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The Dangerous Almightiness of Nuclear Weapons In Science Fiction
Words • 631
Pages • 3
An extract of “There Will Come to Soft Rains” written by Ray Bradbury on May 6th, 1950, is extracted from a science fiction short story that indicates the power of nuclear weapons. It is in some kind of way related to the “Terminator Salvation” movie poster that was posted in May 2009. Moreover, the poster shows high technology weapons which are related to the short story as both points out how powerful the technology can be, especially when used for…...
Atomic BombNuclear Weapons Should Be BannedScience fiction
Time Travel and Slavery: Octavia Butler’s Kindred
Words • 773
Pages • 3
Kindred, by Octavia Butler, explores slavery through a time-traveling experience. The main character, Dana, is thrown into the antebellum south during the height of slavery. Dana is a modern-day African American woman living in Los Angeles. While celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday with her husband, Kevin, Dana is abruptly forced to time travel from the year 1976 to a Maryland plantation from 1815. After repeated time travel, it becomes evident that Dana’s time travels are related to her ancestor, Rufus Weylin,…...
Feminism In LiteratureIntersectionalityKindred By Octavia ButlerScience fiction
“Blade Runner” has been called a “Super Genre” film
Words • 1148
Pages • 5
'Blade Runner was made in 1982, and was directed by 'Ridley Scott', The story is about Rick Deckard who is a blade runner, he has to find and terminate five replicants who have hijacked a space ship. Typically the film is described as being a science fiction film, though it does contain many other genres, which has lead to it being sometimes described as a "Super Genre" film. The film opens in a similar way to the films in the…...
Blade RunnerScience fictionStar Wars
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Science Fiction Research Paper
Words • 1672
Pages • 7
Whenever science fiction is read, tales of spaceships, lasers, and amazing technology fill the heads of the readers. However, science fiction is one of the most difficult genres to identify. Often times a science fiction novel will be written off as a fantasy or the other way around. Science fiction is one of the most interesting genres of literature, yet so little is known of it. First, what is science fiction and what makes it so difficult to tell apart…...
FantasyFictionResearchScienceScience fiction
James Cameron’s Science Fiction film “Terminator II”
Words • 1412
Pages • 6
James Cameron’s Science Fiction film "Terminator II" uses various conventions of Sci-Fi to not only engage viewers, but entertainment them. Science fiction uses various futuristic elements to convey powerful comments about society. This is most effectively done through his powerful and relatable social comments. His central social comments force audiences to question their own world and like all Sci-Fi texts explore how possible this actually is. The dominant social comment explored by James Cameron is that Technology will be our…...
FictionFilmFutureScienceScience fictionTechnology
Dennis Covington’s Lizard Book Review
Words • 866
Pages • 4
Dennis Covington is an American writer of fiction whose stories give a realistic version of the world through the lives of the fictitious characters. He did his education in fiction writing and got BA degree from the University of Virginia. He married second time to Vicki Covington in 1977 and also taught at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. (Alabama Center for the Book and Auburn University, 2008) Lizard is his commendable story of a deformed young teenage boy, Lucius…...
Book ReviewReptileScience fictionThe Tempest
Darko Suvin’s “Metamorphoses of Science Fiction”
Words • 731
Pages • 3
In Darko Suvin’s “Metamorphoses of Science Fiction,” Suvin argues that science fiction should be considered its own literary genre. The reason he believes science fiction is distinct from other literary genres is because of its transforming aspects. Suvin describes science fiction as the literature of “cognitive estrangement,” which includes a “novum”. It is his belief that both cognition and estrangement must be both present and interactive in science fiction. Although it can be argued that science fiction is not its…...
FictionScienceScience fiction
Science Fiction Film Genre Analysis Paper
Words • 1439
Pages • 6
The science fiction film genre is absolutely the hardest to define. It can easily be confused with or applied to Fantasy films and some horror films as well. Genres are used to identify types of films, and outside of science fiction this is a fairly simple process. A Western is set in the west and has cowboys and Indians. A gangster film has a plot revolving around the mafia. A horror film is centrally purposed to scare the viewer. Science…...
FantasyFictionFilmScienceScience fiction
Favorite Genre of movies
Words • 333
Pages • 2
There are many different genres of movies - science fiction, romance, drama, adventure, comedy, to name a few. Certain ones appeal more to some people than others. In my opinion, adventure, comedy, and science fiction are the best of all the genres. Adventure movies top the list when it comes to being the best. They are full of action, have good story lines, and keep me on the edge of my seat. Adventure movies are thrilling and never boring. What…...
MovieScience fictionShrekStar WarsWar of The Worlds
The Influence of Movies vs. Books
Words • 487
Pages • 2
Books and movies both have equal importance for the man of 21st century. As the technology develops so are the needs of man. Every one’s life has become quite fast and busy. Books and movies provide you the best way to escape and relax yourself from busy schedule. Great revolution has occurred in both books and movies with the passage of time. Firstly if we talk about movies, they have great influence on the new generation. After spending exhausting and…...
Comparing a book to a movieInfluenceMovieScience fiction
Dreaming of Time Travel
Words • 678
Pages • 3
The reading “Dreaming of Time Travel” discusses applications of time machine, whether time travel is possible and how time travel can be explained in terms of physics and quantum mechanics. The author highlights such issues as meeting yourself in the past, time as fourth dimension, many-world theory, self-consistency, concepts of wormhole and star trek. It is a matter of fact that human imagination has been always captured by opportunities of time travel as it would give an excellent opportunity to…...
DreamPhysicsScience fictionTimeTime Travel
Cyberpunk and Science Fiction
Words • 2027
Pages • 8
Cyberpunk and Science Fiction in the Information Age Cyberpunk science fiction is considered to be the “literary manifestation of postmodernism” (Elements149). According to McHale, as a sub-genre of science fiction, cyberpunk stands as the product of the convergence between “science fiction poetics and postmodernist poetics” (Elements 149). In Constructing Postmodernism, McHale states “cyberpunk…as science fiction derives certain of its elements from postmodern mainstream fiction which itself has…already been ‘science-fictionized’ to some greater or lesser degree” (229). The correlation of cyberpunk…...
FictionMandalaPhilosophyScienceScience fictionVirtual Reality
Science Fiction: the Vessel for Fatalism
Words • 685
Pages • 3
Throughout Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut creates an environment shaped by elements of science fiction. These elements, notably time travel and alien contact, make the novel "a science fiction that deals with the topic of free will versus fatalism," (Isaacs 408). Throughout the novel Billy remains "unstuck in time," seeing his whole life flash before his eyes in a random order of events (Vonnegut 15). This random order forces the reader to examine the events in the novel the same way that…...
FictionScienceScience fiction
Enchantress from the Stars Book Review
Words • 1262
Pages • 5
The book I read was Enchantress from the Stars, by Sylvia Louise Engdahl. She was born on November 24 1933 LA, CA. She went to school to become an elementary teacher, and stayed in it for 1 year, then decided she hated it. She then became a computer programmer for the Top Secret SAGE air defense system for 10 years. She really did like it, even though she thought school was boring, she thought that was interesting. It was like…...
Book ReviewCivilizationScience fictionSpace ExplorationStars
“A Sound of Thunder” and “Nethergrave”
Words • 506
Pages • 2
“A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury and “Nethergrave” by Gloria Skurzynski were good, well written science fiction stories. Both stories used technology to greatly change the life of the main characters. “A Sound of Thunder” involved dinosaurs and a time machine in which the characters used to go back in time. The time machine was built to go to the stories setting in a jungle, sixty million years in the past. In “Nethergrave”, the main character, Jeremy, choses to…...
Ray BradburyScience fictionShort Story
Reading is to the mind like exercise t the body
Words • 582
Pages • 3
Long before the development of printing people valued books as gold mine of the human knowledge and experience. Hand-written manuscripts took months of writing and were gathered and kept in abbeys with all utmost care. Why are they so valuable? To my mind, a book is one of the biggest wonders on the planet. It gives us a special possibility to connect with authors who lived hundreds and thousands years ago. Thanks to the books we can speak with people…...
ExerciseMindReadingScience fiction
Benefits of Reading
Words • 833
Pages • 4
Reading and having access to books are things that many of us today, in the developed world should take for granted. We are made to learn to read in school but most of us don’t think twice about being able to read. I would say that reading is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, but many people don’t like reading. It is because they think that book is unimportant or maybe because we are in the digital age of information with…...
CommunicationKnowledgeMemoryReadingScience fiction
An Interesting Movie – Avatar
Words • 977
Pages • 4
An Interesting Movie – Avatar As a lover of cinema, I have seen many movies that I find interesting or fascinating in some manner. Recently, the most remarkable film I have seen is James Cameron’s Avatar. This science-fiction epic was made using cutting edge technology but also has a story line that is engaging and captivating for the audience. The movie has underlying themes that make the audience think and feel while being entertained. Avatar stretches the bounds of cinematic…...
AlienAnimationAvatarFilm critiqueMovieScience fiction
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