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Sex Offenders

One and six men and one in four women are statistically shown to recieve a sexual assault in their lifetime. Sex Offenders are a danger to men and women everywhere. Megan’s law gives each state the privalge to make private and personal information about regesister sex offenders accessable to the public. In Michigan, “all offenders are entered locally by a probation/parole agent or criminial justice agency that deal with offenders. Offenders must be registestered after conviction (Megan’s..)” and be published.

Megan’s law has been at controversy because somepople think that giving out a list of local sex offenders is a bad idea because it will cause worry and caos within a society. Others agree that they should be notified so that they are careful and protected from the offenders. That is why Megan’s law is at controversy.

Registered sex offenders should be published so that all of society knows who they are and can stear clear of them.

Megan’s law was passed after the tragic murder of nine year old, Megan Kanka, who was found molested and murdered by her neighbor who was unknowingly a sex offender. People were outraged when this inccident occured. This offender had moved into a different community with many childrean to repeat what he had done before. If Megan’s family had known about this man, they would nothave let their daughter anywhere near him.

This law prevents anyone from going into relation with a sex offender. Since they are published, everyone knows who they are and to stay away from them.

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If an offender was applying for a job, most, if not all companies/businesses will decline them of any job because they are a danger to not only other workers but costumers as well. This allows workers and costumers to not only be safe in their homes but out of their homes as well.

Sex offenders should not be published for all of the world to see. Everyone has a right to their own privacy, even if they are criminials. Someones personal information should not be available to the public. Sex offenders are classified in tiers, one through four. Someone who is in tier one, is less likely to perform any act of offending again. Even though it is most likely a tier one offender will not re-offended again, people will still think of them in discust and look down on them and will also think the person will commit the crime again.

It is not fair to a tier one offender to be treated that way, everyone makes mistakes. `Publishing of sex offenders also leds to “vigilantism, when neighbors learn of a sex offender’s presence and decide to either drive him out of the neighborhood or cause him physical harm (Larson)”. This is unfair to a offender who may be trying to get his or her life back on the right track. He/she might also beapplying for a job and with their sex offenfer crime being published, they will never be able to get a decent job. It is wrong to publize someones wrong doings, it ruins their chance to have a normal life.

In my opinion, sex offender lists should be published. Communites and familes have the right to know if tehy are in danger. They must know to keep their kids in the house and on watch at all times so that noone will take them like poor Megan. I also would not want to be working with sex offender. Living and working enviroment should be kept safe, always. Publishing sex offenders prevents our communities from being unsafe.

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