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The Alcatraz Prison Break
Words • 652
Pages • 3
Introduction Attention Getter: Alcatraz prison is one of the most notorious prisons in the United States. Relevance statement: If you ever need to escape Alcatraz prison then this speech will possibly help you escape. Credibility statement: Personally I love researching and learning about kinds of conspiracies and the psyche of criminals. Thesis statement: I will explain the background of the conspiracy as well as explain the two possible outcomes of the escapees. (In order to understand the outcome of the…...
Informative SpeechPrison
Prison Tattoos and Their Meaning
Words • 1370
Pages • 6
There might be people who wonder why some people have certain marks on their body as well as what they mean once someone has come out of prison. Throughout geographical location and the march of time, tattoos from prison can potentially mean multiple different things or their meaning has changed throughout the years. These types of meanings include belongingness to a gang, ownership, retaliation, how long they will be in prison, as well as to show some of the crimes…...
Mental Illness in the Incarcerated
Words • 779
Pages • 4
Psychiatric disorders in the prison system of the United States is becoming an epidemic crisis. A population of 79,211 inmates were studied in order to determine if the presence of psychiatric disorders increased the risk of repeat incarcerations. The inmates were primarily male (87.2%), under 50 years of age (90.1%), currently in prison for a non violent crime (79.2%) and had a sentence of less than 2 years (60.1%). A diagnosis of a major depressive disorder including, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia,…...
Mental HealthMental IllnessPrisonPsychological Disorders
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Analysis of Mass Incarceration
Words • 2541
Pages • 11
Incarceration pertains to an individual being confined or imprisoned based on a crime committed. When it comes to the incarceration rate in the United States, we top the charts beating larger countries such as Russia, India, and China for having a higher incarceration rate globally. The Bureau of Justice reported in 2018 approximately 2.2 million adults were detained in jails or prisons. This implies for each 100,000 individuals living in the United States, around 655 of them are in jail.…...
Mass IncarcerationPrisonSocial Issues
Social Problem of Prison Boom
Words • 2381
Pages • 10
What is it that you think of when you think of mass incarceration? Does the word “mass” clue you in? Mass incarceration, at other times, called the prison boom, hyper-incarceration, or mass imprisonment refers to a unique strategy used in the United States to disproportionately incarcerate a massive population in federal, state, and local prisons using unjust or otherwise unlawful practice. We’ve chosen to tackle this subject because the U.S. has a very high rate of historic incarceration compared to…...
Mass IncarcerationPrisonSocial Issues
The Juvenile Intervention Program
Words • 1232
Pages • 5
Abstract The Juvenile Intervention ProgramIn my opinion I believe that the juvenile justice system is better off now then back a hundred years ago. There is always room for improvement. The treatment of kids has greatly improved, for example, kids who commit a petty crime like theft would definitely be treated differently than a kid a hundred years ago. The kid a hundred years ago would have been thrown in jail with other adults who have committed more heinous crimes…...
Criminal JusticeJusticeJuvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice SystemPrisonSocial Issues
Juvenile Corrections Issue
Words • 1560
Pages • 7
The United States correctional and juvenile detention centers are plagued by sexual abuse allegations, with reports showing a rising trend of sexual assault cases annually. Besides, reports by Just Detention International, ascertain that the majority of the victims are sexually assaulted multiple times (2015). Rape and molestation allegations rates are high among the juvenile detention centers, which holds approximately 70000 youths. A juvenile refers to an individual who is yet to be considered an adult as per the constitution, that…...
Criminal JusticeJusticeJuvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice SystemPrisonSocial Issues
Implications of Parole and Probation in the Justice System
Words • 1916
Pages • 8
Abstract Parole and Probation are both quite similar concepts applied within the justice system. However, there is a slight difference between the two. Probation is granted by a judge as an alternative to serving an actual jail sentence, whereas parole can only be granted after the offender has served some portion of their sentence. Therefore, parole is considered a privilege to prisoners serving their sentences where probation is an alternative to sentencing. In both, the probationer and the parolee have…...
Criminal JusticeJusticeJuvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice SystemPrisonSocial Issues
What’s the Meaning of Life in Prison for Juveniles?
Words • 766
Pages • 4
Juvenile Imprisonment Without Parole applies to a life period in jail with little possibility of release granted to an inmate under the age of 18. Sometimes this subject causes intense tension because of the offense it convicts, murder and aging element. This statement alludes to a black or white conclusion when in reality there are shades of gray. Simply committing an child to life imprisonment without the possibility of freedom is illegal. A solution to the situation will include providing…...
AdolescenceChildJuvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice SystemPrisonViolence
How Gangs Took Over Prisons?
Words • 1648
Pages • 7
Gangs in Prison, how does that work? When people think of gangs, they normally think of street gangs and rarely know what happens after members of street gangs are took off the street and are imprisoned. These members enter the prison and develop or enter gangs inside of prison which are considered prison gangs. Research suggests that prison gangs are criminal organizations that originate within the penal system (Fleisher & Decker, 2001). These criminal organizations have continued to operate within…...
Criminal JusticeMass IncarcerationMoralityPrisonSocial Issues
Indeterminate vs Determinate Prison Sentences Explained
Words • 1808
Pages • 8
Determinate sentencing is also well known as blended sentencing across the United States. This overview will allow for an understanding of what determinate sentencing is, how it works, pros and cons, and the types of delinquents that receive this form of sentencing. This blending of adult and juvenile sentencing primarily focused within Texas between 1987 and 2011 on the outcomes of the more than 3,000 offenders that were described in the textbook gave various examples of negative and positive supporting…...
Criminal JusticeJusticeMandatory SentencingPrisonSocial Issues
The New Zealand Prison System – Effective or Flawed?
Words • 2878
Pages • 12
Hypothesis: I postulate that the New Zealand prison system is not very good when it is compared to other countries such as Costa Rica, Columbia and the Netherlands. In New Zealand, our government has their ideas surrounding imprisonment set on rehabilitation as opposed to retribution. I think that while comparing New Zealand's prisons to other countries, we have too soft of laws regarding our prisons and that maybe we need to change the ways of how we portray our prisons…...
Costa RicaCriminal JusticeJusticeMoralityNew ZealandPrison
Zoos are Prisons for Animals
Words • 488
Pages • 2
Although wild animals have been detained for thousands of years, the first modern zoo opened in 1763 in Paris, France. When people became more interested in science and natural history, zoos functioned as a way to show and study animals. Today, zoos offer opportunities for public education and entertainment, as well as scientific research and conservation. But the question is why do we take them for their own purposes. Here are some of my points about why we should not…...
HuntingPrisonWild AnimalsZoo
Current Situation of Prison Overcrowding
Words • 878
Pages • 4
The issue that is huge in the criminal justice system right now is prison overcrowding. The reason why it is an issue is that it is not meeting the need of the inmate's human rights need such as health care, food, and accommodation that the prison has to provide for the inmates to be there why they are servicing their sentence. The other issue why overcrowding in prison is an issue is because of the drugs that go and out…...
Criminal JusticeForensic PsychologyJusticeMass IncarcerationOvercrowdingPrison
The Second Chance Act and Recidivism in Missouri
Words • 2288
Pages • 10
Abstract With an incarceration rate that tops the list of all other documented incarceration rates throughout the world, the United States has been dealing with the problem of mass incarceration for more than four decades. In an effort to bring about the end of mass incarceration, the signing of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI) and the Second Chance Act (SCA), has been implemented in an effort to end mass incarceration in the United States. With this release of large amounts…...
Criminal JusticeHealth CareJusticeMass IncarcerationPrison
Why Is The Death Penalty So Bad?
Words • 1508
Pages • 7
Introduction What exactly is the death penalty? In simple words, it is a punishment given by the State to an individual for committing one of these crimes murder, rape, kidnapping or distribution of drugs, etc. The death penalty should be legal in the United States of America because criminals should face the consequences of their actions secondly the death penalty is less expensive than life imprisonment thirdly evil should be removed from society to bring peace and comfort to the…...
Capital PunishmentDeath penaltyJusticePrison
The Criminal Justice System and the Death Penalty
Words • 2465
Pages • 10
While some studies have found that there is some evidence that the death penalty may deter some, the death penalty serves as no deterrent, and many people that are being released from prison need rehabilitation services and employment showing that incarceration is ineffective. There is too much crime, at the same time, crime rates have decreased or stayed near notable lows, but the realization of crime is up, and the penal population has risen to unbelievable new heights. “Incarceration impacts…...
Capital PunishmentCrimeCriminal JusticeCriminologyDeath penaltyJustice
Juvenile Crime: Second Chance in Life
Words • 825
Pages • 4
Juvenile Justice consists of many controversies surrounding the criminal’s sentencing, age, teen brain development, and overall their actions. People argue that teens shouldn’t be tried as adults because research says “the frontal lobe which inhibit our violent passions, rash actions, and regulate our emotions, are vastly immature throughout the teenage years” (Thompson 7). They prefer teens to have a second chance in life with the right social skills and rehabilitation help in order to achieve the overall goal to be…...
AdolescenceJuvenileJuvenile DelinquencyJuvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice SystemPrison
History of the Juvenile Justice System
Words • 928
Pages • 4
The juvenile court system was founded in the United States somewhat more than a century prior. Preceding that time, children and youth were viewed as smaller adults and were then tried and disciplined as adults. Be that as it may, propels in the comprehension of child advancement and the push for a progressively caring methodology changed the entirety of that. Early adolescent establishments in the United States depended on the English Bridewell foundation which stressed the education of life and…...
Criminal JusticeHistoryJusticeJuvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice SystemPrison
The Stanford Prison Experiment – The Psychology of Imprisonment
Words • 1014
Pages • 5
The stanford prison experiment is a study of the psychology of imprisonment. It studied how humans responded to captivity, and particularly, to the real world conditions of the prison life. This experiment was regulated in 1971 by Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University. Him and his colleagues created an experiment that looked at the impact of becoming a prisoner or a prison guard. According to Kendra Cherry, Zimbardo is a former classmate of Stanley Milgram who is mostly know about for…...
PrisonPsychologyStanford Prison Experiment
Hamlet is a prisoner.(TM) Discuss
Words • 1099
Pages • 5
In Act 2, scene 2, Hamlet states that 'Denmark is a prison' whereas Rosencrantz and Guildenstern assertively disagree. This shows the problem of perception which arises when attempting to answer a question like the one in hand. Firstly, from the outset it is evident that Hamlet is a prisoner of ambition, and Rosencrantz reiterates this view when he says that it is ambition which makes Denmark a prison for Hamlet: 'Why, then your ambition makes it one. 'tis too narrow…...
Generation and Gender in The Prisoner Of The Mountains
Words • 1054
Pages • 5
The purpose of this essay will be to look at the film 'Prisoner of the Mountains' and try to define whether there is a relationship between nationality, generation and gender. 'Prisoner of the Mountains' tells the story of two Russian soldiers whom after an ill fated patrol are captured by Chechen rebels and held hostage. The soldier's dislike of each other is clear to see from the start with them being of completely different experience and background. Zhilin (played by…...
The Prisoner OF Tehran
Words • 1303
Pages • 6
At 16 Marina Nemat was arrested by two of Ayatollah Khomeini's soldiers. It was 1982, the height of Iranian revolution. A devout Christian, she was deemed "a danger to Islamic society" for demanding he government propaganda to be kept out of the classroom. Thrown in prison, she was beaten and sentenced to death and most certainly would have been executed had one of her interrogators not spared her life on the condition that she coverts to Islam and marry him.…...
Suicide in Prison
Words • 2317
Pages • 10
“Suicide is a huge, but largely preventable, public health problem, causing almost half of all violent death in the world, resulting in almost one million fatalities every year and economic costs in the billions of dollars, according to the World Health Organization” (quoted in Pompili & Lester & Innamorati & Casale & Girardi, 2009,1155). According to Kupers (quoted in Heuy & Mculty, 2005, 490) “in the United States, suicide rates among prison inmates are higher than in the general population…...
Residential Treatment Facilities
Words • 1315
Pages • 6
Introduction Residential Treatment Facilities provide a vast range of services for troubled youth such as; drug and alcohol treatment, discipline, counseling, basic living skills, structure, and so much more. These Residential Treatment Centers also provide organization skills that training schools provide as well and they are; obedience/conformity, reeducation/development, and treatment. These are three very important factors in a juvenile’s recovery and success. Most of the time when a child turns to crime/drugs it is a cry for help, but no…...
AdolescenceHealthHealth CareHealthy MindPrison
Should we pursue the Truth at any cost?
Words • 592
Pages • 3
A third reason why we should pursue the truth at any cost is that it uncovers mistakes made by people. An example that has recently came to light is the apparent tortures that took place at Guantanamo Bay owned by the United States, a country which is against such a thing. Guantanamo Bay is a detention facility for high-risk criminals such as terrorists. By having people fully research and try to find out what was really happening to these criminals,…...
Prisoners Rights
Words • 728
Pages • 3
Prisoner rights are important because they prevent prisons from taking advantage of people. They also help to ensure that the punishment fits the crime. Without prisoner rights, those who are responsible for ensuring that society is safe from people who cannot live by society’s rules would be free to treat prisoners whatever way they saw fit, and abuse would be commonplace. Even though prisoners lose a lot of their citizen’s rights when they are convicted, they still have certain rights…...
The Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Nash-Cournot Equilibrium
Words • 1240
Pages • 5
Figure 1 illustrates the loss function of each country define a set of indifference curves as ellipses in m1 and m2 space. Suppose each country wishes to minimize a loss function of the form: The indifferent curves have their particular shape because of the potential spillover from country 1 to country 2. Complete policy independence for the two countries in the diagram by vertical straight-line indifference curve for the home country and the horizontal straight line for the foreign country.…...
EconomicsGame TheoryPolicyPrisonReputation
” Men Are Not Prisoners of Fate, but Only Prisoners of Their Own Minds”
Words • 360
Pages • 2
Bruce Blessitt English 3 Billard 12/ 14/11 In the book The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger, Holden is unable to have any type of sexual intercourse or sexual contact with females because he is afraid of loosing his innocence. One can come to this conclusion using all of the facts and details about Holden’s strong belief in staying pure and innocent from the book. Details in the book show signs that Holden’s belief of protecting innocence dwindles…...
Lack of Prisons Rehabilitation Programs
Words • 1080
Pages • 5
By the lack of rehabilitation programs in the state and federal prison systems, the chances of convicts releasing and returning back to prison increases rapidly. The lack of rehabilitation is one of the most leading causes to an offenders relapse or to a new crime that will be committed within 3 years from the offender’s release. A rehabilitation program consists of cognitive models in addiction, treatment types, coping strategies, relapse prevention, basic learning information, counseling, criminal justice, and any step…...
Criminal JusticeJusticePrisonSocial Issues
What are the implications of prison overcrowding and are more prisons the answer?
Words • 855
Pages • 4
Prison overcrowding is a serious issue in the US calling for urgent policies to address. As noted by Professor Craig Haney in ‘prison overcrowding: harmful consequences and dysfunctional reactions’ the number of prisoners has been rising at unprecedented rates since the 1970’s and early 80’s. The number of inmates became so high that the prison staff could not identify them by name or even track their locations. The influx of inmates however failed to match the funding or rather the…...
Criminal JusticeJusticeOvercrowdingPrisonSocial Issues
Imagine that you are a prisoner on death row, condemned to die
Words • 1050
Pages • 5
Imagine that you are a prisoner on death row, condemned to die. You have committed a crime and the date of your final day is getting closer. Write as if you are the character I feel trapped, Guilty. If I could only turn back time, I wouldn't be here in the first place with all this regret on my mind. I won't be here much longer now anyhow, death row. What an expression. Those two words haunt my nightmares while…...
Essay On The Difference Between Prison Gangs And Street Gangs
Words • 2244
Pages • 9
This paper discusses Susan Horton's article "Mothers, Sons, and The Gangs" in order to examine gang members and their families.Society would like to accept that children lost to gangs are from dysfunctional and uncaring homes. While in some cases this may be true, in many homes this is not the case. In Susan Horton's article "Mothers, Sons, and The Gangs" she speaks of three different scenarios of gang members and their families. Although the families had different backgrounds, beliefs, and…...
Event Management
Words • 1745
Pages • 7
Events. Events are significant occurrences that serve specific purposes. Different events are held for various reasons. There lie different objectives upon holding and sponsoring or hosting these organized occasions. Events come in diverse form or structures – there are sports events, cultural gatherings or festivals, meetings or summits, conferences, parties, campaigns, pageants - from the extravagant events, sometimes referred to as the “mega-events” down to the simple ones or the “micro-events” the fact remains that these gatherings serve different purposes.…...
Early Release Prisoners
Words • 578
Pages • 3
An argumentative essay discussing why prisoners are often released early and whether it is beneficial. Why do killers, rapists, and child molesters go free? A large portion of early release prisoners commit serious crimes after being released. In fact, "in a three year follow-up of 108,850 state prisoners released in 1983 from institutions in 11 states, within three years sixty percent of violent crime offenders were re-arrested. More than half of those charged with violent crimes were discharged within two…...
Criminal JusticeJusticePrisonSocial Issues
Death Penalty Vs Life In Prison Essay
Words • 1191
Pages • 5
Alexandra Brito Phi 231/Bulnes Final Paper The Death Penalty Retribution is defined as a justly deserved punishment. Mainly used as a term that justifies the death penalty. In Retribution, the connection between punishment and guilt is that punishment is what justice feels that the criminal deserves for their crime. While guilt is when the criminal is sentenced and ensures that the punishment is sufficient to deter the guilty person from committing the same crime. The connection between punishment and guilt…...
Criminal JusticeDeath penaltyDeath penalty againstJusticeLifePrison
Jail’s Levels of Security Case Study
Words • 1489
Pages • 6
The A Team Utopia County Jail has been built and is almost ready for full operation, but there are a few details that remain and then there will be a press release to report the progress of the facility. Our task force is responsible for developing a conceptual and physical model of the facility. In this paper, we will discuss issues surrounding both models of the facility. For example, the conceptual model will describe the facilities features, where the facility…...
Case StudyCriminal JusticeJusticePrisonSecurity
Communist Prison Camp Case Analysis
Words • 292
Pages • 2
The specific techniques that were used to bring about the destruction of self-awareness among prisoners were to put more than four prisoners into a cell who were more experienced in their thought transformation than he (Whetten et al. , 2011). Whetten & Cameron (2011), states, “such a cell usually had one leader who was responsible to the prison authorities, and the progress of the cell was made contingent upon the progress of the least reformed member” (p. 84). As such…...
Coming Into Language
Words • 721
Pages • 3
In "Coming Into Language," Jimmy Santiago Baca describes how he went from being illiterate to learning how to read and write and eventually becoming a poet, while spending most of his days in prison. Terrified of not knowing his schoolwork and asking questions, Baca went through school being illiterate, until he dropped out in the ninth grade. Picture books with people of his nationality were the only type of interest. Listening to prisoners read out loud to each other inspired…...
Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment Essay
Words • 435
Pages • 2
A discussion of the Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty.Due to the rapid increase in crime the past ten years and prison overcrowding, more attention has been drawn to the opinion that something has to be done to the United States Criminal System. We need to reevaluate the way we treat people we are convicted of unspeakable acts of merciless slaughter or even rape. The United States Justice System must be made solid again. Most people have an opinion…...
Capital PunishmentCrimePrisonSocial Issues
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How Gangs Took Over Prisons?
...In conclusion, prison officials are trying daily to combat prison gangs, but change that big in nature will take time and a lot of funding that many states currently does not have available. Currently, the best way to put a dent in prison gang crime ...
Why Is The Death Penalty So Bad?
...In conclusion, is the death penalty is it good or bad? the death penalty is an extremely sensitive topic for a lot of people to talk about it, however, it should be discussed so the government can come up with a solution to the problem. Why the death...
What are the implications of prison overcrowding and are more prisons the answer?
...Effectiveness and efficiency in the prison system would ensure that inmates are reformed and recidivism would be reduced hence reducing the inflow of inmates. (William S, 2000). Those inmates in prisons due to mental issues can effectively be identif...

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