Education Should be Free For Everyone

College although portrayed to be for everyone is not. High school graduates are oftentimes pushed to believe that in our day and age in order to achieve a higher-level education and to compete in better and higher-paying jobs, one must enroll in college. Students are pressured into enrolling in college based on societies standards, where they should be encouraged to take whatever academic path is right for their career goals.

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Our previous president Obama has also been known to encouraged students to attend college for at least an extra year after graduating from high school, regardless of whether or not it is necessary for students to succeed in life.

However, in my opinion, most students don’t take into consideration how impactful of a decision it is on whether or not going to college is right for them, the responsibility and overall cost of college are always more than what it seems.

Before students are encouraged to enroll in a four-year college, they should think and talk to someone who can help guide them in the right direction based on their career goals. Many of today’s graduates end up attending a four-year college because of the expectations from today’s society, often going to college not knowing what it is they truly want to out of higher education. Most of these students who enroll in college unmotivated and unsure of their goals will oftentimes end up dropping out of college. One in three Americans drops out of college. If students continue to be encouraged to attend a four-year college just for the benefit of obtaining a degree, they won’t bear the results they were looking for.

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Graduating from a four-year college with a degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee a job that’s pay reasonably outweighs the cost of tuition as well as the time it took the student to graduate. Murray contends that “while it is true that the average person with a B.A. makes more than the average person without a B.A., getting a B.A. is still going to be the wrong economic decision for many high-school graduates.” Not all students who graduate with a B.A will end up with the job they were hoping for, many of them end up with a large amount of debt and with today’s competitive job market it’s hard to obtain a high paying job. The majority of those college graduates end up employed in jobs that don’t even require a college degree. There are many high paying jobs that can financially support students without having to waste time and money on a B.A. Even if one was to argue that just a high school diploma isn’t enough, there are still various technical and trade schools that provide training in a wide variety of areas such as beauty and cosmetology, automotive care, and personal training that can provide a higher more rewarding career without the heavy responsibility that comes with being enrolling in college.

It would make no sense for someone who went to college for four years or more and has graduated with a B.A or higher to get a job as a cosmetologist when that isn’t their trade. They won’t want to be paid as a cosmetologist when they went to school to be a biologist. For the students who do wish to be a cosmetologist or perhaps a mechanic, they can take a less expensive and time-consuming route by attending a trade school or a technical allege for two or four years to acquire that skill so that they can get a good-paying job in the field that most suits them and that they are interested in. Trade school is a great alternative to college if someone is looking to get a degree in something other than what Is offered at a traditional college or someone who doesn’t already have the skills, they need to plunge into the workforce straight out of high school. cosmetology was Just one Job out of the mix that I chose to make my point. There are various fields of jobs that need people to work them, even if they don’t pay as much compared to a judge or a surgeon, we need people to work those other jobs otherwise we will begin to suffer as a country and as a society.

Updated: Aug 29, 2021
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