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Should Prostitution be legal?
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Sex workers have been around for a long time and always been looked down upon. Many people have disagreements on prostitution but they all are around the same reasonings: immortality. Beside the questionable moral aspect of prostitution, there are many benefits to legalizing sex workers. People tend to forget that along with other things that were against the law that became legal, the government changes it to become safer. Sex workers must be legalized to move us closer to a…...
ProstitutionSex Offender
Sex Offender Registry in the United States
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In step with the law, a sex offender is a person who has been convicted of a sex-related crime, or of attempting to devote a sex-related crime. Additionally, known as a "sex abuser," or "sexual perpetrator," an individual convicted of a sex crime is, in most instances, required to register with the state's sex offender registry, which screens and places limitations on their activities (Team, 2015). Any illegal act that includes unlawful, compelled, or coerced sexual behavior towards every other…...
Criminal JusticeJusticeSexSex OffenderSocial IssuesState
Adam Walsh Act: Child Protection
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Pages • 5
The case of six-year old Adam Walsh is perhaps one that will never leave the minds of anyone initially horrified by its details. In 1981 young Adam was kidnapped from a local mall and regardless of tireless efforts by his parents John and Reve Walsh, volunteers, and law enforcement; Adam fell victim to murder. Two weeks after the boy went missing, his decapitated head was located, but his body was never found. This prompted his father John Walsh to start…...
ChildLawProtectionSex Offender
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Castration Issue
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Sexual assault and child molestation are a constant emergent problem in the United States today, the bigger issue is the fact that the pedophiles are being released from prison early due to overcrowding of the prison system. One such famous pedophile is David Wayne Jones, who was convicted of several different charges involving child molestation against more than 40 boys. Mr. Jones, who served only 15 years due toa plea agreement for those charges, underwent voluntary physical castration in lieu…...
CrimeCrime And PunishmentSex Offender
Research Proposal – Brief Provisional Title
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Pages • 5
Paper Type:Proposal essays
Brief Provisional Title: To what extent does media reporting, during a two-month period in 2000 contribute to the vigilantes towards paedophiles. The main aims of the dissertation: It can be suggested amongst academic literature that much of the heightened attacks against paedophiles is media generated, generally the media is perceived as instigators of provoking and motivating heightened anxiety and vigilantes amongst the public domain (refer to Kitzinger, 1999b and Soothill, 1991). Ultimately it can be claimed that tabloid newspapers have…...
ResearchSex Offender
Do Child Beauty Pageants Create Sexualization?
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Every little girl dreams to be beautiful like a princess. Today’s children’s beauty pageants are prejudicial to a child’s development. These pageants can lead to low self-esteem and poor body image. I believe parents should not pressure these children to participate in these type of events. These beauty pageants overly expose little girls, that can eventually lead to a sex offender’s interest. Not only do these problems contribute to sexualization, these children are taught to be rewarded for their looks…...
Child Beauty PageantsSex Offender
Public Humiliation as a Discipline Factor
Words • 560
Pages • 3
There is a lot of controversy surrounding the issue of public humiliation as a form of effective punishment, with its critics terming it a harsh yet futile. The use of humiliation an incentive for proper behavior goes against the human psychology. It is a well known fact that people are wary of embarrassment, and this fear often steers them to do the right thing. One is likely to do something wrong so long as they are sure that nobody will…...
DisciplineSex Offender
Technology and Law Enforcement: How Technology Influences Crime
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Pages • 7
With advances in innovation we see brand-new and frightening ways lawbreakers devote crimes. With the introduction of cell phones and scanners years earlier, bad guys might listen to authorities radio traffic and see where and how we cops were reacting. No need for "look outs", innovation became the watch out. Now in the computer age we see criminal offenses from identity theft and hacking into computer systems to take individual and corporate secret information to cyber stalking and sexual predating…...
Community PolicingCrimeInfluenceLawPolicePolice Officer
The Pros and Cons of Parole
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Pages • 11
Parole is a highly questionable issue in Australia and all over the world. A likely cause for this controversy is the public's ignorance of the specifics where parole is worried. Any casual observation of a regional paper or present affairs program on TELEVISION will likely lead to the discovery of a member of the general public's viewpoint of criminal offense and crooks and the criminal justice system in basic, and what they believe to be incorrect with it and no…...
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Sex Offenders
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Pages • 3
One and six men and one in four women are statistically shown to recieve a sexual assault in their lifetime. Sex Offenders are a danger to men and women everywhere. Megan's law gives each state the privalge to make private and personal information about regesister sex offenders accessable to the public. In Michigan, "all offenders are entered locally by a probation/parole agent or criminial justice agency that deal with offenders. Offenders must be registestered after conviction (Megan's..)" and be published.…...
CrimeJusticeLawSexSex Offender
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Technology and Law Enforcement: How Technology Influences Crime
...Technology has also given police advanced resources to prevent crime and catch criminals. Law enforcement must take the initiative in technology and not simply react to what criminals are doing. With the new technology police agencies enjoy they must...

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