My Plan for Sustainability

My personal plan for sustainability is only to buy what I need. As a citizen, I would like to share the duty of saving the planet. Nowadays our world has turned out to be materialistic; it all about having the latest this and that. It could be anything from a pair of leggings, a new handbag or the latest electronic device. It is common information that any action of all individual leaves a carbon footprint on Earth. I decided to buy things only when I need them and not when I want them.

Individuals’ needs are becoming into wants. There is a thin line splitting the needs from the wants. Needs can easily become wants. Decide on what you need over what you want is very tough. Making this plan means that I would only purchase what I need after giving it a significant amount of thought. By purchasing what I want I would come home with a whole pushcart full of things.

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Therefore this plan would mean I would purchase things only after giving it a considerable amount of thought.

I strategy is to only purchase what I need for a half of a year. I decided on purchasing what I need for a half of a year because I want it to be realistic and not impractical. Since it’s going to be very difficult for me not to think about buying the up-to-date and coolest items, this is why I think that a half of a year is reasonable.

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This action is important to me because firstly I will not be the only individual benefiting from this and I will be saving a lot of extra money. Secondly, nothing helps put your wasteful purchases into perspective like organizing your old stuff. After I go through my closet and drawers to find unused items, the resulting trash bags of items to donate reminds me that I don’t need many of the things I purchase and I should be more grateful which will allow me to reduce my desire for extra stuff and be happier with the all of the other amazing things I do have.

This action is important for people and the planet because when people purchase things that they only need there won’t be a bunch of clothes or things that will be thrown away into the garbage which, is bad for the environment. Another thing that is bad for the environment is online shopping. Online shopping appears decent for the environment: it reduces car trips and related carbon emissions. How about the emissions from all of the vehicles bringing orders to households? Trucks for delivery also contribute significantly to a load of fine particulate matter in the air, which is related to many effects on human health. The properties of online shopping might worsen traffic jamming carbon emissions. Thus making it bad for people and the environment.

This action is also important for people because it helps them to consider why they wanted the stuff they were buying in the first place. Individuals around you care less about your life than you would imagine. Buying things we don’t need often comes from a dark place within our emotions, known as discontentment. Thus next time you are buying something just because of a concern about the way others perceive you, stop and reconsider.

Many things will make my plan for sustainability be put into action and succeed. For example determining what is important, remembering that materialistic things don’t make me Happier, I won’t be the only one benefiting but people and the environment, I can ask family members to join in and educate them about my plan and lastly being grateful for everything I already have.

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