Should Everyone Have Access to the Internet

As of June 2017, 51% of the world’s population has internet access. Users in the developed world comprised 81% of all users in 2016 (Wikipedia). Some people claim that access to the internet exposes personal information that if leaked will put their property and even their lives in grave danger. These people don’t think that everyone should have access to the internet, particularly those who have violated the law. This statement seems to make sense. However, it is not logically right because the internet is a tool just like any other, such as a car or knife.

We can’t prohibit people to drive a car just because a car accident could kill people. In fact, everyone should have access to the internet because the internet is an essential tool that has changed the way we live entirely, include communicating, shopping and educating.

Those necessary activities people are doing nowadays by logging onto the internet. Using social media for connecting people around the world is the most effective way for us.

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It is the result of the internet revolution. It’s hard to imagine what life was like before the internet. The only way to contact someone, except talk to in person, was to write letters or call people’s landlines, which often risks disruption due to bad weather. Compare to using social media to making face-to-face interaction without being in the same room, and only the internet can make this happen. Besides, the costs of the internet call are significantly cheaper. According to Wikipedia, there are 2.

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8 billion social media users worldwide today.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat are the top three most prominent social media platforms, in which each month 2.5 billion users connect to the world, from their colleagues to the boss, from their close friends to distant relatives, who are instantaneously exchanging pictures, videos, information, and ideas through the internet. If one doesn’t have access to the internet, they will be isolated and disconnected from the world. With the rapid development of the internet, the way consumers shop is also changed. Many of them start to purchase products from online store instead of a retail store.

The reason for doing that is the convenience and time-saving. Base on the study from Pew Research, 58% nearly six-in-ten Americans are now shopping online. Just recently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed in a letter to share holds that Amazon has exceeded 100 million Prime Members in this year. As consumers do more and more of their shopping online, thousands of brick-and-mortar stores are vanishing. In 2017 alone, there are nine retail chains filed for bankruptcy protection and nearly 7,000 stores disappeared. It’s sad to see some Children’s favorite stores like Toys R Us and GYMBOREE to shout down. On the other hand, who doesn’t want to save money and enjoy the convenience that technology brings.

In many people’s mind, the internet is a great educational tool as well. Logging onto the website, you will see enormous courses or programs at all levels, from elementary school to university. No matter what you’re desired to study, you can almost find any online courses. For example, California Connections Academy is one of the virtual schools, which provides Top- rated curriculum materials to all the children from K-12. For those kids who are handicappers or have individual needed, online classes with self-paced allow them to access to the coursework at any time. Besides, the internet is also used by many regular school students. My son uses the internet for doing school research and submitting homework.

Internet online learning becomes demand because of the advantages of lower cost and course scheduling flexibilities. In conclusion, being able to access the internet create a channel that are connecting people to society. As a platform, the internet provides a vast e-commerce market for people accomplishing their commercial activities. As well as the internet is an infinite space with sufficient educational resources for people selecting and observing. Therefore, everyone should have access to the internet.

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