Compare and contrast shopping online with shopping in actual shops

?Compare and contrast shopping online with shopping in actual shops In current society, shopping has been a big part of peoples’ lives and it is becoming more and more popular. However, nowadays, science technology is more developed and more modern than before. Therefore, a lot of people are choosing online shopping. Between conventional shopping and online shopping, there are some advantages and disadvantages. Some people think shopping on the internet is suitable for the main reason that it is convenient.

For example, if you are the businessman, you will be busier than others.

So, you do not have enough time to go shopping. But online shopping can help them to save time and let them get their needs and wants. Secondly, when you want to go shopping, the weather is often quite bad. Other advantage of online shopping is you can stay at home and look for many different products on the internet. Finally, people need not go shopping in shopping malls or stores.

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This can reduce the number of cars on the road, whilst it also protects our environment to reduce air pollution from gas. Moreover, people will not be worried about the problem of a parking space. On the other side, online shopping has some disadvantages. On the one hand, people can buy some fake products which will waste their money. On the other hand, some bad quality products can potentially damage people’s health such as food or medicine. Others give their different ideas, they prefer conventional shopping.

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In the first place, we can directly contact products easily which can avoid buying some useless and wrong items. In the second place, we can meet different people and make friends when you purchase a product. Conventional shopping is good for people’s social life. Finally, we can bargain with people in stores and can get some cheaper and better items. But we can not ignore that conventional shopping has some disadvantages. The first reason, sometimes, you choose favourite shoes, but the store does not have your size.

And then, you use the internet to go shopping, you can find the same one and it is suitable. The other reason, it is a waste of your time and money. Because you not only need to pay for the store, but also product taxes, car fares or buying bus tickets. In my opinion, online shopping is suitable for me. Because I am a student, it can save time and I also have more choice to cater for my needs. The most important aspect is the price which is usually cheaper than conventional shopping.

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Compare and contrast shopping online with shopping in actual shops

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