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Serial killer Essays

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Inquiry Proposal: Serial Killers

1. Description. The topic that I have chosen to cover for my proposal is serial killers. The term “serial killer” was established in the 197...

What Causes Deviant Behavior

In 1980, an Illinois jury convicted John Wayne Gacy for killing 33 young boys and men. Sarcastically, after his conviction, the infamous kil...

Disorganized and Organized Killers

Many researchers have studied the fascinating yet horrifying world of serial murderers. The discoveries made since the phrase "serial killer...

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Society’s fascination on Serial Killers. Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs started out as a novel written by Thomas Harris. It received positive acclaim from critics and fellow authors alike...

Serial Killers: The Evil Inside

Serial killers may live seemingly average lives, but they are con men/women. Their childhood, mental disorders, and social standing affect t...

Serial Killer Research Paper

A serial killer is typically defined as a person who murders three or more people over a period of more than 30 days, with a "cooling off" p...

Serial Killers, Are They Born or Made

There are many theories as to why people become serial killers. Almost all of these concepts are associated with the Nature vs. Nurture theo...

Are humans naturally good or evil?

Fundamentally speaking, are humans naturally good or evil? This is a question that has been repeatedly asked throughout humanity. For thousa...

Serial Killers and the Influences in Hollywood’s Pop Culture

Research Question(s): Why have infamous serial killer cases become so popular in the media and are portrayed in Hollywood films/TV shows? Wh...

Analysis of Ted Bundy Serial Killer

This paper will be an analysis of Theodore Robert Bundy a famous serial murderer who killed over a span of 4 years in the 70’s. This paper w...

Karla Homolka: Canadian Serial Killer

According to "Karla Homolka: Child Rapist, Torturer, And Killer" (2013), Karla Homolka was one of Canada’s most infamous female convicts. Ka...

Dexter Morgen- Vigilante Serial Killer

To those who disagree with the stance of fictional vigilantly heroes such as Dexter Morgan, in effort to convince them that the vigilante’s ...

Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer

What are the underling factors that contribute to the psychological profile of men and women serial killers? One may hypothesize that serial...

The Application of Two Personality Theories to the life of a Serial Killer – Jeffrey Dahmer

"One must feel sorry for those who have strange tastes, but never insult them. Their wrong is Nature's too; they are no more responsible for...

Treatment and Rehabilitation of Serial Killers in Prison

Abstract The morbid fascination the public holds for serial killers is a long running one. The bizarre and often gruesome nature of their c...

Serial killer

Michael Swango is a former medical doctor punished to complete for life sentence in federal prison for deliberately taking lives of more tha...


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