View Article

The Shopping Education

“Shopping can be an enlightening experience”.  This quote means that there is a great deal to be learned from the shopping experience.  Many people see shopping simply as a form of entertainment and a way to spend money.  If done correctly however, it can be a very educational experience.  Shopping can educate people on the… View Article

The Status Of E-Commerce

Introduction             This chapter present the findings of the survey completed. The survey was conducted through the distribution of questionnaires. Such instrument contained three parts with a total of 21 questions. Each part dealt with a distinct subject matter which is vital and relevant to the aims of this research.  All questions are centered on… View Article

Seven Eleven Case Study

The Seven-Eleven Japan Co. case discusses about the rise of Seven-Eleven in the Japanese retail store business. It analyzes the factors contributors to the phenomenal success of the company in the retail business with a supply chain perspective. The analysis focuses on the company’s supply chain strategy and performance drivers which leads to great balance… View Article

Traditional versus Online Shopping

Through the innovations of technology, human activities changed. Technology has indeed influenced the daily lives of men. Impossible things were made possible. Complicated and tiresome jobs were made easy through technological gadgets and internet. Convenience and efficiency are indeed the end purpose of these technological innovations.             One aspect of life that is significantly influenced… View Article

Holiday shopping

For some people, especially women, there is no greater joy that material wealth could support other than going on holiday shopping. Admittedly, holiday shopping is one of the best luxuries in life albeit physically draining. Nonetheless, people still flock to malls and shopping centers like ants on the way to their anthills. If not for… View Article

Teens and Consumer Behavior

Shopping, is a word often used in everyday life in the context of the economy, both in the corporate world and in our household. But the same word meaning has evolved as a reflection of lifestyle and recreation on certain economic class society. Shopping also has a special meaning for teenagers. Consumptive Lifestyle The word… View Article

Mall Preferences

Mall Attractiveness and Shopping Preferences is a study conducted to find out what variables attract shoppers to a mall, their preferences and how mall operators should consider this significant analysis to implement an effective strategy to position their strategy. The study involved five major shopping malls in Davao City: SM City Davao, NCCC mall of… View Article

Online vs Brick and Mortar

In today’s world, everyone is always so busy and sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to get all your work done. Technology is changing to make everything in our lives easier; like the way we pay bills, online banking, find information, get reviews, order tickets, and so much more. One thing… View Article

Consumer Behaviour

Consumers make many buying decisions every day, and the buying decision is the focal point of the marketer’s effort. Most large companies research consumer buying decisions in great detail to answer questions about what consumers buy, where they buy, how and how much they buy, when they buy, and why they buy. Marketers can study… View Article

Super shops of Bashundhara R/A

Why I have chosen it: Bashundhara Residential Area is one of the best residential areas comparing to others residential areas of Dhaka city. It has been started almost 25 years ago. It has been said to be a remarkable residential area because of its suitable location in the heart of the Dhaka city, good communication… View Article

English speeches

Reading selectively or extensively Honorable judges, good morning/afternoon .I am glad to stand here and give you a short speech .Today my topic is reading selectively or extensively .I deeply hope you will like it. As we all know, reading is a tradition inherited from ancient society which has a long history. Whether to read… View Article

DuPont Case Analysis

INTRODUCTION: DuPont was established in the year 1802 by French Chemist, E.I DuPont de Nemours in USA. DuPont became successful by the end of third year and it started exporting back to its continent, Europe. In the span of these 200 years, it had shaped into a global company with variety of enterprises like Chemical,… View Article

Three Types of Shoppers

Do you like shopping? Most of the people like to go shopping. When you go shopping, do you always buy something? Probably your answer is ‘No’. Sometimes, people go to the mall or supermarket without any buying purpose. In my case, I like to go to the mall just to look around new products. However,… View Article

E-business and e-commerce web applications

Identify e-business and e-commerce web applications to support the proposed implementation First off e-commerce is one of the best things for business whether you have your whole business through the web or partly. If you have a physical store, you are limited by the area that you can sell your product or offer service. An… View Article

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shopping Online

Who does not like to shop? Most of the people likes to shop but some people are so lazy that they don’t even have time for shopping. The good news is that, now it is possible to shop from your home, whenever you want, just by clicking on the internet. Life never has been so… View Article

The growing use of e-business

Introduction: In this report I will be evaluating how successful Amazon as a business has been in preparing the growing use of the e-business. About Amazon: is a Fortune 500 e-commerce company based in Seattle, WA. Amazon was one of the first big companies to sell goods over the Internet. The company was founded… View Article

UNlQLO-Hong Kong

Introduction: This essay sets out to strategically analyze UNIQLO which IS a new Japanese ca wear brand invest in Hong Kong. I will analysis UNIQLO internal factor and external factor. After that, I will recommendation some area of digital marketing to UNIQLO Company background: UNIQLO is the well-known casual clothing brand in Japan, and to… View Article

Research Method for Computing & Technology

2.0 Introduction Nowadays, people prefer to look information online instead of looking at catalogue or books. For example, woman would prefer to look for sales event online instead of looking at the catalogue that delivers to the house. Not all of the household will get the mails for promotion of the month because some postman… View Article

Consumer Perception Towards Online Shopping in India

1.1 INTRODUCTION The numbers of internet users are increasing because of the accessibilities of technology, the availability of information, and the ability to interact through the Internet increase and evolve. The obvious capabilities of the Internet include road for gathering information, purchasing a product, or rendering a service. These advances in Internet technology allow for… View Article

“The Mall as Prison” by David Guterson

One typical shopper may enter a shopping mall with a predetermined idea of what he or she wishes to purchase. Another shopper may pass through the mall to browse the latest styles of clothing. Yet a third shopper may go to the mall simply to enjoy the atmosphere. Each shopper is on a journey of… View Article

Car Shopping

One of the largest purchases that most people make is an automobile. With so many different types and styles of automobiles available, it is often a very difficult and time consuming process. There are many factors to consider when purchasing such a pricey item. It is important to have a solid investment in the purchase,… View Article

The Greatest Day I Have Ever Lived

Have you ever had the feeling of yearning to gain something into your possession so desperately? Well, I had. It would probably be best to describe it as the dearest wish that any typical girl my age could ever had: the trendiest, most portable, and most recently released gadget on the market featuring the most… View Article

Security Objective Components

The component of the overall security objective that deserves the most attention in the environments mentioned in the article would be the personal security. Churches do not usually have any type of security at all because they are suppose to be a very safe place for a person to go. With churches having absolutely no… View Article

Writing Assignment

In today’s world it’s hard to come across someone who has not been to a shopping mall at some point in their life. Shoppers flock to these malls to consume wide ranges of products while also encountering as much culture as you can find in a single enclosed area. Among these many different cultures on… View Article

A study of Influence in Online Shopping

Research Question: How online shopping influence purchasers buying decision? Research Objective: To investigate how online shopping might influence purchasers’ decision. ___________________________________________________________________________ Online shopping is the procedure of purchasing products and services from vendors over the Internet. In view of the fact of the emergence of the World Wide Web, merchants have wanted to market their… View Article

William Sonoma Case Study

Williams-Sonoma’s competitors use various strategies as a form of competition. This along makes it difficult for the giant retailer to stay on top of everything. Williams-Sonoma has key competitors like Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, Pier 1 Imports and Bombay Company. Along with these big names, Williams-Sonoma must also compete with regional stores, online stores,… View Article


Just year before, online shopping was not popular as it is today. But nowadays online shopping is the one of the best method considered for shopping. Now it allows the buyer to buy anything by just a click of mouse. Now online shopping offers a variety of products and services, as it allows us to… View Article