Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

In in 1979 many appeared of English entrepreneurs like Michael Aldrich, they were pioneer of online shopping. People today know that the online shopping is very comfortable, don't they? Online shopping is a modern concept. And Online shopping is a store with many shopping websites. Also, online shopping is cheaper and more effective than in local shopping. There are many factors that make online shopping the first choice for many. Also, there are many shopping websites like amazon, play, Argos and curry.

Also, online shopping sites are like magnets that pull customers. Everything has two sides (Wikipedia. 2020)

First, online shopping has a lot of advantages. It is very convenient; you can visit numerous stores without leaving your home. In addition, online shopping stores provide convenience for customers by shopping anytime, anywhere, and provide many shopping websites that facilitate the purchase process between different websites also, these sites are open all day. And If you are like me, you would like to avoid crowds in local shop.

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Through the sites I can compare the prices of other shopping sites and take the appropriate prices and the prices of shopping sites are always lower than the prices of local markets because we buy them from the main factory. In addition, information about the product is displayed, such as the colors available on the site, the different sizes, the quantity required, methods of use, and warnings about this product. Also, a nice feature of shopping websites is that they display customer opinions under the product.

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A service is also available to communicate with the seller directly through messages and to contact customer service. also, there are bonuses and offers on products, sometimes free shipping, and many forms of payment, such as cash on delivery and visa. (Wikipedia. 2020)

On the other hand, the online environment creates not only advantages, there are also disadvantages. There are a lot of flaws in online shopping such as late delivery of orders and the inability to see products alive and checking the quality, size and color of the product as well as delivery of poor quality products and sometimes we find that the products are damaged upon receipt due to the transfer of products from one station to another station and also an error in The delivery address and receiving error requests, in addition to that some sellers raise prices and customs upon request, and some fear online shopping because of the large number of frauds and breaches of private information such as bank card number, name and address.( 2020.)

Finally, everything in our lives has many positives, and on the other hand it has negatives such as online shopping. And Everyone is now searching for their latest and fastest way. Personally, I think online shopping offers convenient advantages, and on the other hand, we should be very careful while choosing and trading online. And for the pest you should completion of all bank transfers via your computer. (Market Business News. 2020)


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Updated: Oct 08, 2021
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