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Project "MyShop"

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Project, Pages 5 (1005 words)



Project, Pages 5 (1005 words)

The central concept of the application is to allow the customer to shop virtually using the Internet and allow customers to buy the items and articles of their desire from the store. The information pertaining to the products are stores on an RDBMS at the server side (store).

(RDBMS) is a basis for SQL, thus, for all modern database systems like MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access.

This application will designed into two modules. First is for the customers who wish to buy the articles.

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Second is for the storekeepers who maintains and updates the information pertaining to the articles and those of the customers. The end user of this product is a departmental store where the application is hosted on the web and the administrator maintains the database. The application which is deployed at the customer database, the details of the items are derived from the database for customer view based on the selection through the menu and database of all the products are updated at the end of every transaction.

Data entry into the application can be done through various screens designed for various levels of users. Once the authorized personnel feed the relevant data into the system, several reports could be generated as per the security.

This project “MyShop” provides customers with all the necessary advantages of online shopping, its aids users in selecting and buying the products in the shop anywhere through the internet by using an electronic device such as phone, computers etc.

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Besides, a customer will get the service of online shopping and home delivery from this shop. It provides the user with catalogue of different product and services.

E-Commerce is the most noticed business in the world now. The primary goal of “MyShop” is to sell goods and services online. Online shopping has become a new trend of shopping nowadays and quickly becoming a great significance part of lifestyle. In order to make possible online purchase a shopping cart is provided to the user.

Statement of the problemAs online shopping became a trend nowadays the regular shops are losing their customers to online brands. According to Bruce Krulwich, electronic store’s Bargain Finder, which his organization created “An agent of change” to aid pricing of online products. Creating a store on the web, will allow people to expand their business and reach out to consumers who cannot visit the physical store.

Customers have effortless shopping experience and saving time through shopping online. For competing with those online brands, if shops are providing an online portal where their customers can shop through internet and get the products at their doors and this will actually increase the number of customers. Some online problems customers might face include; product quality, a messy logistics, payment preferences and confirmation, hidden costs, unclear website policies, boring interfaces, etc.

However, consumers’ attitude towards online shopping can be determined by trust and foreseeable benefits. Following the risks and mindset of online shopping, quality services have to be rendered. The design will should have good indicators such as the value of product, quality, shopping experience and the risk of online shopping. To fulfill the customer’s needs and satisfaction, the seller or retailer of the online shop is required to know and address a problem to give the best services to the customer.

Objectives of ProjectThe objective of the project is to make an online shopping system to purchase items in an existing shop. In order to build such an application complete web support, need to be provided. A complete and efficient web application which can provide the online shopping experience is the basic objective of the project. The web application can be implemented in the form of a various application with web view.

Literature ReviewAccording to Bruce Krulwich, an electric store’s Bargain Finder, which his organization created “An agent of change” to aid pricing of online products and creating a store on the web that will allow people to expand their business and reach out to customers who cannot visit the physical store. Consumer attitude towards online shopping is usually determined by two factors which are trust and benefits. Thus, these two factors are key in getting the customer satisfied. (Ali & Mahfuz, 2015).

Jarvenpaa and Todd (1995) proposed a model of attitude behavior toward online shopping. The design includes several indicators put into four broad categories like product value, quality services from website, shopping experience, and risk and perception of online shopping.

In China, online shopping intention depends on customers age, marital status, education, income level and perceived usefulness. (Gong, Stump, & Maddox, 2013). Koufaris (2002) identified that both shopping enjoyment and perceived usefulness of website strongly predict the intention to re-purchase over online. Lee and Lin (2005) found shopping enjoyment can increase the intent of new customers but does not influence customers to return. Shopping enjoyment is determined by involvement with product, if more customers visit the web store. (Marious Koufaris, Kamil & LaBarbera 2001).

Significance of the study This system can be implemented to any shop in the locality or to multinational branded shops having retail outlet chains. The system recommends a facility to accept the orders 24*7 and a home delivery system which can make customers happy. Unhappy customers’ may just be under age to make purchases from the web. For example in China, e-commerce depend on the age, income level, education and marriage level of the consumer.

If shops are providing an online portal where their customers can enjoy easy shopping from anywhere, the shops want customers to the trending online shops. Since the application is available in the Smartphone it is easily accessible and always available.

LimitationsThe time taken in selecting, buying and paying for an online product may take a while and the delivery for customers may take a few weeks. Physical stores offer discounts on goods that customers are willing to purchase. This makes it difficult to compete with other offline platforms. Consumers however, cannot feel or touch a product until they purchase it and receive delivery.

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