The Alcatraz Prison Break


Attention Getter: Alcatraz prison is one of the most notorious prisons in the United States.

Relevance statement: If you ever need to escape Alcatraz prison then this speech will possibly help you escape.

Credibility statement: Personally I love researching and learning about kinds of conspiracies and the psyche of criminals.

Thesis statement: I will explain the background of the conspiracy as well as explain the two possible outcomes of the escapees.

(In order to understand the outcome of the escapees you have to know the basics of the prison escape.



The plan the inmates created was very thorough and the prison had been low on funding. The prison was on a big rocky island in the San Francisco Bay. “The main obstacles were the cold temperature (averaging 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit), the strong currents, and the distance to shore (at least 1-1/4 miles),” (Federal Bureau of Prisons, (n.d), Escape Attempts section, para. 3).

Cell Block B had vents that were not covered and led straight to the roof of the prison.

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“The Anglins inhabited adjacent cells, as did West and Morris, who also resided nearby,” (Ocean View Publishing Company, 2018, pp.

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Part One of the plan was deception

“In their beds were cleverly built dummy heads made of plaster, flesh-tone paint, and real human hair that apparently fooled the night guards,” (Alcatraz Escape, 2016).

Part Two of the plan is the break out.

“By May of 1962, Morris and the Anglins and had already dug through the cell’s six-by-nine-inch vent holes, and had started work on the vent on top of the cellblock,” (Ocean View Publishing Company, 2018, pp. 2).

“They attempted to drill out the roof ventilator, but with only limited success,” (Ocean View Publishing Company, 2018, pp. 2).

Part three of the plan was to escape the island.

“water rafts, and life preservers, fashioned from over fifty rain coats that had been acquired from other inmates – some donated and some stolen,” (Ocean View Publishing Company, 2018, pp. 1).

(Now knowing the plan of the escape we can look into conspiracies.)

Conspiracy 1: They died

Many items were washed ashore such as: raincoat bags, handmade oars, life vests, and photos, contact information and letters.

Conditions of the river

“If a person is well-trained and -conditioned, it is possible to survive the cold waters and fast currents,” (Federal Bureau of Prisons, (n.d), Escape Attempts section, para. 4).

No thefts or hold ups were tied to the convicts. Body was spotted in the ocean but not recovered. (Although there is a lot of evidence saying the three men died there is also much evidence of their successful escape.)

Conspiracy 2: They lived. No bodies were recovered. Triathlon is held in the San Fransisco Bay. Can stay alive up to two hours without a raft. Relatives said they had talked to them. Photos and spotted appearances of people resembling the men. Letters were submitted to police departments.

“The letter was submitted to an FBI lab for forensic handwriting analysis, comparing it to samples from all three escapees, and the results were ‘inconclusive,’” (Wang, A.B., 2016, August 8).

(Now that you are educated on all the pieces of the escape you decide.)


Summary Statement: Overall we learned about the background of the conspiracy and the two outcomes of the inmates escape.

Memorable closing: The fate of these men might forever be deemed as an unsolved cold case but you get to decide what you believe really happened.


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